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    This just makes things even more confusing

    separate medals will likely be awarded to Asian athletes in case they lose to the Russians in medal rounds.

    “They won’t interfere in our medal system or Asian quota for the Olympic Games,” Singh said. “The IOC will work out (Olympic) quota (policy) with us at the OCA and the international federations. And there will be separate medals.”


    Maybe its just for their ranking points to stay in Top 10 lol

    Yeah you say doping and war are different. But you know what they have in common? Both crimes are done by the West, and they are NOT punished for it. :wavy::gone:

    Very true.

    This year's asian games could be interesting for women's volleyball.

    Interesting? Or just even more one-sided than it already was :cheesy:

    Still, surprised that OCA made the decision to include them - and it was specifically done so that they could qualify for the Olympics too. Was there money under the table?

    ,Greek MB Tsioga ( one of the biggest prospects in mb position in Greece and starter in Greek NT) left PAOK. She is going to Lamia.

    Well done Fenoglio if you try harder you can lose Terzoglou too :wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall:

    I don't recall Tsioga being good on PAOK... she was just tall(er)

    If not for her height Polynopoulou is a way better MB

    Since the club has foreign MBs she likely left to gain more playing time

    Terzoglou is just a young player too

    There's always gonna be give and take between growing young players and aiming to win championships

    because you simply can't have a competition when 90% of the teams aren't going to play one team in particular.

    now the thing is what if this happens during the actual olympics, not the qualification tournaments. I guess IOC hopes there won't be problematic clashes and maybe even hope that russia doesn't qualify.

    But did the Asian teams agree to play against Russia...?

    Aside from China I don't see why any other nation would agree or be willing to play against them (both political/war reasons and they're also a strong contender too)

    And yes, wondering how it'll turn out in the Olympics when countries refuse to play against Russia - or will they accept playing against a neutral flag team?

    Doping and war are very different things

    Oh, so that's why she didn't play. What a weird clause - and how manipulative of them. You trade the player out then ban them from playing against you...?

    According to GS it was an additional clause to make it a fairer trade (considering OJY as a player and rookie draft picks)

    And naturally KOVO and Pepper were aware of it and agreed to it....

    I wonder if OJY herself was aware of it or was even allowed to have any say in it - especially since it decreases her playing time as a player

    First time I've ever heard of such a trade clause

    When GS Caltex traded Oh Jiyoung to AI Pepper in exchange for rookie draft picks, one condition was that Oh Ji Young could not compete in matches AI Pepper had against GS Caltex...?????? (source)

    And it was something that the Korea Volleyball Federation was made fully aware of prior to the trade too

    Anyone knows if Teodora Pusic transferred to another club?

    She and Jennifer Cross were both not on the Rapid roster for their first match this year

    Jennifer Cross (MB) was probably replaced by Yuliya (MB), but unless Pusic received a buyout I don't think Rapid would have let go of her as they have 2 foreign MBs on the roster

    Love that Hillstate won despite not having any ace on the team, less of the 몰빵배구 style K-volleyball has of over relying on a foreigner/single player

    They are indeed Hillstate, with their 3 MBs scoring 4,5,6 blocks respectively

    Well deserved win

    Despite having kyk on the team, Pink Spiders has still been mostly relying on Elena - who scored 38 points this match alone

    Of course, Pink Spiders would be struggling at the bottom of the standings like they had last year without kyk

    Pornpun will have an immediate impact, viewership wise.

    Romanian league already brought forward all of Rapid's matches to 3PM, while the other matches are generally 6-8PM, to cater for the Asia timezone due to Lee Dayeong. This will certainly help Thai fans once Pornpun joins as well.

    Romanian's local TV broadcasting station which never broadcasted volleyball matches in previous seasons also started broadcasting matches.

    While not all were Rapid matches, they filmed at least 5 Rapid matches thus far.

    But this became a headache because the TV station geo-blocked only the volleyball matches(???) so fans have to use VPN to watch the match - instead of the usual free Facebook/YouTube livestream.

    I don't know how Rapid is going to manage all their foreign players with only 4 foreigner on court possible though, since Sara Klisura (OH) is reported to be transferring over as well

    Rapid signed with Yuliya Gerasymova (MB, Ukraine)

    They currently have Nasya Dimitrova and Jennifer Cross on the team, but its likely that Jennifer Cross left the club

    At this point with Rapid's transfer choices of NT players like Lee Dayeong, Nasya, and Jennifer previously. Now Pornpun and Yuliya, is Rapid aiming for championship or popularity/newsworthiness? :lol:

    I've never watched Yuliya Gerasymova play admittedly, but I do know her from her famous viral TikTok clip haha

    As far as I know, Sariyer contacted her but she already accepted Rapid’s offer.

    I read from Thai fans who said it was due to the limit of foreigners from the same country (max 2), since Chatchuon and Ajcharaporn were already both on Sariyer

    I forgot if that rule was for Turkey or Italy league though

    Thai fans are saying Pornpun shared on a livestream that she received offers from Novara and Sariyer, but she decided on Rapid.

    Due to low salary from Novara and possibly foreigner limit on Sariyer (which already has 2 other Thai players on the roster).

    I wonder why... I don't think she'll be guaranteed starting setter on Rapid either

    But their new coach is from the same agency as Pornpun so it's possible

    Not a surprise. Rapid had designs on a championship to celebrate its 100th year. For whatever reason, it doesn't look possible with the players selected by the coach. Weaknesses at OH and reception, as others have pointed out. So the coach had to go . . . Rapid can't fire all the players. I expect even more changes . . .

    Their biggest weakness is definitely in the receives of their 2nd OH (which rotates between 2 Romanian players)

    Simply targeting them will cause the team to crumble

    So far their setter Lee Dayeong who's agile and tall has been mostly able to save the poor receives and convert them into decent to good sets (also during her time in PAOK), but when she sat out due to her hamstring injury for Rapid's match against Voluntari, they collapsed badly and lost 0-3

    Rapid has a fairly inconsistent Romanian OPP

    Also Jennifer Cross's blocks has been good but her attacks seem off, her jump feels very slow and heavy, so she's not scoring much at all

    Now that they've recruited a new foreigner OH Sara Klisura, and with the 4 foreigner limit in Romania, I have a feeling Cross will be the first foreigner off the roster

    But this will mean a Romanian MB will play, and Pusic's time as a libero on court will be halved since previously she swapped with both foreign MB players.