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    Oh ji young or lee go eun?

    It happened this season, so veteran player pool would be: Park Jeongah, Oh Jiyoug, Lee Goeun (I'd personally exclude Chae Seon-ah & Park Hyejin cause they don't seem to have as much influence as the prior 3)

    Wasn't planning on naming since nothing has been confirmed yet, but for the sake of discussion... I'm pretty sure its Oh Jiyoung

    Considering her history in the past and she's been missing from games after the 6th without any reason - and its not because of an injury (source)

    There's reportedly bullying on the AI Pepper's roster this season which led to 2 junior players leaving the club at the end of last year (mid-season). (Source)

    A Reward & Punishment committee will be called and the veteran player in question as well as 1 of the dismissed player will attend to present their stance.

    I supposed we'll find out who this veteran player so no need to guess when it's not confirmed yet, but the its a small pool of older players on this roster...

    It's my first time watching and I love it. All the players and officials looked really happy and there's a wonderful atmosphere. It would've been even nicer if I understood some Korean but it's ok, I still enjoyed every minute of it :lol:

    First time I watched it, I ended up searching up all the past seasons' All Star matches :lol:

    Definitely helps if you can understand some Korean but yes its still entertaining nonetheless

    This is like one of the best highlights of the Korean league for me lol. Just players having fun. 😂

    I actually got into K-VLeague because of a Youtube recommendation of an All-Star Game. :super:

    Many fans get sucked into v-league/new players cause of the highlights from All Star Games indeed🤭

    It's really an event that differentiates itself from most of the other leagues

    With how the USA PVB league has started out strongly, it appears that there's going to be a lot lesser high level foreign players applying for Korea v-league (as well as all other leagues) in the subsequent seasons, with many US players returning to play on home ground.

    Very good timing for Korean league to have launched Asian Quarter and expand it to players from all Asian countries.

    May not be too bad with weaker foreigners (less over-reliance on 물빨배구) while also finding more hidden gems from Asia like Megawati and potentially more from countries like Mongolia, Iran, etc

    (since Indonesia and other Asian countries do not have much opportunity to display their abilities on the international stage)

    Hopefully local players finally step up more... :gone:

    We can have different definitions and opinion of hard carry, you can think she is and I can think otherwise.

    But you jumped at me being anti-KYK because I had past posts about LDY, and used stats trying to prove that she is indeed hard-carrying her team. You're the one not allowing me to have a different opinion, because of what? Because I must be a hater since I have posts about LDY.

    Tell me once when I changed my assertions 🤷🏻‍♀️ You claiming that I did does not make it a fact.

    I gave you examples of why your claim of "stats do not lie" is not a valid because of various ways of looking at stats which can prove your point otherwise. Stats can help you know which player is good, but it can't tell you whether they are "hard carrying" a team.

    I got the Receive stats from the exact same KOVO website as you:

    KYK is the best performing & ace player on PS now but that doesn't equate to her hard-carrying her team because her teammates are not as crap as you KYK fans make them all out to be. LJY won a championship with a very similar PS roster (Songhwa underhand passes so much of her sets, so I don't really know to compare her to Wonjeong/ and surely Suji is better than Kim Seyoung).

    An example is how Yasmeen was once the undeniable ace of Hillstate but it does not mean she was hard-carrying the team because the other Hillstate players were good as well.

    I said Wonjeong is underwhelming compared to Dain to prove that Kim is hard carrying her team, then you’re like oh you can’t compare her with Dain because she’s the best setter, then after that you cite some negative stat about Dain to play down the stats that I cited. Geez. My original point simply is that Wonjeong is *not* a good setter.

    When you compare a player to the best player in the league, that does not (in your own words) "prove that Kim is hard carrying her team". Wonjeong being less than Dain doesn't mean she is a bad or below average setter, she's just not as good as Dain who is by far the best setter currently.

    By comparing in that manner is the same as saying that the only time Kim is not hard carrying her team is if she has all the best players in every position on her team, because any less than best will mean that she needs to "hard carry" them.

    You used stats to prove that Wonjeong is not a good player and didn't like it when I used a different view of the same stats in return to explain otherwise.

