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    By the way, it looks like several players, including Lee Soyoung, have submitted medical reports due to Injuries. With how sudden it was, can’t help but question all the sudden injuries happening :gone: , + Kovo Cup and new season starting soon. If there really is a change in the line-up, pity Cesar.

    I don't doubt that, no Korean player or club will want to participate in WCHs - especially after such VNL results. WCH will only be worse as teams will take it even more seriously (it has more ranking points at stake than VNLs)

    From the club's POV, sending players to the NT means that some of their best players will miss out the KOVO Cup. Maybe some clubs will see it as a chance to discover other options, but some might take it more seriously and want to win. (For example, if IBK wins this year KOVO Cup, it'll be a relief for the players, the club and the fans after a disastrous season. But honestly, who doesn't want to win?)

    The worse thing about sending players to the NT is the risk of getting them injured. If a club's player gets injured, what incentive does the club have? Absolutely nothing. It's not like they're gonna get extra points in the V League. Also, with how Korean clubs work, they will not have substitute players of the same caliber. So if an important player gets injured, there goes the season.

    Don’t think the twins are not important. LJY is their top scorer with KYK, and LDY is their main setter. Lavarini even had to change strategy for the Olympics due to their absence, right? Things become worse for them with how the media/fans handle the so-called "issue" between LDY and KYY

    Well I didn't say that they weren't important, of course they were important. I said they weren't "the most important". We all know who the most important player in the NT back then is.

    And I do think that it's the incident with KYK that makes it impossible for the twins to return until now, and it doesn't even look like they will return. If it was just the bullying scandal, maybe they'd only have to lay low for a while then come back.

    there was that 'incident'

    Sometimes I wish LDY never left Hillstate. None of this drama would have happened and we could have had a more interesting V League season with KYK+LJY vs YHJ+LDY vs the GS squad.

    JJS can do that because he's the most important guy at both his club and the NT. Unfortunately for the twins, they were neither of that at the time the scandal happened. But things have changed now, so I wonder if there will be any progress. (I can already feel the wrath of KYK's fan if news comes out that the twins return. :gone:)

    suminj : Didn't the KVA ended up saying that there was no suspension placed on the twins or something like that?

    What I'm really curious about is whether the other girls are willing to welcome the twins back. If the people involved with the NT want them back then they can just do the things JJS did: pretend like nothing happened and enter the court.

    I think we should give Pyo Seungju a chance. I used to think she was harmless but maybe she changed. There was a period last season starting from the middle of round 4 (when IBK became alive again under Kim Hocheol) where she outperformed all of the other Korean OHs.

    Examples of some matches: vs GS Caltex, vs Hipass, vs KGC (1, 2), vs Heungkuk (1, 2)

    I’m really curious about the setter selection. Lavarini and Cesar both prefer Yeum Hyeseon as the main setter.. Her performance during VNL just… + why doesn't Cesar include Dain? I thought she did great last season with Hillstate.

    About Dain, some say she's not the type of setter who can control the game and that her success is highly dependent on who the attackers are.

    I mean yeah, I kind of get it that Yaasmeen and Yang Hyojin are highly efficient but it's not Dain's fault that her teammates are good. I'd still say give the girl a chance.

    I'll be looking forward to seeing how Kim Hakyung performs. She did well under Kim Hocheol's coaching.

    As for Yeum Hyeseon, 🤷

    She said she can improve though. I'm afraid someone's gonna break their back before that happens :whistle:.

    One of the criticisms that the clubs' coaches have for Cesar is that the list includes too many players under rehab. (it's true but he probably ran out of choice)

    Another one is that he doesn't spend enough time in Korea and does everything through videos. (until now, this is also true but if he's not contractually bound, what can you do? it's not a secret that he also works at Vakifbank)

    And they will get mad if you say Kim Heejin is playing really bad.

    What if I say that she doesn't deserve the 600 million KRW that's she's gonna be paid next season by playing that bad? :whistle:

    Seriously though, that salary is simply ridiculous. IBK is obviously paying her that much because she can bring all these ladies to the stadium, and that's disappointing. :down:

    According to this The Spike article, here is the list of the 16 players that Cesar plans to choose for the World Championship training.

    Wing Spikers: Park Jeongah, Lee Soyoung, Kang Sohwi, Lee Hanbi, Jeong Jiyun, Pyo Seungju, Lee Sunwoo

    Middle Blockers: Lee Dahyeon, Lee Juah, Park Eunjin, Jeong Hoyoung

    Setters: Yeum Hyeseon, Ahn Hyejin, Kim Hakyung

    Libero: Han Dahye, Kim Yeongyeon

    Just saw these photos of Kim Heejin's fans at the airport when the team returned to Korea and... wow :what: this is K-Pop idol level.




    (Meanwhile we're here in this thread discussing whether Heejin should retire from the NT. :gone:)

    park eun jin also recovering from injury, so the remaining MB for kgc is Han song yi and lee Ji Soo.

    Probably Go eui jeong gonna cover MB too.

    Ironically they just traded a MB for a setter with Hillstate. Can't blame them though cause they wouldn't have a back-up setter otherwise.

    Poor Ko Heejin and Lee Sookja. This is gonna be a huge headache. I wonder if they would have tried harder to keep Ha Hyorim had they known this.

    Oh my bad...they sent 5 players...3 wonder the clubs does not want to release their players

    Yeah, but the NT is also where they can gain valuable experience that they would never gain in the Korean league.

    Players like Jung Hoyoung and Lee Seonwoo have been back up players in their team, Suddenly they had the chance to play against some of the biggest volleyball stars. I honestly can't see why young players like them wouldn't want it. If someone's lucky, they can even hit it big like Kim Heejin after the last Olympics.

    But three players from KGC though...

    On the bright side, the awkward FA situation between her and Heungkuk will be over after this season.

    I wonder if she'll move to a different VLeague team (AKA Peppers cause they're the only other team that can afford her atm).