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    it's kinda sad how Scandicci is keeping Pietrini hostage, but she signed that contract herself.

    Suvurova is great replacement for Lyashko in Cannet. Lyashko is a star and expected her to go to Italy. But Chieri need to sign another good local at OH/OPP if they get Van Aalen as setter and foreign MB. Thought Mingardi was rumoured but she's now linked to Scandicci. Maybe Nwakalor?

    I prefer Seki to be starting setter somewhere, but it would be great experience to play with likes of Gabi, Haak, Fahr anyway and she can play against lower ranked teams. Similar to Nagaoka...

    I agree that Saraelen didn't live up to her potential, but her playing in Mackenzie actually has more to do with Tandara scamming everyone with her new "future CWCH winner" team.

    Basically, Tandara and her husband bought Campinas (Superliga C) and got a bunch of big name, experienced players on board like Fabiola, Mari Paraíba and Jaque (!). They said Campinas was going to be the next Brazilian powerhouse team and that they were expecting to win the CWCH in five years.

    But then they didn't pay any of the players, so everybody left. By the time all of this went down, Superliga A teams already had their rosters set, so most of the Campinas players ended up going to Superliga B teams. Fabiola, for example, is playing for Recife, even though she could've been a good signing for some Superliga A teams.

    I can forgive Tandara for the doping, but never for giving false hope of Jaque's return.

    You are right, I like she runs a varied offense but there is room for improvement in consistency of location of the ball.

    Seems Zhong Hui benefited from the break before final. Her fearless hitting and trademark down the line shot was on.

    Addition of Eri Xue to Shanghai was great move, with Gao Yi they can match the NT MB duo on other side of the net.

    Gaspari rotating Nika/Cazaute/Bajema is not going to make Orro/Egonu/Sylla play better.

    I would give a longer leash to the lineup that played well a few days ago against Scandicci and previous match against Vakifbank.

    Recently which player transformed thanks to Guidetti.

    There are just as much or more players stagnating or regressing with him as coach.

    The local OH Idil Naz and Turkish middles beside Zehra are tragic at worst and not good at best, surely they played better previous seasons.

    Alexia was a sensation in GS and stagnated.

    Van Aalen was star in Potsdam and Dutch NT, now she is a side character. with Cansu/Zehra/libero being the only good local players there is no room for foreign setters in this squad anyway.

    Daalderop has played pivotal role in Dutch NT for years and very good in Novara, Guidetti destroyed her confidence. she played 10x better again in summer with Dutch NT and she is fine in Milano.

    Meantime Thompson/Frantti/Busa are same player now as they were before Guidetti was their coach. I don't see a transformation in their game. Thompson has been more consistent, I'll give you that.

    Sure Guidetti is good tactician but mostly Vakifbank sign players that are already established and not become monsters under Guidetti.

    This season Volero played mostly with French libero Dekeukulaire. Croatian Stimac took her starting spot only recently and it helps, she had some great digs last night and 61% positive pass.

    Volero's strength is their MB. Beside Lyashko and Kochurina, Staniulyte from Lithuania is good also.

    The OH's are streaky, especially in reception. but Kotikova has good attack overall. Russu had an off day yesterday, she's no Akimova but should do better than 7 attack points in 5 sets.

    LDY sets a lot to the MB's and spread offense. got MVP award.

    Diouf was the best player for Lodz, but think overall they can be happy to win two sets with their performance.

    Letting Gabi go for younger alternative doesn’t seem that crazy having in mind that Vakif did let go of some of it’s players who are near the end of their prime in favour of younger ones (Rasic for Ogbogu, Gizem for Ayca, Naz for Cansu etc).

    I get the gist of your message. But there is no younger alternative for Gabi, and also Gizem is still better than Ayca to this day, Naz is arguably as well. I don't recall shape of Rasic but obviously she got pregnant.

    Seki is just whatever. If there was ever a more boring stagnant setter in Japanese history it would be her.

    Seki: minding her own business

    Skorost: lemme start shitting on Seki again for no reason.

    Give her a break or blame the coach.

    There is nothing boring about her setting style. If anything it was too fast/ambitious for her hitters to catch up with. Her backrow sets with Koga are magic though when they're on it. There is chemistry.