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    There's an article on JT Marvelous which held 3 friendly games with Heungkuk and 1 with Hillstate (source)

    They compared the physical conditioning of Pink Spiders players with that of JT Marvelous throughout their 3 friendly matches, mentioning how Korean players' jumping ability dropped sharply and movement slowed down by a lot compared to Japan players who played consistently

    This part stood out to me:

    They talked about the diet of players, of how Japan players would eat more & eat better without snacking, while the Korean players liked to snack & supper outside of their diet

    And added how clubs said they could spend up to $80million krw ($80K) in a single year on snacks alone for the players :gone:

    Yes, that is mostly correct. If the point difference is high, then the impact will be high if the lower-ranked team wins, and will be low if the higher-ranked team wins.

    Rank points for WCH a lot more significant than expected though

    i.e. Korea #21 lost to DR #9 and lost 4.82 points dropping to #24, despite being so far apart in rank

    Compared to losing <0.5 points in matches against Top 10 opponents in the VNLs

    I'm vehemently against PSJ. She adds absolutely no value to the team...

    Did you say this after watching the recent match though? I wouldn't want to choose her either, but there are simply no better options in Korea

    Like throwawayanyway said, and to also add that at least she's willing to play for the NT unlike other players

    I am still of the opinion that the retired players should come out of retirement. The player pool is simply too small for talent. So many other countries had their retired players return to help their team - and they are older too. Korea's recent retired players are just early 30s.

    Korea's third friendly match against Bulgaria ended in 4-1 (5 set match)

    19-25, 26-28, 20-25, 22-25, 15-8

    Korea's block timing was really bad except for Lee Dahyun who got quite a number of blocks in.

    Yoo Seoyeon and Lee Seonwoo has some promising power in their spikes, the Lefts also made use of block outs a lot

    Sad to say this since I used to like her on Hillstate, but Kim Yeongyeon is no good. Her feet are too planted on the ground, she picks her position and she's stuck for any ball that flies elsewhere. Han Dahye was definitely better.

    The Bulgarian coach mentioned in his interview at the end that they played their young back-up libero, not sure if the other Bulgarian players were starters or not.

    Korea played 2 friendly matches against Bulgaria which they lost 2-3 and 1-3.

    They will be playing another 2 more friendly matches against Bulgaria on the 19th - 12AM and 7PM KST respectively, which will be broadcasted on Coupang Play. (source)

    It seems Hyejin has the same case as Japan's Haruka Miyashita. Miyashita suffered a nervous breakdown in 2018 and has been unable to regain her confidence. Or at least that's what most people suspect.

    Without Dain and Hyejin, who will be the main setter this time?

    Ahn Hyejin was reported to have hyperventilation for the Tokyo OQTs and sent back previously so same case.

    I once thought it was due to the long plane flight, but searching it up again I see that its due to accumulated fatigue and stress - which happened for her even during regular season. (source)

    Which I suppose may mean we'd never see her on the NT again.

    Main setter will be Yeum Hyeseon

    I agreed. I think if they had another team it would be ideal, as it would be 8 teams over four rounds for a total of 28 matches each team. However, I don't think reducing the number of games will happen because their broadcasting deal could be a stumbling block.

    So I think Korean V-league teams really need to learn to implement player rotation.

    Definitely would be ideal, but seeing how Pepper is performing despite the big hopes everyone had for a new club... an eight club probably won't come anytime soon. Agree that games won't be reduced due to broadcasting deal.

    Just wondering, is there a particular player(s) Cesar wanted to be in the team but wasn't allowed by the club?

    Basically he picked quite a bunch of players who backed out either at the beginning or during the NT preparation phase due to injuries (most were not serious injuries and they could've recovered in time for WCH, his reply here seem to confirm that as well)
    The media didn't cover how serious their injuries were, and some players were even seen playing in practice matches with their clubs.

    Jung Jiyoon, Kang Sohwi, Jung Hoyoung, Lee Soyoung, are some of them - I may have missed out some more names.

    Kim Heejin is a player he simply did not pick after her performance at the VNLs, not because of club/injury.

    Perhaps Kim Dain and Ahn Hyejin too were left out by his choice - this is something everyone finds odd considering the two of them are debatably the top setters in the league at the moment. Since there were no injury reports about them.

