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    Not surprised with Lavarini's choice of setters since he's worked w Yeom & Hyejin before, though let's hope Hyejin can stay healthy through this Olympics (hyperventilation for TVQ '19 & knee injury for VNLs)

    And seems like he decided to bring Pyo instead of a 2nd libero (still, more useful I suppose)

    Another line-up on the staff team is the translator who'd be following them is the same lady who was with them for VNLs

    Found out the previous interpreter's main job was a lines referee, so he won't be joining them this year.

    He's much better since he used to be a volleyball player, and interpreted for a male club before too.

    Looking forward to Jung Jiyoon's growth after this Olympics. Was hoping Dain & Dahyun could get the experience too, but the priority is definitely Olympics 2021 > Future NT.

    But maybe the coaches are the one who refuse to sign another contract

    KYK said Tokyo will be her last olympic but didn't really pointed out if she would retire completely from NT after that🤔 anyway people should respect her decision if she leave.

    Could be not interested + Korea not able to pay them as much as they command (personally guessing KVA invested more heavily in a good coaching team to aim for Tokyo 2020 medal)

    Whoever becomes the coach for AVC, I hope its not Lee Jung Chul again. He was good for IBK on a domestic level, but not for Korea on an international level.

    KYK wanted to retire from NT after Olympics 2016 too, wonder if she'd consider going for another round in 2024 (if she's up for it) since the last & main accomplishment she wants from her career is an Olympic medal

    Feel like even if her age catches up and her performance drops, she'll still be much better than any other Left on Korea NT even then. But its entirely up to her.

    Pretty sure Kim Suji & perhaps Kim Haeran will be retiring from NT before 2024 though sadly (I love Kim Haeran's digs)

    if i’m not wrong, it has been clarified that dy fainted having experienced severe stomach pain, hence was sent to the hospital.

    that was the initial report a person from PS gave, but they clarified it afterwards that it was mistakenly conveyed, and didn't address what actually happened
    Kane you're free to think what you will, but I rest my case that someone collapsing (or a possible suicide attempt) should never be downplayed regardless. No timestamp for an Instagram like🤷🏻‍♀️, but even if she did use Instagram, then that's good news that she was fine afterwards. It's completely separate from their other issues (i.e. bullying) after all.

    And yes back to volleyball please.

    What page was that? Blocking because of defending the other players??? Oof

    But yeah the VNL team was really hated a lot though they're rebuilding almost entirely - even by some here too actually...
    I'm happy to see the younger players from Hillstate like Jiyoon & Dahyun & Dain getting a chance and improving too, though its a pity its not in time for the Olympics for sure.

    How I wish Kim Yeongyeon was selected for VNLs instead of Han Dahye... but I guess since it wasn't HIllstate's best season.

    Hillstate has 2nd best foreigner next season, so they should fare better! They're my team for next season haha (but KGC will be interesting too)

    Pure speculation on your part. Don't know anything about this user, but nothing in his/her posts allows you to associate this person with the "same group" of rumor mongers out there to attacks the twins.

    Weird statement coming from someone who barely just joined us a month ago...

    Because they were downplaying a serious incident where someone was legitimately sent to the hospital from a severe incident where even the police was called - because "they used Instagram" - not that it makes a difference if they had, but from what I'm aware of, they hadn't and Kane likely has no proof for such a claim either.

    It should never be okay to downplay a suicide attempt (reported as so, hopefully not) - regardless of the person who did it, why they did it, how severe it was

    Been reading the forum for awhile before I joined to comment on the VNLs leading up to the Olympics, in general I find the people here are rational their discussions as well as on other threads, but believe what you will - like them, I have no proof that I had done so.

    I doubt it was a really serious attempt:whistle:On that day even LJY did instagram and LDY was discharged from the hospital in a day and did instagram too.

    More than anything I hope it wasn't a serious attempt - or that it was even an attempt. Though it appears that we have different intentions for thinking so.

