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    Speed volleyball with Karakurt? :what:

    I am glad they have weaknesses, they will probably play against one of the serbian teams in 1/4 ^^

    That's true, probably not Novara but I'm not sure what other club is looking for a setter now. Perhaps another European team competing in the CEV competitions

    Rapid's opponent in 1/8 is probably gonna be a tougher opponent than the Serbian team in 1/4

    They have a lot of foreigners in that Portugal team

    Yes, and Pusic and Nasya Dimitrova. Very strong team.

    But their Romanian OPP is very inconsistent and 2nd OH is very weak (Cese Montalvo is good, but the Romanian OH is bad at receives and doesn't score much)

    No matter how good Nasya, Pusic and Dayeong are, there are glaring weaknesses in receives on their team

    So it would make no sense for Rapid Bucuresti to sign two foreign setters rather than getting another foreign OPP/OH to increase their chances of winning.

    Coach Lavarini did train Dayeong before on the Korean NT and played speed volleyball well with her, I wonder what are the chances of Novara buying her out from Rapid

    Having a 7th club was a really bad idea after all it seems

    I'm glad there's Asian Quarter next year, hopefully next season will be more interesting

    I've stopped watching this season for awhile now

    Hillstate has its winning streak not because they play well (Yasmeen is good though) but because the other teams are just too weak

    Does anyone re-watch the matches on K-Spike channel? They titled the Peppers vs Hyundai match "Pepper Savings Bank (AI Peppers) VS Yaasmeen (Hyundai E&C Hillstate)". :whistle:

    Seriously though, I don't know why she wasn't the MVP of the match.

    If they keep giving her the MVP, they'll need to award her the Season MVP at the end too

    Korea league wants to award domestic players instead of foreign players as much as possible

    I don't know what Pepper is doing honestly

    Good on them for winning a single set since that is hard enough for them to do

    But created a club just to lose, hired an old-timer coach who doesn't make good decisions, probably has no actual plans to recruit Jaeyeong but used her as news material

    Even if they somehow convince and manage to recruit KYK next season (or LJY - whichever), who's going to support her on the team?

    1 good foreigner, but setter libero middle and other Outside Hitter would not be good enough to change anything since volleyball is a team sport after all

    Are there any upcoming rookie hopefuls in the next few years? The league is really stagnating, that really reputable male coach made this comment of how older players are remaining in their positions because there are no good new players replacing them

    Is it just a problem of limited talent pool? Or poor choices made by clubs not to grow younger talents and rely on "old generals" who could be more reliable

    Just find it a huge pity because I really enjoyed watching the rise during 2018-2021 period of v-league

    Why wasn't she in the NT?

    Not sure if its because she retired from NT or just wasn't selected

    She was part of the London Olympics 2012 team, Heejin took over as main OPP after though

    She had several years of lull after where she no longer produced much (sometimes barely scoring at all), but she's been playing well in KOVO Cup in past few years without foreigners and steps up well when they are out for the games to rest too

    I mean, I don't know about neighborhood volleyball, but there is some kernel of truth to this. Maybe if KOVO showed more interest in the development of the sport, rather than selling merchandise/tickets like idols, we would have quality players. The fact that the women's league keeps getting rejected coaches from the men's team is a clear indication that they do not care at all about its development. Still waiting for the day they hire a foreign coach for the women's league just to see how they can maximize the players.

    I mean, the Korean women's volleyball team had a good year last 2019 - 2021 (with some ups and downs, their ups definitely include the Tokyo 2020 Olympics), so it isn't that bad yet, but the trajectory isn't very encouraging given that nobody is stepping up right now when the twins have been unjustly banned from the league. Kang Sowhi and Lee Sooyoung are playing subpar games, while new players like Jeong Ji Yun is still inexperienced.

    I'd say "neighbourhood" standards probably compare to overseas where they have multiple league levels

    Both last and this year the level of the domestic players have dropped quite a bit. There are still good players like KYK (obviously) and Yang Hyojin. Jeong Jiyoon is growing into her new role but not stable yet. Aside from that maybe one or two good games from some players...

