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    This week's episode of Sporty Sisters 2 saw Han Yoomi "return" to Hillstate.

    A volleyball match was held among the show's members and guests Hwang Younjoo, Yang Hyojin and Kim Yeongyeon.

    They even brought guest commentators Lee Hogeun and Lee Seokja.

    Clips can be found on the show's YT channel.

    I'm also interested in IBK's pick cause I thought the team's attacking triangle (Santana - Seungju - Heejin) was performing very well.

    Apparently Kim Hochul fully planned to pick an OH. He had three in mind but unfortunately they ended up not participating in the draft so he went with Anastasiya, who used to play OH. They plan to let her undergo some receive and defense training during the off-season.

    Hopefully things work out for them so we can see Heejin plays OP. Maybe we're gonna see some position-switching back and forth between the two.…ll/article/031/0000669319

    Setters and libero choices are the most strange to me (based on the performance of these players last V-league season).

    None of the setters from the top three teams was chosen. Yeum Hyeseon is the weirdest choice if Cesar's goal is to create a young team. Her play wasn't exceptional and she's too injury-prone.

    Haejin is young and she has potential but I think around the second half of the season Kim Dasol was Heungkuk's main setter. Can't remember where I read this but someone said Haejin was injured?

    Surprised not seeing Kim Dain on the list. She plays almost full time for the team that won almost every match last season.

    I like Noh Ran but again, I also remember her being injured and Chae Seonah had to step in.

    Honestly don't know what to say about Dahye now that GS' starting libero is Oh Jiyoung and Dahye had so little time to play. The only thing I remember her for is the serve ace in the KOVO Cup match where GS had a ton of serve aces. :gone:

    Juah, Hoyoung and Dahyeon are the obvious choices for the MB position. Maybe Jeongmin was chosen because she can also play OP? (poor lonely Heejin)

    OH has a good mix from different teams. Missing some familiar names like Soyoung and Seungju (don't hit me). A bit surprise to see Minkyoung their though I have to say she's the best defensive OH on the list.

    I think it's likely that everyone is going to have their chances with the many tournaments happening this year, so if our faves are not chosen yet, we're just have to be patient.

    But still some questionable choices. Maybe Cesar's data knows something that I don't. :lol:

    Wow, a no-transfer bomb. :what: I did expect a pay cut with all those articles talking about it but didn't expect such a huge cut.

    Also, does what Hyojin said in the articles means that she's gonna retire after this three year contract ends? ;(

    I personally wonder if Jiyoon would be better as OH or OPP, but yeah Hillstate is a bit stacked now with a full pay cap

    I thought it's already set in stone that Jiyun will be an OH with all those articles about KYK's request and Jiyun making service reception an important part of her training. (Although I'm not sure if I like that because the national team still lacks a backup for Kim Heejin. This seems like a problem that no one cares enough to fix.)

    And as much as I like Hillstate's team dynamic right now, I must admit that Yerim going to a team that needs her more would be better for both her and Jiyun.

    With how the team's lineup is looking, it's a better idea to focus on keeping Lee Nayeon and Kim Juha. Nayeon is a quality second setter (but please let her play more!), and Juha can step in when Jiyun struggles with passing.

    I'm also interested in how much Pyo Seungju will be offered by IBK or any other teams. Her salary is much lower than the highest paid OHs in the league but IMO she has showed that she can be as good as if not better than them. She will be a starting OH on the national team going forward I think.

    1 point. It must suck even worse than last time.

    They went for it with record-breaking speed and still couldn't make it in time.

    If the decision was to use the ranking up to Round 5, why wouldn't they use the same result and let Hillstate, Hipass and GS do the post season I wonder. Everyone wants to add a star to their jersey. There was something to look forward to and now it ends to abruptly.

    Articles are saying that today's match might be the last of this season. More cases are confirmed at IBK and Peppers also can't fill the 12- player entry because many of their players are injured (plus two COVID cases).

    Poor Hillstate players and their fans if true. 1st place is so close yet they'll never get the chance to celebrate.

    Just curious: before COVID, had there ever been a case where one or two team failed to fill the 12- player entry? What happened then?

    I was just wondering if the league suspension thing was created only to prevent the COVID spread. What if teams can't fill the entry, but it's due to injuries and not COVID? Thanks!

    Yeah. Unlike the men's side, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places of the women's league are hella clear now.

    At this point of the season, I'm wondering why KOVO wouldn't just let the teams with enough players push through their schedule. Waiting makes sense in the middle of the season but we're at the end now. Why not continue to play whatever match possible? Like the Hipass and IBK match that was supposed to happen tomorrow. They can totally play that right?

    Then when enough Hillstate players are available, they can resume their schedule too.

    If the length of the suspension period is dictated by the team that reports the latest infection (which I think it should not) and the teams keep taking turn getting infected, we'll be waiting forever.

    If the pandemic still persists next season, maybe do four rounds only so there will be room for suspension and give the players more break.

    Would like to ask, is Hillstate already confirmed to be #1 in league or are they lacking a few more points away from it...?

    I think last I heard it was 1 point iinw?

    Hillstate currently has 82 points. Hipass can get to a maximum of 82 points total in with their remaining 5 matches. So #1 will be confirmed for Hillstate if they get 1 more point or if Hipass loses point.

    It seems that they planned to take things easy because before the news about new cases came out, some articles were saying that Yang Hyojin and Yaasmeen will not play the GS Caltex match.

    The news just came out that 5 new COVID cases were confirmed for Hillstate. They now only has 11 available players so there will be some postponed matches.

    If Kim Jongmin decides to give his main players some break time then who knows, maybe Hillstate will get their #1 confirmed even before returning.