    Neither of them "did" Instagram on or after that day. LJY's instagram is also private to everyone but her close friends - so how are you even claiming to know she posted on Instagram? 🧐Dayeong hadn't as well, her very next post after that bouquet of flowers was the apology letter.

    People like you are the same group of people who made up ridiculous claims about their mum interfering with a pro team's coaching (impossible to have happened, even Park Mihee had to shut down that rumour) just to send personal attacks at them. This forum was a safe space before you came along.

    Any update about the suicide attempt in february? Is it confirmed was really LDY?

    Still not 100% as no one brought it up again after the bullying accusations, but at the point of news release it was pretty much close to confirmed it was her.

    Yonhap news which first posted it, included her name in the tags #이다영 before deleting it. Many other articles have also alluded to it being her quite obviously.

    Aside from the hate she received after their 0-3 loss to GS (as well as being blamed for every game PS lost)

    /tw Some fans have suspected it could have been related to Go Yoomin's birthday on 9th Feb too (the attempt was 1 day before that), as DY had also posted several IG posts with a photo of a flower bouquet & captions which seemed to be messages to Go Yoomin on 7th Feb - "I'm sorry and I love you", "Thank you so much for hanging in there till the end"

    They were really close as teammates in Hillstate and always shared how they relied on one another during difficult times.

    The problem lies with KVA and their system yea. If it works the way I suspect it does, then there's no club that would want to send a good player overseas, yet only good players can receive offers to play overseas🤷🏻‍♀️Always better to just lock that player in your roster by having them voluntarily withdraw instead, but at least players now have the choice to do that. No harm returning to the club after - unless they have bad blood like KYK & PS.

    Last I heard Pink Spiders doesn't need to pay the twins their salary during their indefinite suspension so... but registering them will still take up salary cap space - which could be a reason. But they are also able to renegotiate a player's salary when registering for a new season to lower it too, which was what people were suspecting would happen for the twins - not sure how this works for players with multi-year contracts though.
    It won't be fair if mid-way a 3 year contract, your club insists on lowering your salary...? What player would agree?


    True that twins side of story isn't confirmed yet, but surprisingly even knetz haters are believing it - though they aren't impressed by it nor did it change what they think of them.

    DY is one thing, but I'm shocked that PS treated Jaeyeong like that as well - her being their beloved franchise star all along, and staying loyal to them during FA. Everyone was expecting her to receive max salary of 700k, but she only received 600k - though people suspect twins each both accepted slightly lower in order to play on the same team.

    PS said "no comment" when asked about twins' interview lol, since they are no longer registered players under their club:read:

    PAOK wants a foreign OH. Maybe will be one between Fidon / Lee Jae Yeong

    Thought I'd share, turns out Daeyeong's transfer to Greece/PAOK was sourced & also forced upon her by their club Pink Spiders.

    She said they told her to either accept transferring overseas or they will end their contract with her, though she wanted to stay in Korea to play instead.

    (but the team ended up not re-contracting with the twins for the next season, so they are free agents now)

    Situation still remains the same where they'd require ITC to play overseas, but whether they intend to is another.

    Curious if there are other leagues still recruiting players who'd be interested in them.

    Surprised they aren't considering CVL or Japan's V-league. I guess they really don't want to play abroad. There aren't many setters better than LDY in CVL or outsides better than LJY in Japan's V-league.

    Korea has a great environment, its very comfortable for all their players haha - pay is great, conditions and training/care is good.

    As for whether they want to play abroad, both twins have said before it was their dream to play abroad.

    JY said she gave up on that dream because she's more realistic - due to her height so she needs to jump a lot more and its taxing on her knees, said she was worried if she went overseas to play, the foreign club may not assist her as much in maintaining her body/condition.

    DY said it's her dream & intention to play overseas one day - thats why everyone thought it was her choice to go abroad.

    But in the interview, she said she wanted to stay in Korea - having to choose between staying to play in Pink Spiders vs playing overseas/Greece, and PS was the one that had found an agency & arranged the transfer.

    from Heungkuk standpoint probably they wanna make money from transfer, Paok has to pay some amount right?

