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    So frustrated with Selinger.

    Every other team is rotating their starting lineup and giving everyone experience.

    Meanwhile NL goes 0-5 with the same starter players every match.

    It is indefensible to have Baijens on bench permanently. She should have at least started a match. Also van Aalen and Dijkema should at least play a match as starter instead of double sub only.

    Grothues/Daalderop seem best OH lineup but I won't blame Grothues for not bothering to join.

    Netherlands picking up where they left off.

    It's funny how that first week was being framed as having the newbies playing but in week 2 the experienced seniors would be taking over.

    The only difference on court is Buijs over Savelkoel/Knollema. the rest of the starting lineup is exactly the same.

    Where is Momii? wasn't she the main setter last year?

    Glad to see Seki made the list.

    Fully agree Hester Jasper should be on the list, she can do the job of her sister better than her.

    I think she was announced MVP in 4 or 5 matches at the beginning of the season, while having very strong teammates as well.

    I hope she declined invitation for some reason because it really would have been a no-brainer to include her in this list.

    On paper I thought team Lichtman had the strongest lineup, so really impressed with the win for team DLC playing without an opposite. DLC and Cruz are a dream OH duo, and Nootsara loves to set the MB so they have plenty offensive options.

    Ronika Stone proving me wrong with 9 kills, she made good use of all the sets she good. I'm liking all the slide attacks.

    Did Drews not watch Erin Fairs play/receive yesterday? She's not first pick material, going 0-3 again at this rate.

    DLC choose exactly the 2 players I expected/wanted. Nootsara/Cruz.<3 Hope she picks 2 MB's next, she can leave Nomaris for later, don't think anybody else will pick her.

    There's a real crisis at opposite without Sheilla and Lowe.

    I am glad to see DLC not pick libero Nomara as one of her first picks again! Not sure about Ronika Stone as fourth pick but overall looks better than last round getting Lichtman and Mccage at least.

    The only positive thing about Sheilla not being here next week, is that DLC can pick Tomkom again. Though she might do better this week with Childress instead of Lloyd.

    The Dutch team is lucky that MB is the only position where they have some solid young replacements.

    If Guidetti, Lavarini, Santarelli were the national coach they would have returned for the WCH in own country.

    I only got a impression from Collar beginning of season when there was a free stream on youtube. She was so slow, seemed much slower than Diouf. I checked to see she is 33, but in defense she is 63. I'm not surpised her performance is bad this season.

    That is why i dont understand scandicci for letting go stysiak. She was an asset and big player for their team last season and they choose lipmann over her.

    Lippmann and Stysiak both hitting 43% and both got around 40 swings. Lippman isn't the issue, it are the OH's that are all hitting around or below 30%.. Natalia, Orthman, Pietrini.

    Ana Beatriz is doing well.