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    Well, don't know whether it's because the interview or just bad performance, Altos lost again...

    Well if we choose to believe the players who said that they never sabotaged their coach with a poor performance, then they were already on a losing streak before all this happened🤷🏻‍♀️

    Now it'll be worse (regardless of whose fault it is), they'd be pressured and stressed with no clear coaching direction

    She also said neither the club nor the players knew about her intention before the interview.

    ... she said she was stepping down so as to not further affect the players as one of the reason.

    Genuine question is, what is her purpose for announcing something like this... without informing them beforehand and affecting them even more?
    Leaving them without a coach for the next match, the club also can't do anything within this short time

    I guess one of the other sub-coaches will have to step up for IBK meanwhile. They should just bring back Seo Namwon to clear their bad image.

    Unless KSN or the players who accused him can describe what he actually said to them without avoiding the topic even further.

    Also, the other coaches have agreed to no longer reply to any questions regarding Kim Sanee or IBK, so as to bring the focus back onto volleyball and their own gameplay rather than have KSN/IBK news be the focus of the league instead.

    The sponsors of the league and other clubs are all upset about this incident too since its affecting the popularity of volleyball as well as taking up all the news & attention away from the rest of the league.

    Wonder which team can break Hillstate's winning streak

    They aren't necessarily THAT strong (ofc still due credit to Yasmeen & coach), but it's more like the rest of the teams are... too messy or lacklustre.

    GS most likely, and hopefully too

    If Hillstate actually ends up breaking the winning streak record though - it'll be cause the other teams are all too weak...

    But hey I don't mind since I like Hillstate haha

    I like that Cha Sang Hyun utilizes his bench players well, from last season and even now without Soyoung

    It's very unlike typical v-league fashion on relying on a single starting line-up and a single ace

    Surprising to see Ahn Hyejin come off the bench instead of starting when she's one of the top setters in the league now, but its also great to see the reserve setter (and 2nd year rookie) do so well - and be given the chance to display it too

    But for KGC to lose 3-0 (with a large point differential at that too) against GS... I guess that shows the difference in coaches, KGC should've went with Ha Hyorim

    The 6 coaches from the other clubs have all agreed to not shake hands with Kim Sanee moving forwards.

    With the exception of Kim Sanee's first game as acting coach against PS when Park Mihee shook her hands (this was before Kim Sanee's media interivew about the incident), Cha Sanghyun refused her handshake in the next match, and now all 6 coaches have agreed to not greet her as a coach.

    Coaches of male volleyball teams have also spoken out about Kim Sanee and criticized her as well as IBK.

    This article (not the most reliable reporter) claims that the most sought-after coach IBK is looking for is Park Kijoo, coach of Hanbom High School.

    And that once the new coach steps in, Kim Sanee will not go back to being coach & IBK will make it so that she can resign on her own, she will be paid for the 2 years of her contract in full. Regarding payment of Seo Namwon's remaining salary, there has been no talks yet.

    IBK refuted that it is not true they are in talks with coach Park Kijoo, and have never been in contact with him.

    Kim Sanee said to the IBK players on the 27th, "The words coming from outside are nothing more than rumours. My words are the truth, you have to believe in me and follow me." / "밖에서 나오는 말은 풍문에 지나지 않는다. 내 말이 진실이니 나를 믿고 따라야 한다"

    Kim Sanee left the IBK team the following day after Cho Songhwa left on the 13th. They were both brought to the Pepper match on 16th by company car according to CEO Yoon Jongwon's directions. Sanee "I didn't come because I wanted to. I came only because I was told to do so from above."
    Kim Sanee reportedly refused to apologize to the team for leaving . Coach Seo Namwon apologized for their irresponsible behaviour to the team & after persuasion from SNW, Sanee then apologized to the team "First of all I am sorry that I left the team without warning in the middle of the season due to my personal feelings. Whether I came her voluntarily or involuntarily, I will not show it and do my best for today's game." before leaving the team for a second time.