    I'm actually most curious about this, I don't think clubs really gain much from transferring a player overseas - unless the overseas league can offer much higher? But if a player is good enough to be offered so much (like KYK at her prime), what club will wish to let such a player go willingly?

    They gain much more from them voluntarily withdrawing, and having them return to play at their club when they return to Korea with more popularity/better skills.

    But I heard that PAOK offered way lower for Dayeong (was it ~150k? vs her current 400k) , since Greece league definitely does not pay as well as Korea does.

    Fans thought she chose to go cause of the hate she'd receive if she stayed.

    they probably take any offer if they can play Volleyball again.

    hahahah everyone's been talking about Pepper, even on dcgall lol

    if the investigation results are positive, I do wonder

    In the interview with the twins, they asked them about the feud with KYK. :gone: (Twins didn't comment though.)

    They said they will share more about that matter at a later time instead, since now they are currently dealing with school bullying.

    Think that's the best thing to have done - for both sides too, since Olympics is coming up. Address it afterwards if there's really a need to, KYK can focus on training with the team for Olympics, twins focus on addressing school bullying accusations.

    ngl I'm quite curious about what had happened, but I'm also perfectly fine without ever finding out too, in fact the KGC internal conflict was way worse, with teammates even (supposedly) blocking & outcasting Yeom, but no one - esp not the media - cared at all

    Of the whole interview I was most shocked that it was Pink Spiders insisting for DY to go overseas against her wishes (that they would not renew her contract otherwise) Everyone was bashing her so much for it, thinking she arranged it behind PS/KOVO's back, wanting to return on court immediately

    Originally felt their interview may not have been the best idea, but hearing more clarification about all the issues... makes me wonder why the victim's story was so drastically different. Honestly creepy whichever side is not telling the truth.
    (money/hitting being a sports team thing - common btw haha, even my school sports team collected money for people who were late/couldn't run suicides under a certain timing/etc, or slaps on the hand, flick on forehead as 'punishment'- stemming from games)

    Apparently Pink Spiders played a practice match against IBK and lost 0-4

    Even without IBK's 4 players on the team (Heejin, Yuk, Pyo, Suji)

    Feel bad for Pink Spiders members, they're the most unfortunate through all that's happened

    Guess it'll be quite even between Pepper and Heungguk next season

    motodle Haha yes, but I generally just treat 1,000krw = $1 (without any currency conversion lol)

    Yeah SY isn't as good as the 6.5억 she's paid. But many factors: she came off of a triple crown win (though if you ask me, Lutz is MVP)

    Without KYK/LJY/LDY in the league, she has the next largest and growing popularity at the moment with her "Soyoung sunbae"

    KGC likely wants to sign her to cement her as their franchise star so they offered that much. And SY being injury prone & missing many matches, she also wanted to be promised contract conditions that guarantees she'll be paid her Option pay (they agreed on minimum 50% matches played).

    I like Hyojin too haha, so that's why I said I'm not against her still getting 7억. She did start to come back alive in the latter half of the season, and the bottom place loss is not her fault alone. After all, she's always had consistent & good performance before this, with great personality and leadership, as well as loyalty to the franchise. Not to mention her popularity.

    Hopefully the team to watch next year will be Hillstate! ngl I absolutely loved their 2017 and 2019 seasons so very much, the whole team - even coach Dohee's coaching style.

    They probably base it on her poor performance last season, it was her worst ever.

    But couldn't agree more with ya. I hope IBK will place her as a OP this season. Be smart and use the right people at the right positions. :wall:

    And some of those in that top earners list, imo, i dont think they are worth those sums. :whistle:

    I don't blame Heejin though? They made her play center, and she was recovering from an injury for more than half the season too.

    Had to play before fully recovered hence her recurring injury & surgery.

