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    There's an uproar with the referees right now since they keep on giving wrong calls, despite probably having the best replay equipment in all of volleyball. 3.2 Million views in five days :what:

    I think I read somewhere that once even when the opposing player admitted to his fault, the video referees stuck to their decision

    In this video the referee tried fighting that there was a third video that showed otherwise, kept insisting it was the ball.

    Changed their tune at the end to say because the ball passed it can't be judged as net touch anymore or some nonsense like that

    Though funnily, when the female referee asked the older of the 3 video referees why it was judged as no net touch, he said he judged it as net touch but the other 2 didn't

    Is this restructuring an attempt to keep KYK in Heungguk the next season?

    Don't know about her and the coach, but I know she was never on good terms with Kim Yeoil

    If Lee Dong Guk returns as GM then that's a possible chance

    Lee Dong Guk was the GM for the short 3 months who made the statement that twins will never wear PS uniform again

    Kim Yeoil was the GM that preferred Lee Jaeyeong

    Can't figure out reason for change of coach though, will Pepper headhunt him considering they need a head coach too?

    The same journalist who wrote on Twitter about Bell now also tweeted that is indeed Jovic who is to leave Hipass. But maybe he's wrong, because Yasmeen's injury would be a logical reason

    That's interesting, but also not surprising since Jovic hasn't been doing that well at Hipass

    Katherine Bell played well in v-league last year so good move by Hipass if so

    Hillstate could've replaced Yasmeen with another foreign player long ago when she got injured, but the team was still playing well and winning without her till recently

    It seemed like Hillstate wanted to keep her and wait till she recovers since she was the top foreigner/player in the league

    Anyway there's no transfer deadline for foreign players in Korea and they can replace/sign a new foreign player right before the playoffs too, so there's no urgency for Hillstate

    Yes, Jovic got offers from Romania and Italy

    oh that's interesting... she hasn't been doing that amazingly at Hipass though, and Korea's pay is pretty good too

    It's more likely Hyundai Hillstate that Katherine Bell is going to though, Yasmeen has been injured and out for many matches now.

    Their 15 winning streak was just ended recently and they've lost twice since.

    But many possibilities since Pepper and IBK's foreign players aren't performing that well either

    anybody hear the trade gossip?

    Oh ji young to peppers

    Lee won jeong to heungkuk

    It will be happening, not just gossip

    Amazing that a veteran NT libero is swapped with 1st round rookie draft pick (of course, we all know her performance hasn't been that good nor matching up to her seniority)

    Wonder if GS is just trying to clear their salary cap by letting her go, or if they truly have an eye on a rookie player next year - perhaps both

    GS also got another 1st round draft pick by trading away Lee Wonjeong, seems they are no longer aiming for winning this season since a setter will help Heungguk a lot in their chances of winning

    KGC finally ended Hillstate's winning streak, this was without Yasmeen playing though

    Perhaps they were too in the holiday mood

    Wonder why Heungguk wasn't scheduled for the Christmas match instead considering their popularity

    What's your source on this

    The previous was just possible speculation as to why she decided on Romania offer

    The latter knowledge that she signed right away before other offers even came in made it clear that wasn't the case

    Source from the Korean fan following all of her matches in Greece and now Romania

    Didn’t LDY chose Rapid instead some Italian/Polish clubs because she didn’t want to have any competition on the setter position? :whistle:

    Nope, turns out that was false news

    From what I heard she accepted the first offer that came her way and did not expect more offers to come after that, and she had already signed with Rapid by then

    Rapid won wasn't suprising at all, it's not just u18 NT players, both Jedinstvo and Ub have much higher potential then Tent in general and players individualy.

    I mean i just want to clarify what i said/wanted to say, respect your opinion, and this is not just fan biased opinion, they are both really good teams with some exceptional individuals.

    It's just an opinion based on first impression, I can't say I know much about those teams either

    But I did base it off of OK Tent's match results vs ZOK (3-1) & Jedinstvo (2-3) in Serbian league

    Just my first impressions and based solely on watching some short clips of each team, other Korean fans are thinking the same as well

    But you would know better about those teams, so it would make sense that you would think otherwise

    Do you know how good AJM FC Porto is though? I'm curious

    Jedinstvo is very young team, but almost half of their players are future NT members, Ub is really good also, so that random foreigners is totally irrelevant in this comparation.

    Maybe after Novara take someone setter, she can take her spot :lol:

    You can have 10 foreigners if they are not good ones. Foreigners dont mean always better, Bell in GS is example. Also Schwerin have 3 german NT starters and they barely survive against Zeleznicar with 2 best players are serbian 18yo outside hitters.

    Definitely true, not entirely implying its because of them being 'foreign' players, but their play seemed strong as well (this also depends on the level of their opponents of course)

    OK Tent was also a very young and very tall team with many U18 NT players and reached 3rd place in Challenge Cup last year, but Rapid won both matches against them 3-0 surprisingly easily

    I do think their 1/8 match will be a tougher matchup

    Speed volleyball with Karakurt? :what:

    I am glad they have weaknesses, they will probably play against one of the serbian teams in 1/4 ^^

    That's true, probably not Novara but I'm not sure what other club is looking for a setter now. Perhaps another European team competing in the CEV competitions

    Rapid's opponent in 1/8 is probably gonna be a tougher opponent than the Serbian team in 1/4

    They have a lot of foreigners in that Portugal team

    Yes, and Pusic and Nasya Dimitrova. Very strong team.

    But their Romanian OPP is very inconsistent and 2nd OH is very weak (Cese Montalvo is good, but the Romanian OH is bad at receives and doesn't score much)

    No matter how good Nasya, Pusic and Dayeong are, there are glaring weaknesses in receives on their team

    So it would make no sense for Rapid Bucuresti to sign two foreign setters rather than getting another foreign OPP/OH to increase their chances of winning.

    Coach Lavarini did train Dayeong before on the Korean NT and played speed volleyball well with her, I wonder what are the chances of Novara buying her out from Rapid

    Having a 7th club was a really bad idea after all it seems

    I'm glad there's Asian Quarter next year, hopefully next season will be more interesting

    I've stopped watching this season for awhile now

    Hillstate has its winning streak not because they play well (Yasmeen is good though) but because the other teams are just too weak