    There's also a rumour that a foreign player will be replaced with Kenyan ace spiker. Wonder if it's Yasmeen from her injury or someone else.

    Cold harsh truth from Park Kiwon (coach) about female volleyball in Korea

    (full article)

    You have been watching the V-League matches these days, what do you think?

    “Recently, I’ve been paying close attention to women’s volleyball. It was really at the level of neighborhood volleyball. Except for the foreign players, it was no different from volleyball played by ordinary people. The fact that older players are still playing shows the reality of our volleyball as it is.”


    its barely a league, just some tournament here and there.

    The players also doing 알바 on convenience store or cafe, i doubt it paid well.

    Sounds like amateur leagues overseas then

    Only tournaments? Surely they train in the evenings and often enough considering they hire coaches

    Clubs should set up a B-league under their own name to raise and tap on junior players like the NBA has G-league teams

    Won't have any TV broadcasting deals but they can figure out a viewership channel through YouTube or AfreecaTV where they can still get a decent viewership

    I think it would help increase the league's competitiveness, but given most Korean coaches like "maximizing" foreign players, some Korean players will definitely be benched (and rookies may be lost to this system).

    I think they should have started with the 2nd division league first so Korean players can still play competitively and hone their skills (like Lee Sol Ah and Lee Yun Jeong).

    I'm not sure if they're being paid there or paid well but I suppose there is already a second league in the 시청 city hall leagues

    Average points per match (as of 12.11.2022)

    Elisabet (KGC**) - 33.4 points

    Moma (GS**) - 23.6 points

    Yasmeen (Hillstate**) - 22.2 points

    Katarina (Hipass**) - 18.6 points

    Nia Reed (Pepper**) - 18.5 points

    Elena (PS**) - 16.8 points

    Kim Yeonkyeong (PS) - 16.0 points

    Yang Hyojin (Hillstate) - 15.2 points

    Park Jeongah (Hipass) - 15.0 points

    Pyo Seungju (IBK) - 14.5 points

    Yuk Seoyoung (IBK) - 13.8 points

    Lee Soyoung (KGC) - 13.4 points

    Santana (IBK**) - 11.7 points

    Lee Hanbi (Pepper) - 11.5 points

    Bae Yoona (Hipass) - 11.4 points

    ** foreign player

    Kim Hochul (IBK) has a really bad eye for foreign players it seems... I'm surprised they are still going with Heejin as OPP and not replacing their foreign player (which if they do, would be their second time). Though Yuk Seoyoung has been stepping up during this surprisingly.

    KGC has Elisabet but it is shocking how poorly the rest of their team are playing - what happened between last year & this year Soyoung?? Is it because it's no longer FA year? And Yeom is no longer injured, but their backup setter immediately overshadowed her after being subbed in for a single match.

    Thoughts on Asian Quarter? Would it help or worsen the Korean players abilities?

    It'll definitely increase the level of competitiveness in the league, but I wonder what it'll do to local players when the setter could just simply set to 2 foreign players

    Unless they get an asian quarter setter - that'll be interesting

    Elisabet scored a total of 56 points, including 54 attack points and 2 ace-serve points. :sos:

    Hyo-Jin had a terrible game last time but came back with 24 points (23 attack points with a success rate of 74.19%). :box:

    Definitely over-relied on Yasmeen causing her shoulder strain, but at least she stepped up today and defeated KGC even without a foreigner on the team

    It's a pity how Hillstate is the only decently well-rounded team this season not over relying on a foreigner/ace (though they still often fall back on Yasmeen)

    Elisabet is going to score 50+ points certainly

    Meanwhile KGC's second best scorer only has 12 points (Soyoung) after 4 sets...

    (the rest only scored single digits)

    It's at least more even on Hillstate (5 players with 2 digit scores) and they're even playing without Yasmeen

    Also Hyojin deserves max salary honestly