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    There's a chance that Lavarini may support the Korean NT until 2022 through Asian games. He's going to think about it after he discusses it with his family back home. I really wish he continues to be with Korea because they seriously need it. I don't want them to go back to Korean coaches. Gah..........

    I did read the article about how the Korean volleyball federation spoke with Lavarini before leaving for Tokyo about further extending their partnership til 2022 for the Asian games. Lavarini likes aggressiveness which Korea needs. But Korea needs to build the next gen players. We cannot keep relying on Kim Heejin, Kim Suji and Yang Hyo Jin.

    I literally bawled after the match. I cannot believe this is going to be her ending. No Olympic medal for a legendary, global superstar like Kim. I just don't know what to do now.

    I have no reason to watch Korean volleyball anymore. Korean volleyball needs to really think about how to proceed without her now. That's going to be a HUGE challenge. Without Kim, there is no Korean volleyball at this point.

    My heart is CRUSHED for Kim.

    It's going to be a difficult match against Turkey. Apparently, Korea has 2-7 history with previous matches. Won 2x but lost 7x so not a good streak.

    I'm hoping that with Kim's experience with mostly all those Turkish players, she'll have the know-how to compete against them. Also, given that the assistant coach has experience in Turkey too, hopefully all of these can be insights to beat them.

    Much better facing Turkey than USA or ROC.

    Yeum Hyeseon is in the list! She's not great but at least shown some work done there

    And queen KYK is almost in every categories🔥 I hope she will rest during match against Serbia. Same goes to Heejin

    I agree. Yeum still isn't great for me but she's all we've got (for now..)!

    I have a feeling Lavarini is going to let Kim rest a bit in the match against Serbia. But Kim still have to play a little to understand Serbia's gameplay, etc. Especially with the great Boscovic playing.

    LOL weeb card, really?

    a bad referee is a bad referee, there's no need to bring up their nationality and attack them for it specifically

    The Japanese refs aren't the only poor ones

    My point is that it's been a recurring trend for Korean players specifically. It's situational for KYK.

    It's not just Korean media. I've seen other non-Korean blogs talk about how weird those calls were. I also know of many instances in the past where Japanese referees in past volleyball tourneys that have made horrible calls. Stop playing the weeb card. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice a recurring trend.

    Koreans are getting a good spanking.

    I mean let's be real. This is the first official match with Suji and Heejin back. Heejin doesn't seem to using her power which was odd. Our libero, of course, not being a libero. Oh Ji Young is just useless (I'm sorry but not sorry). Korea played a good 2nd and 3rd match though. First was uber rough.

    Korea needs to continue with a foreign coach. Seriously, the Korean national coaches just aren't good enough. Same applies to the men's team.

    Btw, looks like Korea has a new tall player in the making.


    She's 15 and already 192cm!!!!

    Just giving my 2 cents, but there was a thread on who would win in pools at the olympics or something like that and iirc that future frown user said that japan wouldn't stand a chance because korea is around which didn't really make sense lol so i don't think it's related to VNL but their previous comments about japan

    "Future frown" user.. lol.. this community is pretty toxic.. so we can't even express our POV without getting yelled at.. sounds like a very Karen thing to do

    And.. what is this "wouldn't stand a chance because Korea is around" comment? Just like you indicated, that makes no sense. So please don't get your panties in a knot and conjure your inner weeb out.

    Tbh, I think Sohwi would be better than Heejin. Don't get me wrong, I like Heejin but Sohwi is younger and has more power at this point. I'd go for that than age and experience (which Korea focuses too much of).