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    exactly. because we don't know what really happened. some overzealous KYK fans are running around on twitter attacking the twins for coming forward with their claims.

    is this "investigation" on going? or was this the same as before (Lee Jae apparently reported the harrassment way back 2018 but they didn't do anything about it).

    I'm not sure about 2018, but there was and is no investigation - which is the biggest question mark

    After the bullying accusations were made against both LJY & LDY, it became such a huge scandal across Korea nation wide (outside sports circle) & in international news that KOVO and Pink Spiders immediately suspended them both. There was no investigation into whether it was actually true or not, or to find out what actually happened - I still don't understand this.
    (According to LJY & LDY's own words - LJY did absolutely nothing, and it was LDY who got into a once off conflict with her group of friends and she did wave a knife during that conflict, but afterwards she & her friend apologized to each other and reconciled. LJY said they even went out as friends to watch movies together a few years after the incident too though they changed schools)

    As for the accusations against KYK, after Dayeong submitted some evidence (only showed 8 photos attached in her email, so I don't think she submitted anything substantive) to KOVO to report KYK's past actions on NT & Pink Spiders, many volleyball fans instead questioned why KOVO would accept a complaint from LDY when she is no longer a player in the Korean League. KOVO responded to media that there was not enough evidence to substantiate her claims since its one-sided. To which Dayeong posted on her Instagram asking KOVO to ask KYK herself to confirm the truth.

    I asked this guy who I did a collab with during pandemic he runs an asmr youtube and is pure Korean he follows me on my channel Metro Volleyball.

    He said it doesn't seem to be considered a scandal in Korea right now. The latest thing people are getting worked up about is a volleyball player called Im Sung Jin possibly dating the Korean model that went viral for looking like Sulli.

    Yea its not a scandal in Korea yet, its kept within sports world.

    But media coverage on this has been very minimal compared to usual.

    Ever since the Lee Jaeyeong's interview with The Spike got deleted from news sites within less than an hour and KYK's agency threatening to sue, there has been extremely few articles covering this, so its solely from Dayeong's IG right now

    I guess we'll only find out once KYK responds - if she ever does

    She's definitely sending a message to KYK that she knows a lot about her. Posting that selfie isn't uncommon for Koreans since culturally same-sex people can be affectionate with each other without homophobic connotations. But we know there's heavy speculation about KYK not being "straight". If LDY is going to push her out of the closet, then that would be in really bad taste tbh but not unreasonable given the public judgment that was thrust upon them was without due process.

    Is it still a secret?

    It's not publicized and KYK isn't public about it, but doesn't everyone already know of it?

    KYK dated Nootsara in the past and when they broke up, the entire Thailand NT unfollowed KYK on Instagram and it was very well known amongst volleyball fans

    KYK dating LDY wasn't so... certain, since LDY dated guys in the past so fans weren't so sure, but there were a lot of photos of them together, their suspected private accounts, and they both accidentally uploaded & deleted posts in the past which alluded to it

    They were quite public on their social media accounts about it at one point of time too

    LDY pretty much alluded to their relationship in her post too - though it still comes as quite a shock to me tbh

    "With the reason of breaking up"

    I would suspect that LDY is alluding to another secret rather than KYK's sexual orientation which most already know

    KYK has been in so many different clubs that if she thought she could get away with this type of behaviour and displayed the same type of behaviour elsewhere that players from those other clubs would have already exposed her for it.

    We don't know the truth, but I think her actions were solely directed at LDY due to their conflict rather than her personality towards other players in general

    I won't discount the claims entirely due to LDY's attempt to take her own life though, which makes it very serious

    I dunno where to put this but did Da Yeong just hinting that KYK did a sexual harrassment???

    She's not just hinting at it, she is saying out-rightly that KYK did so during National Team days, along with other claims of bullying, workplace violence & abuse of power by KYK to her during their time on Heungguk Insurance

    (Just going to share some English translations from an account which has been following & translating LDY's posts below)

    LDY posted screenshots of the Sexual Harassment at Workplace Manual on her IG before this, and in her caption she wrote
    "2018 Olympic Training Village" & "2019 World Cup Japan"
    (fyi: KYK & Dayeong were roommates during World Cup Japan 2019)

    LDY also posted text messages between herself and KYK on Heungguk Insurance about the bullying/abuse of power

    Lee Jaeyeong brought up the conflict in Heungguk Pink Spiders during an interview recently too and confirmed that LDY attempted to take her own life in 2021 when on Heungguk Pink Spiders because of the same reason

    Back in 2021 there were a few news articles about LDY's attempt to take her own life and being sent to the hospital, but Heungguk hid the name of the player and kept the news under wraps.
    The bullying accusations broke out 2 days after that and this news was buried.

