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    Thought she'd take over Yeum as starting setter on KGC (which she had for 2 seasons now due to Yeum's slump and injury) so this comes as quite a surprise...

    edit: read some rumours she was receiving a lot of hate from fans of other KGC players as a setter, since people had such high expectations of KGC this season...

    I hope it's not the case but the timing and her sudden exit despite playing as main setter really makes one question the reason behind it

    v-league's setter drought getting worse, hope she returns

    It's far from ugly but.................... it looks more like a tennis uniform. Definitely not ugly though.

    Subjective and it's just my opinion, based solely on it being a volleyball uniform (its clearly not for tennis)

    I can't imagine them playing NT competitions with that uniform haha (but we will eventually see it in real life), looks like school uniforms instead

    The collars totally reminds me of those high school volleyball jerseys. :lol:mug_obj_156359345783115872.jpg?type=w1080

    These look better...

    they got some reputable designer who probably just looked at it as a design project rather than considering the sport

    Can't imagine it being worn on International stages lol

    I forgot that Peppers was a brand new club without any good OHs (or players at all) so they could go for an OH instead of an OPP too

    I hope this means that Ha Hye Jin will get to return to her position of OPP (and potentially be the next OPP for NT? or at least backup till a better one comes around)

    Lee Hanbi's power and swing may not be bad for an OPP position too

    But in a surprise move, it was Hipass who opted for an OH instead of IBK

    I suppose Heejin will no longer play as OPP and return to being MB now, new coach definitely isn't a pushover like before during all the players/Sanee vs coach drama

    Really unexpected that PS went for Jelena in 3rd pick... she didn't stand out much to me on KGC, I even thought she might be changed halfway

    Anyway happy for Elizabet to switch to a team that can win more, and good luck to Nia Reed haha... it's gonna be tough having to carry a brand new team and get used to losing frequently despite being a good player

    Edit: a 33 year old OPP for IBK is really surprising too

    Was surprised to find Lee Soyoung, Ahn Hyejin, and Im Myoung Ok missing from the list

    They're not injured nor needing rest

    I guess Cesar is planning to fully rebuild the team with young talent or to review other players abilities through a lower risk VNL
    (but there's now more risks of losing world ranking points through VNL with the new changes)

    Unfortunately no other option for domestic Opposite player even as back-up for Heejin.

    I like that Park Haejin setter was chosen, she has the agility to fit speed volleyball and there's potential for growth.

    But Yeom instead of Hyejin? I guess they preferred Yeum after watching both play previously.

    Also, Im Myung Ok missing from the list.. despite her never/rarely played under Lavarini's team previously makes it weirder

    And why Noh Ran, if anyone can explain this?

    Reading the articles about why Yang Hyojin decided to remain at Hillstate despite them cutting her pay by 200K is just...

    Man, what a despicable franchise who took advantage of her loyalty to the club and her desire to remain there till the end

    All this despite her MVP season bringing her club to #1 even, so her performance cannot be an excuse at all

    As much as I love her in Hillstate, she really should have left them - would also have made the league more balanced

    People have been pointing out how this isn't the first time Hillstate has given a significant pay cut to their older players in the franchise forcing them to accept or leave

    What a fierce and intense match that was

    Felt like every single point was game point from set 3 onwards

    Three sets of deuces in a single (day of) match!!!! :cheesy:

    Completely agree with doongie1015

    Dayeong played insanely well today as she always has, and was finally not subbed out for once.

    I'm not talking about this season,always with some recognized players not being chosen

    I am talking about every single season

    Korea rarely/never has a good domestic OPP, nor do they bother to train one for the position. The only two decent ones in recent years are Hwang Yeonju and Kim Heejin, but Hwang is always benched and Kim plays as MB instead

    Even when foreigners are injured/resting, Korean clubs rather put an OH in that position rather than rookie OPPs (not good enough)

    Like what Phil said, Korea wants tall and young players who will be their top scorer

    It is to the extent of them being set almost every ball, and they are "abused" and wrung dry for their abilities in Korean league without rest even when they're injured. Any season threatening injury and they are immediately replaced.

    Below are the 21/22 season stats for top scorers, all are foreigners

    Moma had 1,731 attempts

    Kelsey 1,836 attempts

    Khat Bell 2,116

    Yasmeen 1,574

    Elena 1,704

    (These stats are excluding playoffs and the season was cut short by a few matches near the end too)

    I don't know why korean league chose unknown players when some recognizable players and medalist in big tournaments are always skipped

    Depends, are they OHs? If so then they're skipped

    Korean Ieagues only want a killer OPP to score for them

    (They don't have OPPs there, and foreign OHs don't always have good receives)

    IBK has 1 slot for an OH this year though, since Kim Heejin will be playing in her position as OPP instead of MB

    Racist??? No . He is a Fool

    He seems intent on not letting Dayeong play at all though she has no further need to prove her abilities more than she already has

    Heard that he had no intentions of starting her against Panathinaikos and Aris at all (though he did in the end - which allowed them to win) and he even subbed her out when she was doing well in those 2 games

    Seems like he had the same idea for this playoff match against AEK and stuck stubbornly to his choice this time and lost