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    Wow 40-38 first set between Korea and Serbia, it's a VNL record for longest set

    Though it came from 15 errors (Korea) and 11 errors (Serbia) - 1st set alone

    Korea was so close to achieving their 1st set this VNL but lost it :white:

    On another note, the top scorers were 17pts from Yerim and 13pts from Minkyung (Hillstate:heart:)

    Heejin should be scoring a lot more considering her experience and position though

    Well, at least they recognize that the setter was one of the problems. But what's the issue with choosing players with injury history :aww:

    Is she really injured though? (genuine question, though I don't think any of us will have the answer)

    She seemed fine even at the end of the regular season

    I read people saying that Coach Sanghyun didn't want to send Ahn Hyejin to be backup setter on NT cause it affected her confidence/mental as a setter

    Not sure how true, it could be completely false too

    But it's not the first time clubs chose not to send their players to NT

    yep, from 2019 world cup onwards. A shame too, I really liked that team (even though opp was a weak link)

    Loved the team

    KYK & JY - 2 great OHs with reliable high output and decent receives

    DY - a fast and agile setter who could carry out Lavarini's speed volleyball and not have the team rely on KYK alone + also block & score

    Kim Haeran - ✨️best libero ever✨️

    Heejin may not be the most consistent, but she was great as OPP in this new system and had decently high output

    MBs weren't the strengths of Korean NT but Hyojin and Suji were both tall and experienced blockers

    They could've all went to 2020 Olympics under Lavarini if not for covid

    But now Haeran decided to start a family & twins are off the team, KYK/MBs retired

    Well I was convinced that China would have no chance against Brazil (on the men's side) and look what happened. Anything can happen in sport

    I saw the highlights, they actually won 3-0

    What happened?

    True that anything can happen😀

    But Korea had also recently lost their main libero to achilles tendon injury

    They dont care about development, they just want result and good press for their parent company.

    its funny as i watched their u18 team play the exact same style as their senior team "Vleague style" slow and easy to read play.

    I didn't watch U18, but read that they ranked #3 under China and Japan, beating Thailand - as usual.

    But considering Thailand players are much more likely to head to overseas leagues and grow as players, while the Korean players will likely never do so

    It's possible the next generation of Thailand players will continue improving (granted they have the potential) like their current generation.

    It's a pity there's no outstanding U18 players who are good enough to be called up to NT

    This happens all the time, and while it's true these players aren't that fantastic, and some have been given a few seasons to prove themselves, I think the problem really lies with the player development within v-league clubs itself

    For there to be this many young players let go off every year without given more time. Even mid-tier players generally don't grow/improve much over seasons.

    And of course, extremely over paid "idol star" players whose output do not match their cost

    Noran injured her Achilles Tendon in training and will be receiving surgery in Brazil

    There's still Dahye for libero, but wonder if they'll call up another libero

    Myungok possibly? There's no news of her being injured after last season that I know of so not sure why she wasn't called up

    as if data drives all his decisions

    He's a very talented statistician so that's not surprising.

    Coach Lavarini once praised how smart Cesar was (can't recall the source) saying how he'd be very successful doing Math/Statistics if he hadn't been so passionate for sports and using his mind for sports statistics instead

    Anyway he definitely played a part in Vakifbank's success as well as on Korean NT working with Lavarini, so its still too early to rule him out. He's working without anyone who can score on the team after all, not a single player scored over 15pts in a single match.

    Lee Dayeong's CAAN representatives confirmed to Korean reporters that she had also received offers from Italian and Polish league, but she had accepted the offer from Romanian club because they had pursued her early since February compared to the others in April

    Her contract is 1 year so as long as she doesn't get injured she can have more options the next season…ll/article/117/0003613229

    There had also been rumours floating amongst fans that she received an offer from a Turkey club too (also later after playoffs)

    im saying the opposite. Larson was great in Italy... and KYK has the potential to be even better.

    And yes... they offered her 300k for just half of a season this past spring iirc. They gave Larson a nice sum instead.

    Yup I know, was just clarifying my own comment about pay wasn't because I think she won't be good (just not prime)

    She will still be good certainly, especially with most other OHs having much poorer receives

    Didn't know Larson received 300K for half a season, that is indeed generous

    If so they can likely pay Kim higher than Korean league

    Though she is a celebrity in the country, could earn a lot more outside the league with commercials and going on tv lol (which she did in 2021)

    Monza can offer her probably 500K€ to 700K€.

    Monza even gave higher offer to Egonu than Conegliano and they wanted to sign Boskovic before season or two. With contract around 700K or higher.

    500K possibly but 700K?

    Egonu is young, at the top and perhaps still not at her prime so that's normal but can't be compared

    Kim has a great legacy and was great in her prime but she is definitely no longer in her prime