    Hyojin had one of her worst seasons too but she still kept max salary (I'm not against it, but her performance didn't show it)

    But salary has a bunch of factors outside of performance like popularity, franchise star, FA timing, salary cap and more too

    Oh man, news flash
    SBS news shared a phonecall with Jaeyeong and she defended themselves.

    Saying they wanted to refute the allegations from the beginning but Pink Spiders told them not to make noise cause of the company's image, and threatened to terminate their contracts if not so they had no choice.

    Guess she's speaking up now since the club didn't re-contract with them as promised.

    June 30th Registrations have ended

    Top paid players:

    1. Yang Hyojin, 700k (450k+250k)

    2. Lee Soyoung, 650k (450k+200k)

    3. Park Jeongah, 580k (430k+150k)

    4. Kang Sohwi, 500k (350k+150k)

    5. Kim Heejin, 350k (300k+50k)

    GS Caltex - 16 players

    Pink Spiders - 14 players

    IBK - 14 players

    Hipass - 13 players

    KGC - 15 players

    Hillstate - 15 players

    Pepper - 7 players

    Players who didn't manage to re-contract:

    GS - Kim Chaewon
    PS - Nam Eunbin

    IBK - Shim Mi Ok

    Hipass - Jeong Hyojin

    KGC - Lee Sol Ah

    Hillstate - Yang Siyeon, Park Jiwoo

    Kim Haeran returned to PS, and Ha Yujeong returned to Hipass (after 6 years, wow!)
    I also know PS signed Choi Yoon-yi (Left/ 1999/ IBK in 2018-19)

    Can't believe Heejin who's so dominant as a Right on NT, is taken for granted as a lesser paid center in IBK... such a waste of her talents

    Twins are now free agents and able to sign with any other club up till 3rd round of the 21-22 season, without any conditions or compensation to PS
    (edit: lol I found out that PS has to instead compensate the twins their salary for the remaining 2 years of the contract since they terminated it early, its one of the reasons why people thought they will definitely register the twins. I'm not looking forward to this becoming a legal battle though... there's no way PS will want to pay the full amount or at all, hope they can settle it outside separately)

    1. Will any domestic club contact twins? Probably not immediately, but they might keep an eye out for their investigation results lol

    2. DY's move to Greece remains the same, will still require an appeal to FIVB for ITC - possible since incident was 10 years ago & its not a crime/illegal act

    3. Will JY perhaps start looking overseas too? PAOK is still missing 1 OH & mentioned considering JY too

    Another interesting point is, what will Pink Spiders do with their freed salary cap now?

    Kim - 350k

    JY - 400k (200k option)

    DY - 300k (100k option)

    Hanbi - 40k (10k option)

    They have >1million free now, but it's well past the FA period with no more attractive players left in the free market :cheesy:

    It was no joke when they said the introduction of a 7th club will lead to a dilution in strength of the league (+ 3 most popular/talented players are out of v-league now too)

    Your theory isn't wrong, KVA said before themselves that they will change their stance on NT suspension/ITC if the legal results proves otherwise.

    If the twins can prove that the claims made against them are false, they will be able to return to the domestic league much easier/sooner. Their domestic return is actually entirely up to Pink Spiders since KOVO had no previous regulations on past bullying (during amateur days).

    Another reason is that the specific claims made by the victim in the post/interview were very damaging to them (i.e. knife), and makes their bullying case more severe if true. Affects the duration of their suspension too.

    I view the twins' case as one similar to Park Sangha's. Someone accused Park Sangha of locking them in a room for 14hrs and abusing them, but after taking legal action the victim admitted they just made use of his name & they never crossed paths in school - but Park Sangha still apologized initially because he admitted to abusing his seniority when in school. I'm sure the result of his investigation/lawsuit definitely helped with his return, since that allegation is horrid if it were true.

    As for the twins apology and why they did that, there was an old article where the twins said they only posted apology letter because the accuser requested for it. They wanted to take legal action due to most claims being false but posted the apology letter instead bc it was in the middle of the season & they didn't want to affect team further. They said the victim requested an apology letter and for them to apologize in person to settle the issue, which the twins planned to do, but the victim refused to meet them afterwards and made further claims against them online.

