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    My prediction back in May was off only for 1 position, not too shabby :dance6::dance6:

    Indeed he played his whole career as an outside hitter. Since Stanley retired Sperow wanted him to take over the opposite position. USA didn't win anything really important since then... :aww:

    2015 World Cup is kinda the one.

    I mean when USA lost the game, most of the time started with terrible passing; so as OPP, Anderson is off the hook maybe? lol

    Also has Anderson playing as OH and Rychlicki as OPP? Interesting.

    They also have Danani (L, ARG) in Trento, which I think would be great for both -- he's really good and an upgrade from Rossini imo.

    By how Anderson described in Shoji's youtube clip, he played most of if not all his professional career as OH (NT does not count), but I think there might be discussion as OPP early on during the conversation with Perugia;

    Very excited to watch Perugia vs. Lube next season for sure.

    :( any news on Semeniuk? I know it is reported that someone from ZAKSA side said that it is too early for Semeniuk to leave, there are still rumors of him going to Perugia.

    I hope Grbic can bring Semeniuk to Perugia. Semeniuk needs to play more competitive matches at this point.

    In Polish NT, he subs for Leon but I think he could take over the lineup OH position from Plotnytskyi in Perugia.

    Yeah. Next season will still be a very close contest between Lube and Perugia. Both teams are strengthened at the OPP position; on paper Perugia will benefit slightly more with the transfer given that Rychlicki >> (Ter Horst + Atan + Vernon). Giannelli's arrival is an important upgrade at the setter position. However, Perugia's holes on court are not completely filled. They will edge closer to Lube, but Lube still seems to have an upper hand.

    Lube is cohesive as it is, plus an upgrade with Zaytsev. Perugia needs time for Grbic to run it as a team, I could be wrong but had no impression that Giannelli set Anderson or Leon before.

    Wouldn't say Bieniek/Kochanowski is locked. Klos is in the mix and the best blocker among these 3.

    Maybe they will also have 2 men pass system (Kubiak/Zatorski) sometimes. They did that in ECH19.

    Bringing Semeniuk to VNL doesn't seem like a surprise as it would be a huge waste to not test him at the international NT level this season. The lack of Kwolek is probably the most surprising.

    Would love to see how Semeniuk play with NT setter Drzyzga/ Łomacz or Janusz.

    Kwolek was quite picky with the balls in Warszawa the past season, struggling to score often. I believe he is one of the smallest one physically among the OHs, blocking is tough against opposites.

    I think every single team will serve to Leon throughout the match so that Poland has to play out of system.

    Bednorz and Semeniuk are both good subs for Leon, but most likely would be on court when Leon is struggling to pass.

    They both have strong serves but Semeniuk is a little bit better at passing; Bednorz was having a hard time in Zenit the past season.

    Kaczmarek may not be a power opp but he is an all around player who could contribute in other aspects of the game as well and that is precious in my eyes.

    Definitely! I rewatched a couple matches of Zaksa vs. Lube/ Zenit/ Trentino in the past CEV CL. So many key points starting from Kaczmarek's defense, and then Toniutti's skillful set to the net.

    If Kurek is still not close to his best form shown in WCH18, I hope Heynen has the gut to move Leon to play as Opp, or arrange Leon as non-receiving OH and let Sliwka to play as receiving Opp. I know it’s not likely to happen, but I’m still not convinced with the games with Leon receiving.

    If Kurek is struggling on scoring, Kaczmarek or Muzaj would come in; Sliwka is sub for Kubiak.

    If Leon is struggling on passing:

    option a. Semeniuk subs in

    option b. opposite helps with passing for a round or two; Kurek played OH in London 2012 and Kaczmarek helps with passing in Zaksa

    Kaczmarek chocks sometimes but also can serve ace the next point in a lot of key matches

    What he can bring to the table as opposite is his defense and passing, thanks to his early training in beach

    I’ve read that Heynen keeps saying he is not going to bring the best individual players to OG but the players that works best for the team. Does that mean he is preparing to exclude Semeniuk? If so, I will be so angry.

    That better NOT happen! Semeniuk improved so much with passing in Zaksa this year during CEV CL.

    If you think that all the players attending the VNL won't be selected for the Tokyo OG... then which players will make up the 12-Olympian for the Chinese team?

    I will help you in part: Zhu, Li; Yuan, Yan; Gong; Ding -- need another 6 to make up the list.

    My two cents on China Olympic team :super:

    This is my take at this point balancing out everything I can think of, individual performance during VNL might change my opinion.

    Setter: Ding Xia, Yao Di

    MB: Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni, Wang Yuanyuan

    OH: Zhu, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying, Li Yao

    OP: Gong Xiangyu, Liu Yanhan

    Libero: Wang Mengjie

    I put Leon out of the team and I go there with the real polish guys. Poland has a ridiculous amount of talent. And Leon doesn't fit their system as well: they played way better without him (see 2018 WCH and 2019 ECH).

    That would be a bold move if Heynen does that, very unlikely tho.

    Indeed, Poland played fluently and transitioned throughout the court so well during 2018 and 2019.

    Poland would be challenged if opposite can't score and Leon is the only go to person facing 3 blocks when playing out of system. Granted that any team could run into this scenario.