    Ahn Hyejin is one case where her club's coach specifically said he doesn't like sending her to the NT due to her confidence being lowered when playing on the NT.

    it's a tough balance because almost everyone is playing with some sort of injury. for example Kim had an injury during the AVC qualification for tokyo but powered through because it's an olympic ticket on the line.

    I'm sure if it was a more prestigious competition like the olympics or the players believe they can achieve a good result they would go despite their injuries, if they are manageable.

    That is true, not just Kim but actually many players on that AVC squad had injuries that tournament, and Kim only competed in the final match against Thailand and sat out for the rest since her injury was one that made it harder for her to play (abdominal).

    But it was very common for clubs to not want to send their players to the NT that Kim criticized it publicly before many years back.

    While WCH results aren't important, it's a brand new team being rebuilt and Olympic Qualifiers are next year so the NT really needs all the time they can get.

    Their chances are close to none, but they still are aiming for it

    Cesar sounded like he was mildly shading the clubs and players for not joining NT due to their injuries in this interview :cheesy:

    Cesar was asked about the many injuries that happened during VNLs.

    He said "It may have seemed like many players got injured but that's not the case. With the exception of Noran (KGC) which was an unfortunate case, the rest of the players had manageable injuries. They were injuries that could happen to all countries, and all teams. I think that they should be called back to the court after recovering quickly."

    Guess it's just clubs refusing to send their players out, without KYK on the NT, no one is calling out this behaviour from within Korea.

    Kim Ji Won is my revelation of this competition. She seems to be the smartest brain among the young setters of her age group. Certainly reads the game better than any of her peers. Look at how she creates all those single block situations during the matches.

    I've watched some KOVO matches again and I fully agree that she is a good & promising setter. She was 1st pick in the 2020 rookie draft, and finally got her chance this KOVO Cup 2 years later. Hopefully she gets more play time this season and performs well not only during KOVO Cup but in regular season as well, though that will mean less time for Ahn Hyejin setter. Makes good single block choices with stable & decent sets.

    Still, GS likes to switch up their plays by switching setters, so that can happen - though GS still has Lee Wonjung setter! What a solid setter trio - especially compared to the rest of the league.

    I was paying more attention to the players I recognized so I did wonder why Hipass which seemed more solid, lost to GS in the finals. Turns out the influence of a better setter on GS was larger than expected.

    I'd noticed a lot of familiar ex v-league faces in the Suwon and Daegu City Hall team

    I feel like if Pepper faced either one of them at this point, Pepper would lose...

    Quite a disappointing new pro team, do they have no plans of forming a proper team until they manage to recruit KYK once she's a free agent? They should've just formed the team in the same year she turned FA instead

    I don't watch many high school matches, but the few I did or the U20/U18 matches I did, no one really stood out extraordinarily so I'll just wait and see them in pro league

    Not surprised Orkhon was 1st pick considering her height - highest in history of v-league, but here's to seeing how well she actually plays in pro and can contribute.

    She seemed pretty slow to me, so I'm not that interested. AI Peppers wouldn't be able to train her well either so that's another waste.

    Also why are they sticking to that old director? Didn't they only hire him for the mediaplay to sign KYK, since he coached NT in London Olympics?

    And so many passes in Round 3, kudos to Hipass for selecting up till Round 4.

    Quite an amusing news story so I just thought to share

    A Korean news reporter interviewed Lee Dayeong's Italian coach Carlo Parisi for her Romanian club this season (they also interviewed her in a separate interview), and he said that the reason why he decided to recruit her to his club was due to the current Korea NT coach Cesar's recommendation to him - since the two coaches worked together for 4 years from 2015-2019

    But immediately after that article was released, Korea Volleyball Association released a media statement to news reporters saying they contacted coach Cesar and that Cesar did not "recommend" LDY to Coach Carlo, but he simply shared what he felt about LDY as a player when coach Carlo Parisi called him to ask about her :rolll:

    I won't be surprised if Coach Cesar did keep his eye on LDY - being the Korea NT coach, but I feel like KVA is just shooting themselves in the foot being overly conscious of what the public might think and overreacting to what Cesar did.

    More than anyone they should be the ones hoping for the public opinion to change so the twins can return and help strengthen the Korea NT.