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    Nobody is barring you from saying your opinion just as i am free to question is.

    so my question remains.

    How can Anna C get an award over someone who carried this team in the first half and played better in the last two matches as well.

    Don't be too serious with those fans, to them no matter what their players are better than others.

    Happy Proton won today's game:dance6::dance6:

    Ps: For all previous Proton home games, there was such a girl in red jacket cheering from the announcer's station. She is so cute and lovely. Do any one know who she is? But today she was not there:sos::sos::sos:

    Even if Russian volleyball players speak up, that won't change anything and you guys know that.

    How about people speak up in France, Germany, and other "democracy" countries, are they changing anything or just simply got beaten down by police forces when they tried to have a better life or have less tyranny? Some folks here are pretty certain that Russian athletes did not speak up was because they were afraid of their government, have you ever thought about another possibility that actually they were afraid of your "democracy" out there will call their names, attack them for not having the same views. After all treating Russia athletes differently from other aggressive country athletes is pure discrimination and straight politics driven by the west "democracy", period.

    The current Russian women national team, many new promising players.


    Burkova Victoria (2001, Uralochka-NTMK, Sverdlovsk Region)

    Matveeva Polina (2002, Zarechye-Odintsovo, Moscow region)

    Romanova Tatyana (1994, Dynamo, Moscow)


    Lazareva Anna (1997, Fenerbahce, Istanbul, Turkey)

    Popova Alina (2005, Severyanka, Cherepovets)


    Brovkina Julia (2001, Lokomotiv, Kaliningrad region)

    Kochurina Elizaveta (2002, Volero, Le Cannet, France)

    Lazarenko Angelina (1998, Dynamo-Ak Bars, Kazan)

    Pushina Victoria (2000, Proton, Saratov)

    Suvorova Natalia (2004, Dynamo-Ak Bars)


    Voronkova Irina (1995, Exachibashi, Istanbul, Turkey)

    Gatina Svetlana (2003, Proton)

    Zamanskaya Daria (2004, Dynamo-Ak Bars)

    Kadochkina Tatyana (2003, Lokomotiv Klngr)

    Parubets Xenia (1994, Lokomotiv Klngr)

    Pipunyrova Ekaterina (2000, Dynamo M)

    Fedorovtseva Arina (2004, Fenerbahce, Turkey)


    Bibina Maria (1994, Dynamo M)

    Frolova Olga (1996, Proton)

    Shepeleva Varvara (2001, Dynamo, Krasnodar)

    This was Terzic said after the final game:

    - Yes, we will give a couple of days of rest and start collecting. We will collect almost all the best, while there will be new players. There are many good volleyball players in Russia, I need to create a strong team for the future. I'm sure everything will be fine. We hope that during the camp we will be able to hold friendly matches.

    Q: Will all the leaders of the team be called to the training camp?,

    A: Of course, we will call some of the leaders, but not much. I worked in Russia for four years, many experienced players who are in their 30s, I know well, I have worked with them. I don't learn anything new about them. I need to get to know the players that I have not seen before and with whom I have not worked.

    If so, I do not think Goncharova, Startseva, Kolerova, or even Malova will be called to this new national team. Lots of new players will emerge.

    Ft Sirius finished 3rd in Spartakiad, Congrats!!

    Overall, the team is doing good, when the games progressed the team got better. I felt pretty bad for #3, #5, and #21, they barely had any chance to be on court. Bad Terzic!

    After this, Russia might put up a list for the "national" team (for the coming friendly's) , and I would guess this list will be mainly from these eight teams. One spot I am not sure is the setter, Matveeva is good as a local team but not good enough to handle the tough international competitions. Startseva has been disappointing, Romarova has been good, and the setters from Tula, Proton, and Loko are all pretty good.

    Goncharova looks like still the one Russia has now. It is a pity that Akimova did not have a chance to demonstrate her ability due to injury.

    Outside, Parubets did not stand out as a attacker although her defense has been decent.