    Your original basis of using stats to 'prove' that she's not a good setter and now you're simply saying she's not a good setter.

    Just say that its your opinion to begin with, without claiming "stats prove" "stats do not lie" when stats are not a one-all in team sports.

    Honestly at this point someone should move your post to another thread since its getting off topic

    The Olympians are joining LOVB. that starts in 2025.

    Could I perhaps ask you why the Olympians are joining LOVB but not Pro Volleyball League?

    Understood from another forum that LOVB is grassroots and similar to AU that it may not be a long term/ league with "professionally-owned" clubs which PVB is like international leagues

    But even so, why is the attention being split between these 3 "leagues" in the USA instead of having one single professional league in the US?

    Sure, let’s compare Won Jeong and Hye-seon.
    Also, no where did I say that it’s rare for an OH to receive better than a libero. I am just pointing out that KYK is the best OH receiver.

    I am also just stating KYK’s stats because you said she isn’t playing better than the foreign players and some Asian Quarter players like Mega. But if you want to be salty because the stats don’t support your assertions, and then be like ‘but she has some off nights’, that’s fine. Yes she has some off nights. I agree.

    Frankly, I find it very hard to believe a supporter of LDY has “neutral” feelings towards KYK. LDY’s accusations towards KYK are well known and KYK fans don’t look too kindly on LDY because she is a… bully and perpetrator of assault..

    I never said KYK wasn't a good player, I simply said I don't agree that she's hard carrying her team. Somehow that got you all triggered as though I said she wasn't a good player. You can list out all your stats and it still supports what I said about KYK being the best local Korean player.

    But it still doesn't mean she's hard carrying her team and her teammates are as crap like her fans make them out to be.

    Stats don't lie, but its common knowledge that a setter's stats is highly reliant/dependent on the spiker as well (success rate) and rather than that, you should base it off of the accuracy and how many single block situations they create from their sets. imho its way more painful to watch Yeum set than Wonjeong, but a setter's play will always be subjective.

    If you really do insist on using stats, I can also point out that when you compare the ratio of success/mistakes between Kim Dain (2362/1047) and Wonjeong (2031/834), Wonjeong has a better ratio of 2.44 > 2.26 - not saying this is the proper gauge to rate a setter by however.

    V-leagues method of ranking points scored also doesn't take into account the number of sets played.

    As much as you love stats, I can give one example - Megawati scores 5.6 points/ set (504 in 90 sets), KYK scores 5.42 points/ set (520 in 96 sets)

    But my comparison was not their points scored or their roles as OH with OPP, but rather their role as a ace/decider in their team (referencing to "hard-carrying" one's team).

    I don't see KGC fans demanding Giovanna be switched out when she's underperforming amongst foreign players too.

    KYK isn't the best OH in receiving efficiency either:

    About LDY... lol, I don't get why you're bringing her up again but sure if you wish to - KYK fans continue to perpetrate that she's a bully despite there being zero investigation and proof of the accusations made, her middle school coach literally vouched that nothing of that sort happened. She did have a fight with her schoolmate in the past with a knife which she admitted so if you wish to send her to hell cause of that, she already did with her suicide attempt and till this day is still facing death threats from KYK fans whom she had to report to the police.

    Somehow to you, the accusations made towards LDY without proof stand firm, but the accusations LDY makes towards KYK has no substance at all 🤷🏻‍♀️

    The double standard? 🤔

    I choose to believe neither until and unless there's evidence 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Apologies to the rest in the thread for this going on so long and going slightly off-topic

    Well it seems you've created an account just to reply, so to lay it out, no I don't dislike KYK, but I'm not a fan of her either. She was once a great player, once world class, and still is the best Korean player in the v-league, but I've no positive/negative feeling towards her.

    What I dislike is what her fans have done to Korean vleague and what her fans are behaving towards other players/staff. Being a fan of one player doesn't make you an anti of another, that's a very narrow view. You don't seem to know the extent of what her fans have done - you being one yourself.