    Of course, whether to believe what LJY & LDY are saying is one thing

    KYK has kept quiet except say through her agency that she will be suing false rumours and defamation. No action has been taken from her end though, the YouTuber fan of LJY & LDY her agency claimed to sue has not been sued either.

    It seems that KGC has changed its club name to JungKwanJang Red Sparks.

    Their logo looks like a NCAA / Collegiate Volleyball Team. Not really a fan, because I kind of dig their knight's emblem logo (maybe a more modern recreation so it's not a complete overhaul).

    We need cute logos like those in Japan (or make it like Victorina Himeji's lol) :whistle:

    I suppose my opinion the exact opposite of yours:lol:

    I found their previous name & emblem the most outdated of all the clubs, and find this a much needed branding change (Hipass needs one too)

    JungKwanJang is a weird name to a sports club, but its the name of the brand which they are promoting, and at least they also used a more modern/English name - Red Sparks which is one of the nicest in the league now

    It reminds me of NCAA like you said and the red/black volleyball court - and I like it a lot haha

    Biggest problem is the colour red they have chosen clashes entirely with AI Pepper, red black white.... :gone:

    I recall that news regarding a Pink Spiders player who attempted to take their own life in the dorm... and the incident was alluded to be Lee Dayeong

    Now this confirms it without any doubt

    Of course within just 1-2 days of that report, the news of the school bullying accusations broke out and no one bothered about that report anymore😟

    Or rather... they accused her of "putting on a show for attention" 😔

    I recall Pink Spiders tried to cover and hide the name of the player and tried to dispel the news as abdominal pain instead too....😔

    (more detail in tweet thread)

    Whatever happened between the two, and who is right or wrong, for it to have reached that extent is never a simple matter, and I'm sure they would have hospital records to prove it.

    I doubt it, but I wonder if any of her previous teammates on PS will dare speak up for them if ever needed.

    Wow, thanks for the clarification. I heard that LDY and LJY were not together during that time so LJY was never directly involved in the bullying controversy. Honestly, it's just weird how big this issue got. Of course, bullying is wrong, but it's not so easy to decipher as if it's between black and white only.

    It also doesn't help that a lot of the "bullies" caught during this controversy's heyday are found later to not be guilty.

    Yup LDY said it herself that LJY was not there when the conflict happened

    Same school but completely unrelated to her

    Bullying 학폭 is wrong, but this case seems more like a single isolated incident of conflict between friends that got too heated

    Based on how they were once friends and even watched movies together a few years after the incident, this is definitely not bullying as one would define it

    As for the bullying part, anyone who follows Korean volleyball news at least knows the fact that the accusations are primarily aimed at Lee Dayeong (since they didn't go to the same school). So it's pretty much clear that Jaeyeong is not part of the bullying controversy.

    LDY & LJY were in the same school, the incident happened in 2nd year of middle school and they transferred schools (not sure if because of the incident or just family relocation)

    There's more information (if you'd take their word for it) on the incident. Basically Dayeong had a group of friends she was close to, and they got into a conflict and she fought with one of them, and they both apologized to one another and settled it back during school days. But 10 years later 4 of their friends accused them and are trying to claim 100 million won each from the twins.

    She had an interview too but I think it's not translated yet (link) where she said KYK did not spike her sets at all for 7 months (during training I suppose)

    Problem is, their incident became international-level news when it broke and the public which doesn't follow news assumes that both of them were school bullies according to the claims made at the time, and the term 학폭 holds a very strong meaning of consistent bullying & tormenting (like in The Glory if you will)

    So something which only involved DY & was a once-off conflict became so large because their club made them apologize & keep quiet for so long.

    My hopes of seeing Jaeyong play in the league this year (or any year probably) is definitely no longer viable. KYK is a golden child of Korea, and any slight against her is probably like an attack on the nation. Bad timing as well given that KYK is vying for an OIC position.