    Anyway regardless, I think Dayeong will & should be able to appeal to play overseas. There is a KVA rule, but I don't think that should allow for a permanent ban on playing altogether, including overseas - though National Team ban is justifiable since its representing the country. I feel at the very least there should be a set deadline on the ban of ITC issuance (i.e. 1-2 years) rather than indefinite.

    yep, Pepper has attack but defence will be the main problem - and setting too (as with most pro teams - or like Korea NT now lol)

    I read about that too, didn't think anyone here would be interested in it though so I didn't bring it up haha

    It's true she went there to train and also helped w juniors training too, the high school coach (ex-PS coach in 2016) posted a picture of her at the school, and someone said she signed autographs for the students on dcgall, and today the school confirmed it

    I thought this was a good sign if her alma mater supported her visiting, perhaps the court case was progressing well (and that she was a good student in high school - btw accusations were from middle school, she visited her high school)

    But yeah the very next day mbc news aired the interview with the victims

    Agree that if twins were really at fault, they should've just apologized and stayed away for 1-2 seasons. They'll likely never be able to return to Korea volleyball again if everything is proven to be true after they chose to sue.

    Because of how the male volleyball players victims showed up immediately, versus the twins victims who didn't want to reveal themselves (until they got sued), for a period I did wonder if what the twins said about "most accusations are false" was true. But now the victims have appeared personally and even gave an interview about it.

    Right now I've given up on which side to believe haha, its not up to the fans/public to decide anyway, its up to the police to investigate and we'll find out eventually.

    But whichever side that's not telling the truth, it will backfire big time. I hope at least the result we get will be conclusive (with concrete evidence) rather than non-conclusive.

    I'm actually looking forward to see how Lee Hanbi, Ji Minkyung, and Ha Hyejin will perform given the chance to play as starters on Pepper Bank, and if they can still improve further.

    Re-watched the high school match between Sunmyeong & Wongok from 2014 recently, and they honestly played so well. Hanbi & Hyejin were 3rd years, and Minkyung was a 1st year then.
    (that match included Hanbi, Minkyung, Hyejin, Sohwi, Dayeong, and quite a few more other players who entered v-league too)

    I honestly feel all 3 of them were better than the 20-21 best rookie lol (Ji Minkyung won best rookie herself in 16-17 too)

    Such a pity they remained as back-up players for so long, and were on teams where they couldn't play that many minutes either.

    Pepper isn't as hopeless as people think with these 3 + Elizabet Varga, as long as they can step up to the role of being a starting player (but their setter & libero is the main issue)
    Though... it'll be so sad if Ha Hyejin has to play back-up to Elizabet Varga even on this new team. Perhaps she should switch to Left or Center instead to play more minutes.

    As for teams, I'll be watching Hillstate.
    They still have the same solid team that almost won 2019 season - as long as Dain manages to step up as a setter after this NT stint. And if Hyojin & Minkyeong comes out of their 20-21 season slump.

    GS's fairly-super team of Soyoung+Sohwi+Hyejin+203cm tall Lutz has been broken up, so I'm not expecting too much.

    Soyoung moved to KGC, but KGC's setter is Yeom so...:gone:

    Not the biggest fan of IBK (Pyo), Hipass (Jeongah) lol, and PS just a sinking ship

    Just saw the news too, good to know Heejin has recovered enough to join the training/selection.

    I thought it would be good if Im Myungok could've joined them too, but I guess that didn't happen.

    Either she's not recovered yet, or Lavarini just didn't pick her to join.

    If Lavarini is really bringing 2 liberos along like he said, she would've been a much better choice than Dahye honestly.

    Don't feel like it's worth bringing Dahye along to a stage like the Olympics, perhaps Lavarini might change his mind and bring only 1 libero - after all Soyoung can play as a libero too, she once did before under his coaching in 2019.