    The term "hard carry" is when you have a team of severely under average/worst players on your team, and you bring them to victory. It is not what you have done - which is to compare them to the top performing players of each position in the league. Why not compare PS players to the worst performing starting players in each position instead? Why compare Lee Won Jeong to Kim Dain and Pornpun (a foreigner), and not Yeom Hyeseon?

    It's also not rare for an OH to have better receive than a libero, this is very common in many clubs/leagues.

    Also, while there are many times the ball is thrown over to keep the ball alive when the set is beyond far from ideal (too close to antenna/below net/etc), but she does it way too often compared to others and even for sets which are not too far from ideal - this is my observation, you're free to disagree as her fan, but its not disrespect. I've seen many other spikers spike way worse sets than the ones she's thrown over the net.

    Like I said, KYK is the best Korean player in the league right now, she's contributing to her team beyond any other local player can. But she had terrible nights with worse receptions than other local OHs, single digit points scored and lower success rate than other players on her team/other local OHs in the league. Every player has an off night, but I don't find that she's hard carrying her team as much as her fans make her out to be.

    She hard-carried PS in the 20/21 championships with Bruna in the last few games they've won, but she's not the same player she once was now.

    I really like Jelena but her attacks are really bad this year. PK needed new blood as KYK is hard carrying the group since Round 1.

    That's not true though, KYK did not hard carry the team. Jelena scored more than KYK for many of Pink Spider's games

    While KYK did have a higher average success rate, she was also set to lesser than Jelena since she has to receive as OH. There were many times she didn't attempt to spike when the set was not ideal and just set the ball across which definitely helps her success rate too.

    Jelena is performing the least amongst other foreign players (excl Asian) but she was still playing fine and not severely 'underperforming' like some other previous season foreign players i.e. Rebecca Lassem (there are others as well but names are not coming to mind)

    I would rate how she's performing comparable to Lucia Fresco who played in Pink Spiders in the past who was similarly not as good as other foreign players, not the ace player, yet not replaced - until she was injured.

    The problem and reason why Pink Spiders (or KYK) fans want to change her is because there is a given expectation that the foreign player on every team are supposed to be the "decider" & ace of the team, and she is unable to do so for PS.

    There has been many more foreign players in the past who performed lesser than she did but were not replaced by the club, but KYK fans sent truck protests for her change due to wanting to win a championship before KYK retires.

    KYK is by far the best Korean player now this season but she isn't playing better than the foreign players either, some Asian Quarter players like Megawati are playing comparably too, age is definitely catching up

    Her fans should stop blaming every single other player on the team - setter, libero, foreign player, etc if they continue to call her the ace or claim she's hard-carrying the team

    You're not hard carrying a team if you need every other position to be better than average players

    I personally find the changing of Jelena a terrible choice by the club. It is a risk as it may not necessarily give them a better chance of winning, playing with a brand new player without the history with the team like Jelena, it could go worse off like when they replaced Lucia with Bruna in 20/21.

    Additionally, changing her this way without any injury is really replacing their foreign players like they're car parts.

    At this rate you might as well say the fans have full sway over the club.

    I know Group E isn't a threat to the other groups so there's less attention on them

    But I wanna say that Dayeong and Popova had a crazy good game against LKS

    If not for the numerous serve mistakes by Volero 🤦🏻‍♀️ they could've won and advanced

    Is Emma Malinov leaving Volero then?

    Emma was originally from Volero's U21 team

    After Kobzar's departure she joined the main team to be the backup setter while still playing with the U21 team (though she never got minutes in main team due to being too young/inexperienced according to some French fans)

    I suppose she will return to play solely on the U21 team now

    Korea v-league will be opening up their Asian Quota from 10 Asian countries to all 65 member countries registered with the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) for the 2024/25 season - list of countries includes China, Australia, Iran, and more

    The tryout venue will be in Dubai from May 6 2024 till May 13 2024 over 8 days, starting from the women's event.

    (news source)

    This will be more applicable for 2024/25 Thread but since its not created yet:

    Korea v-league will be opening up their Asian Quota from 10 Asian countries to all 65 member countries registered with the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) - list of countries (includes China, Australia, Iran, etc)

    The tryout venue will be in Dubai from May 6 2024 till May 13 2024 over 8 days, starting from the women's event.

    (news source)