    KYK will not be IOC nominee, Park Inbee (golf) was selected instead (link)

    Surprisingly comments were not as favourable for KYK as expected considering her popularity

    Dodram = Sponsor of the competition

    KOVO = Korea Volleyball

    So it's Dodram's KOVO Cup

    If the sponsor changes the name will change too

    This year it is Gumi Dodram KOVO Cup

    Gumi is the city/state in Korea that's hosting this cup while also sponsoring it

    In the Dodram/KOVO Cup, usually, they don't allow foreign players to play (there are some editions that foreigners do play but not these past seasons).

    I'm not sure if they're not allowed or if its just because its taking place too early before foreign players end their international competitions/get their visas in time or get to train with the team...

    There are now 2 Filipino players in the league (which I like) but this constant change with GS Caltex is just plain stupid/embarrassing. Even fans are questioning why GS Caltex does not even explain the reason for the constant changes formally (although we know it's because of Ahn Hye Jin).

    First change was due to Ahn Hyejin, to recruit another setter.

    Second change was due to Soraya Pomra announcing that she would not be able to play volleyball in the 2023-2024 season due to personal circumstances (source) - assuming true

    Agree with both comments about her, but she could've still been a backup setter in v-league and made a decent living

    The whole situation and lack of transparency in the league is what's bothering

    Its hard to tell the truth since Park Mihee did once say in a past interview that Songhwa did leave the club without permission before - but I'm certain many other players have before as well due to the stress, retired players have admitted to it and talked about how often it happened too

    If she indeed visited a hospital with a trainer... how would it have been without permission🤔

    Cho Song Hwa lost the 2nd trial against the club regarding her leaving the club without permission (source)

    She said it was for treatment which she informed the club and visited the hospital with a trainer, but club said she left without permission

    Honestly I think she's just a sacrificial lamb amidst the IBK drama of the players deposing their previous coach, making Kim Sanee the new coach before all the other club's coaches refused to shake her hand, and then Kim Hochul joining

    She posted on IG
    "Now it's really the end. Goodbye to contradictory people too"

    Guess she's ending her volleyball career? Don't know if she'll play in unemployment league...

    Doubt she would want to (or can?) advance overseas like LDY did

    I don't find the ranking system stupid because it's up to date, but why the fuck does China go down 2 spots for losing a finale match :aww:;( That really is ridiculous lol.

    agreed... perhaps point protection could be put in place for semis & finals matches

    I would like that as a fan and it would make sense too

    Dropping 2 ranks for qualifying to finals & losing there... hmm

    Well if Korea has anything, it's money

    I'm pretty certain they won't quit VNL willingly (like China men's team) though they should - considering their ranking/performance/meaningless investment without much action to change anything significant (coach, players, etc)

    Only "significant" thing is Korea finally using Mikasa balls in their domestic league, their reluctance probably comes from it being a Japanese brand & they already have a cheaper FIVB approved local volleyball

    I kinda get his point, but I'm not really that endeared with Kim Hochul. I don't think it's fair to criticize Cesar for being in a club while also coaching the Korean NT when Lavarini also did the same (there's even an article regarding this). So for me, of all the faults of Cesar (communication or strategy), it can't really be blamed for his "two roles".

    I think the idea is that not only did they hire a head coach with such limitations, there isn't a capable team of coaches built around him.

    Previously they had coach Kang Sunghyung (current Hillstate coach) and a team working together with Lavarini to coach the team when he was still with his club.

    This time round it is instead Han Yumi (with zero coaching experience) and KYK as advisor (also zero coaching experience) coaching the team while Cesar is away. Kim Hochul implied that other coaches like himself similarly found it a problem that the Federation made such choices instead of selecting from amongst the pool of many other capable domestic coaches - who would even be better than an assistant coach like Cesar.

    This should definitely be the focus. Unfortunately, most of the prospective players are still in their early twenties, and those that should be taking the helm as veterans (Park Jeong Ah, Kang Sowhi, Pyo Seung Ju, and Yeum Hye Seon) are underperforming. They need to look at the future as a whole and not just for one goal. Paris Olympics is definitely out of the question based on everyone's performance.

    The current generation will need to be forgone to rebuild the team from youth, they need to accept that they will lose now in exchange for improving in the future. Except they are still losing now, while also only focusing on the now with zero plans for the future generation.

    They did bring up LJY and LDY to carry on the baton for this generation but we all know that's pretty much a lost cause unless the Federation is bold enough to push through with it. So many male players who committed actual crimes or broke the law are already back in the league & NT as well.