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    I wish she had gone to Italy but she chose money, I guess. :(

    Is she the highest paid player there

    Max contract 700,000,000krw ≈ 515,000 euros

    Second highest is 650,000,000krw Lee Soyoung

    If the rumours from foreign clubs were true (some even saying 1 billion krw contract) then it won't be because of money (though she will earn more from domestic endorsement deals and possibly TV appearances)

    She's likely planning her retirement after retiring from NT, and also wanting to settle back down in Korea

    There's no reason for her to return to Pink Spiders this year, especially considering the state of the team.

    After this season she will be a free agent to choose which domestic club she wants to sign with in SK v-league, so I'm expecting her to sign with Peppers

    What beef does KYK has with dasol or what beef dasol has with kyk?

    Oh don't get me wrong, zero beef

    What I meant was that knowing KYK's avid korean fanbase (and toxic korean culture), Dasol will receive a lot of hate and blame as setter of the team

    Like she did after she became main setter in 2021

    Even LDY who was by far the top setter of the league - and long before all the rumours and issues - she received a crazy ton of hate as the setter on Kim's team. Either for not setting to Kim more or setting to her in 'unfavourable' situations causing her to be blocked.

    It's KYKs superstar status in Korea basically lol

    She's a great player, great legacy.

    But imo its a team sport so its a pity how other players can sometimes be seen or treated by the fans when on the same team as her.

    KYK signed with Pink Spiders

    I expected as much, but I'm surprised she turned down overseas offers (if the rumours were true) considering the state of PS team this year

    Guess this means she no longer wishes to play overseas and wants to settle down

    (Good luck Dasol... don't read any comments once season starts)

    Not surprising, I expected as much (but I don't understand why)

    I don't know how true the rumours are but she supposedly had offers from overseas since a few years back and this year too, but chose Korean league and China league instead

    Doesn't seem like she plans on playing overseas anymore, Korea is a much more comfortable environment (easier too without all the travelling) - and of course, she's Korean & will be with family

    I expect she'll be getting endorsement offers and appearing on variety shows domestically now lol

    Is this because she is still under contract with them?

    She is entirely allowed to play overseas, but if she chooses to play in Korea, she has no choice but to play under Pink Spiders for 1 more year.

    She was chosen by Pink Spiders during draft pick and drafted players has to play for their club for 5 years before becoming a Free Agent to sign with any other Korean club.

    i read gunes and erdem dont play in the first set

    Gunes played a bit but Eda didn't

    Either way, still a set for Korea

    I do think they did improve, Yeom's setting looked better (the rest... hmm, but they all seem optimistic despite the losing streak)

    Since in the previous 7 matches they weren't able to win a set even when their opponents had made a lot of mistakes

    They should throw the balls at each others then, it’d more fun to watch than their matches lol

    ... ouch. but... not wrong

    Okay, got me :) but she had big vibe like a kid who was finally getting a shot and , well ... She needs another one

    well you weren't the only fan who noticed her because of that so I'm not surprised - welcome to the world of idol volleyball in Korea haha

    It should be by accident!?=O

    If she really intended to do that, then everyone in the team should throw the balls at her for her very horrible sets lol

    I'm not a fan of her setting but the team's receives, digs and attacks have been way worse than her setting this tournament though

    I didn’t plan to watch this match, but was in shock after looking at the score that Korea won the first set and leading in the 3rd. Then when I turned in, Korea started to collapse and lose the set, so sad:gone:

    Turkey was a huge mess and Eda wasn't playing in the first set so

    But Korea's play has been improving slightly over the matches, change in playing style and all

    Korea finally winning its first set in the VNLs, against Turkey no less

    Could be partially related to Cesar understanding the Turkey players and Guidetti from Vakif well? -my guess

    Heejin and Jeongah are both playing too, though I wouldn't attribute much to them considering they've played in previous VNL matches as well

    Not sure how Korean schools play, but most younger teams (middle school and below play with sub-set instead of an opposite from what I know overseas)

    Not to mention pro league don't usually look for an Opp in local players too

    Considering OH requires good receiving, it's probably "easier" for taller players to choose MB instead

    Jung Hoyoung was meant to be "next KYK" by media but she went to MB

    Jiyoon switching from MB to OH is rare, I think it only happened because she's on Hillstate which needs a stronger OH & has more than enough MBs

    The error is justified because it was aggresive move (mostly seonwoo trying to hit the line)

    i think Cesar trying different approach this time going for faster pace like Japan and Thailand.

    I don't know if 15 errors in a single set is ever justifiable (even with the deuce) ... but I do understand the need for aggressive serves