    Middle, there are some good middles to choose from, the young ones I like are Kochurina, Zhabrova, and Pushina.

    Libero, Bayandina looked pretty good.

    If I were the one to pick this team, it would be hard to pick the setters. Anyway, here is my #1 list (you can laugh or you can jump, whatever you feel appropriate to respond:lol:):

    Setters: Romarova, Popova

    Opp: Gocharova, Akimove (or Lukianova)

    OH: Fedorovtseva, Voronkova, Parubets, Kapustina

    MB: Fetisova, Kochurina, Pushina, Brovkina

    L: Podkopaeva, Bayandina






    This squad would be a huge threat, but the reception is lame

    Imo, Startseva has passed her prime and there are several setters can be better, for example,Dmitrieva, Filishtinskaia, and Smelenko (all three might have height concerns)

    Koroleva is another case, she has also passed her prime, there are better MBs I think, for example Pushina, Kochurina.

    Just when I was so sure Sirius had it in the bag, Moscow makes a huge comeback and wins the game! :white:

    FT Sirius' inexperience showed at critical times but still they did really well like in the 1st and 2nd Moscow was slaughtered. Way to go the young Sirius!

    For those who are still interested in Russia women volleyball, today is a pretty exciting day - Spartakiad women competition starts! Volleyru will be live streaming on YouTube and so is - link I am especially interested in the game between Dinamo Moscow and FT Sirius, Gonchareva/Fetisova vs Fedorovtseva/Voronkova:dance4:<3

    What competition will they play? Against Belarus?

    This team is set up for the upcoming Spartakiad, all Russian volleyball competition which starts next month. That is why we do not see some big names like Goncharova, Startseva, Fetisova, et al, because they need to play for their clubs in the competition.

    There is an idea floating around within the VFV, they are planning to do a friendly invitation later this year and the potential teams include China, Serbia, Belarus, Brazil, Thailand, Turkiye, Cuba if they can get FIVB sanction to make it more attractive.

    Although no world championship this year, it is still excited to see this new and young Russian team and many of them are from U19:


    Burkova Victoria (Uralochka)

    Kobzar Victoria (Volero)

    Matveeva Polina (Odintsovo)


    Akimova Vita (Volero)

    Lazareva Anna ((Fenerbahce)

    Protopopova Elizabeth (Uralochka)


    Zhabrova Anastasia (Lokomotiv)

    Kochurina Elizabeth (Volero)

    Slautina Natalia (Tula)

    Shvydkaya Oksana (Uralochka)


    Voronkova Irina (Eczacibasi)

    Kuznetsova Sofia (Cuneo)

    Popova Alina (Severyanka)

    Fedorovtseva Arina (Fenerbahce)


    Shepeleva Varvara (Krasnodar)

    Shubina Varvara (Sparta)

    :lol::lol: I really love when people's arguments in a discussion comes to such level :lol::lol:

    I did not want to get into this discussion, really. Only your idea, not you as an individual, is such radical and extreme, it triggered this discussion.

    From your reasoning, if a country head made a decision everyone in that country should be responsible/punished for that (in Russia case) and if an individual(s) took a terrorist action from a certain country, the country should be attacked (in Afghan case), they sound pretty radical/dangerous to me, a regular person. And also do you know one of the top Taliban terrorist was an American? Should your defensive organization attack the US because of that too??

    Just a few thoughts, Peace!

    NATO is a military organization whose aim is to defend against other countries attack. They do not start the wars, happens that intervene, but not start so your question actually is unfounded.

    I can see apparently the power of brain washing effect in people, did any other country attack the NATO countries in past decades?

    By the way, are you aware of any thing happening in eastern Ukraine over the past eight years?

    Solution for me is one and very easy - Russia as evil country (because of Putin) has to be isolated all ways. The society has to learn on that situation as much as possible and as much painful as possible to not forget it to easy.

    Are you also ok with isolating all NATO countries from human society because of the wars they waged against humanity in Yugoslavia, Syria, Iraq, afghan, etc?