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    I find it way too sus that Han Yumi with no coaching experience is brought on to coach the National Team of all teams

    It's not as though the Federation has no money, they could've recruited any of the other experienced coaches in the league or even outside

    She was a decent player but strings must've been pulled or everyone else rejected the role

    Having NT coaching experience on your resume never hurts though

    This should probably be in the new thread but just as an update.

    Wow, IBK is really lucky. First pick in both Asian and Foreign draft. And Yaasmeen is back with Peppers (funny enough their draft players have played/are playing in the Philippines).

    Same thoughts for both points, we're missing theloneracer badly :cheesy:

    Wonder if they stopped following kvball, or still is but just not coming to forum

    KOVO put on their website that the coaches are hoping she's Merete Lutz 2.0... but I dont see it. There are better players to take 50-70 swings a match.

    I have one simple answer for you - her height lol

    Korean teams are dumb about height, so when GS picked Moma who was a lot shorter than most foreigners, other clubs were surprised and yet she played so well too

    AI Peppers is a mess.

    After giving her away as a reward player, they ask her back, giving away their promising middle blocker Choi Ga Eun. Like...?

    Not only that but they gave away their first round pick for rookie player...:sos: (or, traded with Hipass's second round pick)

    I'm just wondering, why trade for Lee Goeun? Why not trade for IBK's Kim Hakyung (they need to let go of 1/5 of their setters) or Hipass's Lee Yoonjung instead?

    It was a legitimate reason for them to let go of Lee Goeun, as even without her, fans have calculated that AI Pepper has blown past their salary cap by 100K

    My first thought was that Pepper would trade for a setter

    I'm thinking either Cho Songhwa or a setter from IBK (since they drafted Pornpun and have 4 other setters)

    It'll be a win if it's Kim Hakyung from IBK, but would IBK let go of her? I doubt so

    I think it'll make sense if IBK played two setter with KHK & Pornpun

    Lee Goeun isn't that fantastic, but I don't think Cho Song Hwa is better

    Probably gonna trade for setter,

    they have problem with salary cap if they keep both lee goeun and park jeong ah.

    100% agree with the salary cap, Lee Goeun definitely isn't deserving of a 330K salary, that's insane for her standard

    First thoughts... I know Pornpun is definitely the first choice for whoever club gets the first pick, but I'm not sure IBK needs another setter when they have Hakyung and Sola.

    First off we're really missing theloneracer since this should be in next season's thread

    Pornpun is the "best" draft pick, but IBK didn't make the best choice for their team imo

    They need a scorer not a setter, especially in comparison to other teams

    Not only that, Pornpun's setting style is fast and low for Asian spikers, would she have good coordination with IBK's other foreign player (who will be the main scorer) from the next draft?

    All foreign players thus far from Europe/West suited high long sets instead, her coordination in Rapid wasn't very ideal

    Pornpun would've been a much better fit in most other clubs that really needs a setter and have decent spikers

    Surprised IBK recontracted with her...

    Even moreso for 1 year and 350 million krw

    I know she's their franchise star, but she will not be able to play at all next season. Would've made more sense if IBK made her sign a 2-3 year contract at a lower cost to retain her her longer while clearing salary cap space for future season. Why sign a single year at a cost which isn't even that low, for zero contribution from her??

    Player market in Korea is too small and not competitive at all... what a pity

    IBK could've went for LJY instead with that salary cap space (if she was still interested in returning)

    Was not expecting Jung Daeyoung to switch clubs at this age, but GS indeed needed someone after Kim Yuri

    She played a huge role in the championship finals despite her age

    Hwang Minkyung switching too - wow!!!

    Jeong Jiyoon can have more playing time but... I still feel unsure about her in OH position to be frank, I suppose we'll see more this next season

    It's good that they are able to still maintain their shape and be competitive, but it could also mean that the bar is low and that the young guns cannot even compete with them. :whistle:

    I think more shuffle is coming

    I hope more shuffle is coming

    Surely Pepper must regret not taking Hwang Yeonjoo from Hillstate for free when they could've after seeing her performance last season.

    Curious if her, Hwang Minkyeong, as well as Kim Yeongyeon will remain at Hillstate

    Yeum Hyeseon at KGC as well

    Could be an unpopular opinion, but I hope a club signs with LJY too after 2.5 years now

    Don't know if she'd still be as good being out of the competition for so long, but her joining will make the league a lot more competitive certainly

    Biggest move this FA season!

    PARK Jeongah moves from Hipass to AI Pepper for next 3 years (source)

    It is said in another article that she will receive the same max contract of 775 million krw as KYK in Pink Spiders.

    In other FA news:

    - DO Subin recontracted with Pink Spiders again (source)

    - KIM Yuri (GS MB) retires due to her knee issues, she did not compete last season (source)

    Glad she had a good 20/21 season even winning match MVP once

    My guess that KYK was interested to join Hillstate was right, but my speculation is

    1. Hillstate could not offer her max salary - they are the team with the most maxed out salary cap right now, they can let go of Hwang Minkyung and Hwang Yeonjoo and maybe some juniors to make space for KYK, but its definitely not gonna be close to 775 million krw.

    2. KYK likely decided against taking a paycut due to the negative talk around it after her comments made during her interview.

    Both parties ended the transfer discussion and Hillstate said they will focus on retaining their FA players and keeping their squad intact.

    I'm surprised only 3 teams reached out to KYK - Pepper, Hillstate, Pink Spiders. (source)

    But having to pay 1400million krw & let go of 1 player, on top of offering new max contract of 775 million krw to her is likely too out of reach for most clubs.

    Not going to Pepper seems related to her comment of wanting to go to "a team which is not too difficult to adapt to" and "has a chance of winning".

    FA News thus far:

    - KYK stays at Pink Spiders (source) - most likely max 775 million krw

    - Kim Suji to Pink Spiders (source), KYK's childhood friend

    - Bae Yoona stays at Hipass (source) - rumoured to be highest paid MB in league

    - Park Jeongah received offers from at least 4 or more clubs (source)

    - Hillstate says they will aim to retain Hwang Minkyung and Hwang Yeonjoo (source)

    Additional News
    - At least 5 clubs showed interest in Thai NT setter Pornpun for Asia Quarter (source) - same club as LDY this season, but currently injured.