    Guess she might have the CEO's backing?

    Meanwhile IBK directed Cho Songhwa's case to KOVO reward and punishment committee which will be held on Dec 2nd to decide on her punishment. IBK doesn't seem to have any intentions of keeping her as a player, but what she did was not severe enough to expel her.

    I get sad watching her IG stories.. did she played that bad that she had to be sacrificed?

    She was the worst performing foreigner in the league so people were suspecting that she'd be traded before all these issues arose.

    She wasn't crappy, but in v-league they usually expect foreigners to be their aces and score ~20pts per game consistently, so her output was not high enough. But the problem lied in that IBK was also the worst performing team.

    With all these players vs coach internal issues being surfaced - though players like Kim Heejin claims otherwise, many people are suspecting sabotage by the players to force a change of coach. IBK's 3-0 win against Pink Spiders when coach Kim Sanee took over makes that even more suspicious.

    Aside from that, it was also a setter issue. They performed better with the back-up setter Kim Hakyung - and finally won twice & Rebecca also performed better, compared to when Cho Songhwa (main setter who went AWOL) played.

    So unless Rebecca had played under a different club, it will be tough to tell if her performance was solely based on her skills or also largely influenced by the setter & player/coach issues.

    Since I don't think any of those NT fans on Twitter will be translating these, I thought I'd share it:

    Coach Cha Sanghyun said with regards to why he didn't shake hands with acting coach Kim Sanee:

    "There are many things I wish to say as someone who played volleyball, I also have several thoughts on it. But because this is unrelated to volleyball performance and (my unspoken words) could be twisted in a weird way, I hope you understand. I request of this personally." and didn't give his reason for it.

    *note: Seo Namwon was Cha Sanghyun's coach in Samsung BlueFangs when he was a pro volleyball player - so he'd know how SNW was as a coach.

    Also, Kim Sanee & IBK seem to be going back on their words(?)

    "Secondly I had never left (the team). It wasn't that I left, but we had talked about my resignation and it was in the process of being accepted. It wasn't that I left, but I had spoken to the company and the head coach, it was a situation dealt by the company. I did not leave."
    (clarification: the word she used for "leave" was "이탈" (basically going AWOL) so she's saying she left after submitting resignation letter, but did not leave without permission like Cho Songhwa did)

    When asked "Why are there sanctions if you hadn't left?"

    Sanee "For that part even I don't... though it wasn't that I had left, it is difficult for me to comment on this. You should ask the club..." and laughed, giving off the impression that she was sanctioned though she had not done anything wrong.

    Article says that sanctions could have also been a necessary disciplinary measure for her not performing her role as a coach and being sympathetic to the captain who had left.

    But article said the tone of her words were basically implying "I took responsibility and gave my resignation letter, I did not leave. The club did not accept my resignation and asked me to return. Shouldn't that mean it is over and done with?"

    Didn't she previously claim that she had left due to Coach Seo Nam Won telling her to "take responsibility and leave" in front of all the other players?

    Edit to add:

    Coach Sanee seem to have said "‘I will step down when the new head coach comes. I will remain as a coach."

    But the article states that what the older coaches are saying do not seem to implying "go back to being a coach as you used to", but rather it seems more like telling her to step out of the way and leave completely when the new head coach enters so things can return to the norm.
    (reporter's words, but I agree with what they said regarding this)

    Absolutely horrid move from IBK to not only announce Rebecca's replacement right before the match (which she didn't know about) but even the progress of their next transfer. She was seen crying and talking to her translator - supposedly (I hadn't seen it personally).

    They're just throwing aside every bit of their reputation now

    Cha Sanghyun ignoring her handshake is a clear sign of which side he's taking 👀

    Found some articles on a tweet where the poster said these reporters were siding with Seo Namwon. :lol:

    In this one, Seo NW disclosed what he said. Seems like it involved comparing Kim Sanee to a dog. He also said that was the worst thing he's ever said.

