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    Whats up with Hebar. Their italians leaving? Also MB Nikolay Kartev moved to Arkas

    Pazardzhik has new mayor and people in the club are afraid that finances from municipality will stop because municipality is main sponsor of Hebar. In Bulgaria business investmensts and sport strategy in sports doesn't really exist. Everything here works only with some people who earns public resources and in return they support some sports club. When somewhere mayor changes everything stops from existing. And the biggest investors in bulgarian sports are bet companies and bookmakers so you can imagine how fair is everything here.

    Good play so far from young setter Guncheva and opposite Stoyanova. I hope so they continue with good performance to gain more confidence. Maybe we expect soon also Viki Koeva and Bobi Angelova. Dudova is weak and i don't like her.

    Complain about your corrupted federation and the top players who don't want to play for your NT instead of crying about 'rich' volleyball countries (stupidly wrong though, Serbia, turkey, brazil, Poland, Dominican republic are not rich). It is not like Bulgaria doesn't raise volleyball stars, it is just those stars don't want to play for NT because of either low commitment to their countries or their fights with trainer or federation:roll:

    I don't complain, i know what reality is. You are the one that complain how can be eurovolley so weak and how no every team is good as Turkey, Italy and Serbia. So this the reality. These teams are european too and they have right to participate. Olympic games wasn't very competitive too because half of the participants from other continents are weaker than some european countries who cannot qualify but we all accepted it.

    Btw this eurovolley is maybe the most boring one. All favourites are winning without any problem. The tournemant will start tomorrow with Poland-Turkey game. Sorry but the rest was unnecessary.

    So no need of eurovolley then. Let's make a tournament for Serbia, Italy, Turkey and let's say Poland and Netherlands and they to play against each other how many times they want. Everyone of these countries can naturalize how many foreign players they want. There are talented for exemple young romanian or cuban -make us part of our team. We pay good. Who cares about their born country. In Bulgaria we say "Whoever pays the bill, he orders the music" And If CEV want can make another tournament like European league for countries that no one cares about like Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Greece and etc etc. but with minumum money spending because no one cares about these countries. Really some big and rich countries with big population doesn't understand how diffucult is for some countries to create a world class players with low investments. Maybe Serbia is some exclusion of the rule in terms of possibilities of rich countries but they have a lot of confidence gained from leading power in former Yugoslavia when the most talented players from other former Yugoslavia countries wanted to play for them. Of course problems of small volleyball powers are not problems of powerhouse but you should know that it's very difficlut in today's world.

    Are there a lot of changes vs. the VNL team (besides Paskova)? I think they have improved a lot since then but I don't remember if it's the exact same players or some "old" experienced players back with the team.

    No it's completly the same team from VNL execept maybe added OH Rachkovska and second setter Shahpazova instead Polina Neykova. They just gain more experience after every difficult match.

    N. Dimitrova was not invited by Micelli. She said it in the interview.

    Lubo Ganev - president of our federation said that she was invited but she doesn't showed up on the camp of national team for VNL because she preffered to go to Korea draft. While according to federation Gergana Dimitrova asked to not be part of the team. This is from bulgarian fanpage in facebook.

    Team Bulgaria

    Setters : Margarita Guncheva, Simona Anastasova

    Opposites : Viktoria Dimitrova, Mikaela Stoyanova

    Outside hitters : Viktoria Koeva, Maria Gabriela Milichevich, Iva Dudova

    Middle blockers : Boryana Angelova, Venesa Radeva, Elena Kolarova

    Liberos : Viktoria Ninova. Ioana Dokova

    You are capable of good results girls. And we have three girls with name Viktoria we hope so they to bring more victories.

    Continental federations obiviously are not capable to make a good continental tournmanets every yar and they need fivb protection to motivate teams to participate. So if FIVB make changes and remove the core teams if somehow team like Germany or Netherlands for exemple relegate they will totaly loose their ranking and their shape such as Belgium. And Europe has Golden and Silver league which are not very quality tournaments when they can even motivate some countries to participate and rules every year are changing. What to say about other federations. What will happens if somehow USA or Brazil relegate. With who they will play in their continental tournament next year ? No, FIVB definitely shoud think about VNL 2 or the old format of Grand Prix with divisions. Relegation from VNL now means slow death of your next generations and total fall of form according to me. Developping teams like Kenya for exemple except this challenger they do not participate nowhere through the whole year and they pay to coach for one or two international quality matches for a whole year.

    Well not to give less credits but this serbian team is really bad and germany is only leana grozer carrying the team

    Let's see bulgaria,last promising girls as dudova,georgieva and milanova didn't make it to NT or make it but not in good shape

    I think that Dudova is still young and less experienced for women NT. Georgieva has a lot of injuries and her career now is in downgrade. About Milanova i believe that she will play a future great role in NT. She also had injuries for this Nations league but we will see. Of course, there is a way Bulgaria do not show their potential and reach not good results but i wanted to write something about our girls because Bulgaria is always a team without many comments. We have even no active topic.

    Give attention to team Bulgaria. We have very promising team. We beat the host Serbia twice in the balkan championship on their ground. In qualifications we have no problems against Germany with Leana Grozer.I hope so we have good future with talented players like Viara Parapunova, Kalina Veneva, Edna Todorova, Darina Naneva.