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    are we comparing euros to euros here or euros to won

    edit: nvm 500k won is like 500 euro, my bad

    She's paid 650 million krw which is 479K euros (rounded up to 500K), so roughly equivalent.

    Really.. she gets paid equivalent to 500k euros? Then why aren't foreign imports flock there and stay long?

    Imports have a fixed pay of 200 million krw 1st year, and 300 million krw if they continue with the same team in 2nd year - think that's the max

    If you think their female players are overpaid, their male players are even moreso lol (one was signed to a >1billion krw contract recently) and korean fans are complaining that their female players are underpaid in comparison - what luxury haha

    Maybe it's better for Korea to start a new plan with young players, and more importantly - let them play in foreign competitions

    The younger players with potential imo are Jung Jiyoon, Lee Dahyeon, and Park Haejin (maybe)

    Kang Sohwi is also decent, but none of them are capable of leading the team in terms of scoring

    It's going to be a really really long time if they wish to rebuild, their pool of players are really small due to their system of overpaying 'star' players and cutting off young rookies

    They are allowed to play overseas, it's just that Korean players will never play overseas with how overpaid and comfortable they are at home

    (Zhuting is paid 500K a year now after her return right? Lee Soyoung is paid the same amount in v-league lol)

    S.Korea had shown that it's not a weak team. It has lots of potential to develop.

    Korea honestly isn't that bad

    They're definitely weaker after their main players left (kyk, hyojin, suji, kim haeran, twins), but they still have Yeom, Heejin, Park Jeongah, Sohwi.

    But their performance at this VNLs is honestly shocking and worse than how they usually perform at v-league

    Could be the new coach, could also be that they lack an 'ace' player to look to and lead them in scoring (it used to be either KYK, LJY or KHJ)

    We'll find out in WCH

    they already sacrificed chances of an olympic appearance and a medal. what more do those crazy netizens want? for korea to be "competitive" with vietnam, kazakhstan, and chn. taipei?

    they want to protect their pride? I don't know what kind of pride though lol

    It's well known and almost even 'normal' in Korean league their senior players have their junior players wash their laundry for them in the dorms or serve them food in the canteen during lunch (seniority thing) - and this are things done by other players, not even the twins

    Saw this and found it amusing

    Apparently the Korean fan who hung up that infamous banner seeking for the twins return to Korean NT was harassed by other Korean fans at the VNL venue who wanted to take down his banner, but he was protected by the staff at the venue and other Chinese fans who saw the commotion

    Why do you not include Kang Sohwi in the list of vets? She's borderline? She always seemed pretty fierce to me, not including now

    She was always a permanent backup player so, and not old/experienced enough to be a "vet" nor a starting player

    I feel she has more leadership than Park Jeongah this VNLs, only one I see really fighting for it

    Heejin & Jeongah gives off the "we're here just to be here" kinda mood, probably need the fierce Korean coach to step in again (though I hate him, his style works)

    if Olympic girl was here Korea would have 2 sets won

    only 1 more set.... ouch:lol:

    I think they'd do slightly better than that with her here

    They are rebuilding indeed, but never saw a team flop this hard for so long

    This team can't even capitalize on opponents mistakes cause they're making more themselves

    I feel bad for them but 3/7 are still veteran & past starting players for Korea (Jeongah, Yeum, Heejin)

    Coach definitely seems to be an issue too, he's never been head coach before this

    Huge disappointment btw, I didn't expect her to carry of course and she isn't a young player but this performance is way below expectations after the OGs.

    😂😂😂 yeah this is one of her worst yet, I'm not sure why either

    She came in really clutch during Olympics esp against Turkey, and isn't this horrible even in v-league

    Really lacks leadership skills is what I feel