    In this one, he showed dissatisfaction with the statement from Kim SN and the players that his abusive language was something they couldn't put into words. He want to know what level of abusive language he used that made them think so.

    (Kim Sanee and the Olympic trio all avoided the "what exactly did he say" question yesterday.)

    Sorry but that's a completely wrong translation of what he said for the first one.

    '감독 말에도 대답 안 해, 코치 말에도 대답 안 해. 뭐 이런 개 같은 경우가 다 있어'가 내가 한 말 중 가장 심했던 것 같다”

    ""You don't respond when the head coach is saying something, nor do you respond when the coach is saying something. I guess there are even such damn* cases like these." was the most severe amongst what I have said." - Seo Namwon

    *개 (literally 'dog') but is also a fairly crude term used to emphasize something, it can be used in a good way "개 좋아" (damn good) or "개 싫어" (damn bad)

    Literally the only crude thing he said was "damn", the sentence itself wasn't even rude.

    And it's not even comparable to an actual swear word like "존나" (f**king), which is worse.


    "김사니 코치에게 나가라고 한 적이 없다"며 "듣는 사람에 따라 다르겠지만, '입에 담지 못할 폭언을 했다'는 말에는 동의할 수 없다. 그 수준의 폭언이 무엇이었는지, 내가 묻고 싶다"고 호소했다.

    "I have never told Kim Sanee coach to leave. Though it may differ for the person listening, I cannot agree to the claim "He said abusive words I can't even say from my own mouth". I would like to ask, to what extent of abusive language was that."

    (Kim Sanee claimed that he told her to "take responsibility and leave" after Cho Songhwa left in front of all the players as the reason why she had left.
    KSN and players claimed he used abusive language)

    You know, I really like Heejin from Olympics and more, I still want to continue seeing her as Right on NT. So I really wished she wouldn't be involved in all this. But it's clear the the players have all spoken up about this, and against coach Seo Namwon. So they have now clearly picked a side, which is unfortunate.

    I'm guessing the tweet you saw must be from one of those NT fans defending the players, cause I've seen several of them though I don't really use Twitter. They're an extremely biased bunch to say the least.

    There are many more Koreans siding with Seo Namwon in this situation actually.

    It's not the reporters, they gain nothing siding with him, nor are they saying anything much against the players in these articles either. He has simply been very clear and transparent on his own stance throughout this whole situation, on what he said/did or did not, unlike IBK/players who have been very vague and inconsistent.

    The article listed reasons why the public believes more in Seo Namwon than Kim Sanee (and IBK seniors), such as his unproblematic history with KGC and Hi-pass, with players even praising him at their award ceremonies, as well as how he has been so open and revealed what was the worst thing he said. Meanwhile Kim Sanee and IBK seniors refuse to elaborate more on the abusive language, and IBK has bad rep with past coaches. Their players are given relatively more power in decision making.

    At this point, I just want the truth to be revealed already...

    This is correct, and it's also the largest reason why I find it extremely hard to believe what IBK/Sanee/players are claiming.

    It's ridiculous for a coach with such a long history of coaching, with zero precedent (not that I know of), to suddenly go ape in his new club and offend everyone. I greatly dislike Lee Jung Cheol's coaching style, but with the players clearly having stepped over their coach last season and this, perhaps IBK should just get back Lee Jungcheol and have him put things in place.

    Also, "abusive language" alone seems a very weak reason for this entire mess. We can hear how he coaches during timeouts and how he reacts.

    Cho Songhwa completely ignored his instructions without looking at him, and he didn't flare up at all.

    Poor junior players and poor poor Rebecca Lassem being caught up in all of this.

