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    Out of all the defensive OHs, Hwang Minkyoung is doing the best. I think Kang Sohwi is also doing poorly at this point as well.

    Agree, was quite surprised by Kang Sohwi's MVP speech recently too

    "As the main attacker and ace, I should be spiking the ball more, but in that aspect because I'm driven into a corner by Moma, I think I've lost my touch for attacking, so I've been training more with Jiwon during practice to raise it."

    Not sure why she used the term "몰리다" (driven into a corner) for Moma rather than many other word choices...

    Is she trying to imply something to their setter or coach?

    If I were the setter I'd pick setting more to Moma any day too, Moma is the foreign player & ace rather than Sohwi with a much higher attack success rate.

    But their attack share weren't that far off either (Moma - 33.3%, Seoyeon - 24.6%, Sohwi - 23.9%)

    Disregarding her choice of words (doesn't matter in the end), it's not a bad thing for her to be ambitious and greedy for more sets/chances to spike more, but I wouldn't dare call myself the ace with her current performance.

    I'd say even Seoyeon is in contention against Sohwi for the "domestic main attacker" slot on GS

    Lee Soyoung really needs to pull her weight more on KGC for what she's worth to the club though:gone:

    I hope she improves her play soon rather than wait for the next FA season before she finally improves and repeats her performance from her last season at GS Caltex

    I'm happy for Pepper but KGC shouldn't be playing this poorly

    i saw a fancam KYK complaining why she got mvp, should have been Yelena. And Han Yumi also said she pick Yelena, but last decision is on the KBS PD.

    On Lee Dahyun MVP i think because her serve in a row shifted the flow to Hillstate, because before that its 50-50, after that sequence heungkuk just crumbling apart.

    Could be yeah, PD makes a lot of sense too

    Where did Han Yumi say that?

    Also, I'm always confused about how Korean League awards MVPs.

    Think MVPs of each match is decided by the expert commentator - if I'm not mistaken

    It's common for local players to be picked over foreign players

    But Sohwi > Moma

    Dahyun > Hyojin is just...

    Sometimes they do pick a player whose role was crucial/game-changing to winning, better than expectations, etc rather than top performer

    As for weekly Best 7s... I think it's a vote by coaches/expert commentators? Not too sure

    I think Heungkuk lost the match because of their receiving and errors.

    I did see some clips online of the other Heungkuk setter PARK Eun-Seo setting some balls that were either low or weak.

    Well you know what I'm referring to, the completely worship like culture of k-volleyball

    It will never be the attackers fault (not that I think it was for this match) but because of that the blame falls on the setter. When they win its because of the attacker, when they lose its the setter.

    Dasol was never fantastic , but manages to remain average not horrible, and Eunseo is still new. It's a pity Hyejin got injured.

    It was a pain to watch the match though, I'm not sure if anyone else here understands and listens to the commentating in Korean but I do.

    I usually like it a lot because I learn a lot about volleyball from it, but Han Yumi in particular always praises attackers despite it being due to good receives or sets, and whenever there's a mistake in the attack, she'd comment that the set was not high/good enough for the spiker.

    It is very misleading to people who don't know volleyball well enough.

    I hope Park Mihee commentates more, her commentating is really insightful.

    Just a sidebar, I was watching this sports drama about a baseball team, and one of their episodes dealt with contract renewal for the next season. While they were evaluating which members they wanted to retain/get for their team, their marketing department insisted on retaining a player, not because of their skill, but because they were "marketable" a.k.a good looking.

    I know Seo Chae Won already made rounds on some Korean sites because of her looks. So maybe that is the reason (marketing)...? IDK

    Anyway, I agree Peppers should have taken Lee Ye Dam instead.

    Not a sidebar because this is the current reality of v-league, there's a reason why IBK and KGC are paying Kim Heejin and Lee Soyoung so high despite their subpar output & tendency for injury

    (20/21 season was an exception for Soyoung, she did great that season)

    But i don't think Seo Chae won looks that stunning? Haven't heard of her for her looks

    The rookie I did hear about for her looks and was surprised Hillstate let go of was Kim Gayoung. She has a pretty solid following for her looks haha, she never played in league so Hillstate must've had their reason for letting her go.

    I'm still scratching my head on why Peppers end up passing on taking one player from Hyundai.

    I'm sure Go Yerim was more tempted by a second Championship attempt than join a tanking team where she'd just lose the entire season and lose her own confidence at the same time.

    Though I wonder why Pepper wasn't able to tempt her with a MUCH higher salary package (anyone would be)

    They could even afford to pay her close to twice her current. Just look at how much they paid Lee Goeun🙃🙃🙃

    Watched the first match here, and I must say here already, this looks like its gonna be another Hyundai season 🤗

    with the paycuts they forced (#JusticeForHyoJin) and managing to keep Yasmeen and also Yerim from leaving during FA... they better stay on top lol

    Still cannot understand why Kim Dain wasn't given a slot on NT, unless Hyundai's influence is that strong within KVA

    Yasmeen is also so so good

    I read Park Jeongah is down with shingles? I thought that Hipass would put up a better fight than this, I've noticed that their blocking is a big problem. Many single block situations even without a good set from Hillstate or gaps in their blocks.

    Personally, the ways these haters/antis behave are exactly the same as the bullies they are criticising the Lee twins of being.

    An easy illustration is that Korean volleyball fans view their league like a large kpop group, and twins are members they have banished and never want to let back into it

    They don't want to see them in the league and playing with their favourite players

    It's because KVA and Pink Spiders listened to their protest last year that they believe they have so much control over such decisions for the league:gone::down:

    When in fact its just a few individuals with money sending these protests

    I don't think that is the case. Yes, teams usually send their ace players or the team captain to Media Day but not always.

    Pretty sure they're trying to make her the new face of the franchise

    Anyway haters are already sending flower wreaths (with unhappy messages :gone:) and truck protests to AI Pepper after one single night since the news broke.

    It's been 2 years, for Jaeyeong who has zero evidence at all that she committed any mistake when she was younger (like Dayeong had), and basically had the #1 work ethic and attitude in the league despite her achievements throughout her time as a pro (even in school according to her coaches)...

    At this point its just fanaticism in the Korean volleyball community, do they honestly think the current players are perfect? Just a few years ago they closed a blind eye to certain senior players joking about getting juniors to wash their laundry for them for years, soup serving, and so many more worse things due to abuse of senority.

    I won't be surprised if it's still ongoing now with them staying in shared dorms.

    For her own sake I hope she plays overseas, though I was really excited at the prospect of her returning.

    The current league standard has dropped significantly due to many other reasons as well.

    It is reported that Lee Jaeyeong had met with AI Peppers twice thus far regarding signing with them

    AI Pepper confirmed with KBS news that they have indeed been in contact with Lee Jaeyeong and are considering signing her since Ha Hye Jin's injury from the WCHs

    (source | 2)

    I think fans had known about this for quite awhile now, and it became more obvious when AI Peppers was the only club to leave an empty slot on their roster after the first trade deadline ended in September.

    I'm surprised AI Peppers actually confirmed this news before they signed with her though - unless it already happened, or they are simply testing the waters.

    From what fans shared, Jaeyeong's agent confirmed that she had received offers from foreign clubs too, so pretty curious what her choice would be

    Come on Da Yeong, humiliate him!

    LOL as much as I like her as a player, they don't stand a chance against Vakif - perhaps not even their bench players

    Surprised her club managed to snag this practice match with Vakif and Fenerbahce though

    I think the Korean YouTuber who's supporting her plans on livestreaming or uploading videos of the practice matches as he's in Turkey