    Still waiting for the truth of course. If IBK and players are so certain on their stance, they should reveal what happened as a whole.
    They have nothing to lose, they've already fired Seo Namwon after all.
    (regardless of the truth, its absurd that Songhwa and Kim Sanee aren't facing disciplinary action for what they did)

    Side track: translation of the end of this article about the GS vs Hipass match:

    "Today's match between the two teams is very interesting. The match starts at 7pm. You can meet live through SBS Sports and Naver Sports. There is no problem with the team, the spirit of the manager is standing, the club supports the manager, and the players trust and follow the manager and coach. It is a match between two teams. Looking forward to a great match." :cheesy:

    And to add salt to injury on mvp interview she give thanks to hipass staff and coach so she can play without burden lols.

    V-league is desperate to regain their image, especially after KYK's tweet rounded up all her fans to go against them.

    PAOK vs Asterix was a painful match to watch sadly

    First 2 sets and the last 3 sets felt like completely different games, probably need to rewatch to see what changed in strategy

    But what is certain is PAOK's receives are horrid lol

    Glad they switched out Merteki for Stamatia - whose receives were surprisingly good today, also played with a lot more ease and scored a lot more

    Fidon and Merteki's receives are quite a big black hole... we need Jaeyeong back soon

    Still, glad to have won and advanced to Top 16 in the end

    Thanks charalampos , that's really helpful since I'm not familiar/following the news of the other teams

    When you say some teams played without some players, or that they weren't ready. Do you know what the reasons are? Covid?

    I'm hearing there's quite a bit of covid cases (or hidden ones? not sure) in the league which is worrying if true

    I won't deny that this might be true but you have to remember that the three players are closer to Kim Sa-Nee (KSN) than they are to SEO Nam-Won (SNW). Plus it was reported that the senior players wanted KSN as the next head coach after KIM Woo-Jae departed at the end of last season. So going along with KSN side of the story that SNW was abusive would help shield them from accusations of undermining SNW.

    Well, I was trying to give them a fair chance at that point of the news release, honestly given a choice I would love to be able to believe in the players instead of the management

    But if you were to ask me, I think NT fans (on other platforms) have been blindly defending and supporting them.

    I really can't see the fault in the coach - he was someone who had coached KGC for so many years without such issues previously, and we're only into Round 2 of his first season with IBK. He is nowhere near to the extent that Lee Jungcheol (ex-IBK coach) was like as a coach, and so far he's been able to give the most accurate recount of what had happened too. He seems like the biggest scapegoat in all this - not forgetting he lost his job within a matter of days though it was Songhwa and Sanee who went AWOL instead.

    But believing that would also mean that the senior players (all of them) on IBK really pressured the management into this... which is quite, disappointing.

    Shouldn't they have spoken to management before this season started? Or at least waited till end of this season to petition for KSN as coach.

    Agree with the Korean fan petitions that Songhwa and Sanee really shouldn't be protected in all this. They went AWOL, that's no joke.

    There are 2 other coaches on IBK who can takeover instead of Kim Sanee too, it doesnt have to be her

    If Songhwa insists on returning, IBK has the option of canceling the contract.
    "When the contract is terminated, the remaining annual salary is paid and the player can transfer to another club."


    Was Songhwa's contract 3 years? Can't believe she got 2.7 though, Korea's salary is really so high haha

    Congrats IBK on the win, despite everything, or perhaps it was because of everything that they were more driven to prove themselves as players on the court.

    I want to credit Kim Hakyung setter for IBK change in gameplay, they should continue with her.

    Based on what was shared thus far, I'm just going take the stance that the coach was trying to coach, and players were trying to train/play.

    Maybe after past few seasons with Kim Woojae coach who was really mild, to have an old-school style coach come in made it too drastic.

    Aside from the incident when coach reportedly swore at Kim Sanee in front of all the players when Cho Songhwa went awol, the players didn't seem to say anything more. Shall just take it as a conflict of opinions and interest, though he crossed the line for coach Sanee - if all are true.

    Now just left with Songhwa's case

    edit: apparently Songhwa expressed her intention to continue playing, even though IBK said she verbally agreed to voluntary withdraw previously.

    Still, going awol as a captain... maybe internal disciplinary measures such as not playing for Round 3 and being fined by KOVO? idk