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    Sohwi's surgery and injury is much more serious than Heejin's, and will require minimally 2-3months for rehab if all goes well.

    (She had ankle issues throughout season and re-injured it too, and went back to playing again)

    Not sure the exact date she got her surgery, but news only came out end May, so her surgery would've been after that news too.

    Articles implied she's completely ruled out for Olympics due to the long recovery period, and she seemed to have acknowledged that herself too

    Agreed, I prefer Kim Yeon Gyeon libero from Hillstate haha, but I think Lavarini might've chosen based on the last season performance in v-league (Dahye, Songyi, etc)

    Also wanna add that, aside from twins, heejin, suji, and sohwi.

    People forget that Korea NT was so strong due to Kim Haeran's amazing digging/defence. That is extremely needed for a stage like the Olympics.

    Twins and Heejin are great at digging and floor defence too, so that will be bolstered once they return, but who can ever replace Haeran.

    Im Myungok who's their next best option (I feel, is better than OJY) is injured too.

    But Haeran is out of the discussion naturally since she just gave birth this year, and only returned to training just a few weeks ago.

    I'm not too concerned about the volleyball playing between kyk and dy, they continued to play professionally on court in Pink Spiders even after the rumours of internal conflict. They're both players who know to work together for the bigger goal & played on big stages.

    The bigger concern are the knetz/fans who don't wish to see dy returning to play or play together with kim on the same team.

    That part can't be helped.

    The Spike magazine's editor-in-chief wrote a column about the need for Jaeyeong's return for Korean Volleyball recently (since Kim will be retiring eventually).

    Oh the hate that received haha, and it wasn't even Dayeong who is hated more.

    I think its best in the twins' interest not to participate, even in the ideal best case scenario where their accusations are proven false, forgiven by victim/accuser and KVA retracts their suspension. They've admitted to some of the allegations either way, and it's still the same year.

    The amount of hate they'd receive from participating (in the same year) will be intense.

    Any loss will be blamed on them, any win (or perhaps medal) will not be credited to them either - and yes, bad image for Korea Volleyball if they allow players to "redeem through talent" - at least not in the same year.
    I'm looking to the next Olympics, it's more likely they can participate for that 3 years later.

    Just from looking at their time in Pink Spiders before all the bullying/internal conflict accusations - for those who followed v-league.

    The hate Dayeong received as the team's setter when they lost KOVO cup (despite winning 3-0 straight for every match prior), and also the hate she got for every match Pink Spiders lost (despite 14 straight wins & leading #1 by far).
    It was intense, and obviously got worse after rumours of an internal team conflict involving her, and the bullying news subsequently.

    Not so much amongst international fans, but it was so with the Korean fans. With a huge superstar like Kim joining the team & Jaeyeong as the Top Left in v-league, Dayeong's reputation in comparison wasn't as established yet, and she was also the team's setter, thus she was an easy target to blame (common bane for volleyball setters).

    I'd love to watch & support a more competitive Korea team with them included, but they stand to lose more than they can gain from this if they participated.

    (and its already unlikely to happen to begin with, I've already given up on any Olympic hopes this year haha)

    An Olympic medal would've been tough even with a full & healthy Korea NT. Much less a team lacking practice & having injured players.

    I still hope for Heejin to come back..

    Does the twins' case already proceed in court? That's quite fast

    Yeah, Heejin's firepower is much needed on the international stage, she scores more than Kim & JY at times too. Though I do wonder if the current setters are even able to send her good balls if she does return.

    I find it not very worth risking worsening her injury though, since she's younger and can still participate in the next Olympics.

    No updates yet

    Based on news articles, they intended to meet with the victim/accuser to apologize for the parts which were true, while also refuting some of the false claims made.
    (its what Park Sangha in male league did, someone accused him of locking & hitting them for 14hours, but turns out it was completely false and the victim retracted their claim publicly, they just made use of his name to voice their grievances caused by other bullies)

    But the person who posted on the online forum refused to reveal themselves and meet with the twins, so the twins collected evidence (not sure what sort) and said they planned on taking legal action.


    No update on whether they actually have done so, since they wouldn't have had to bring it to court if the victim/accuser was willing to meet with them.

    I recently stumbled into this fan account on IG and she subs Suji videos.....Do you guys know any other fan accounts other than breadunniekyk10 and kimsuji_fan11 who subs player's videos?

    I can't understand korean AT ALL but would like to know what the players are saying in their club videos lol

    I'm sure there are many more KimYK fan translators out there, though I'm personally not familiar with what their accounts are

    On instagram:

    @hdecvol_eng for Hyojin/Hillstate

    @doongie1015 for Lee Jaeyeong & Lee Dayeong (twins)

    If you have favourite players/clubs, you can try searching their tags on IG and see if you can find any accounts to follow (i.e. #leesoyoung #이소영 #GSCaltex)

    Lavarini has said in an interview that he plans on bringing 2 liberos to the Olympics


    1. Kim YK

    2. Yang Hyojin

    3. Lee Soyoung

    4. Kim Suji

    - She was out due to injuring an old abdominal muscle injury. She called it a "scratch" in the IBK video - I suppose a it's a slight tear in her muscles.

    I read the articles saying Heejin & Suji are out "due to performance and injury" too, so I get where you're coming from though, think its still injury related ultimately.

    5. Park Eunjin

    6. Park Jeongah

    7. Jung Jiyoon

    8. Pyo Seungju or Yuk Seoyoung (or MB Songyi/Dahyun)

    - Pyo is inconsistent but still more stable/experienced than Yuk, if any reason he chooses Yuk at all, it'll be for her spike serves - its why he chose her for VNLs. I would also consider Kim Juhyang (Lavarini's original choice over Yuk, but injured), but since she has no NT experience, I doubt so

    9. Oh Jiyoung

    10. Im Myungok

    - If she recovers in time & Lavarini isn't satisfied with Dahye's performance at VNLs

    11. Ahn Hyejin

    - If her knee injury recovers, also wonder about her mental strength at a stage like Olympics. She was sent back to Korea due to hyperventilation symptoms before their Tokyo Qualification matches in 2019.

    12. Yeom/Dain

    - I find Dain better, but only to the extent as a backup setter. Yeom has been in a slump since season & VNLs, iinw Lavarini said she doesn't run for balls during timeouts (VNL). He's still playing her a lot though, perhaps hoping she gets back her touch, since she's also much more experienced.

    Usually one'd be hard-pressed to decide whom to exclude for 12 limited slots, but I find myself finding it hard-pressed to fill in enough people for this list lol

    edit: ruling out Heejin & Sohwi entirely since their rehab period is too long to make it for Olympics.
    Sohwi is completely ruled out, and Heejin is hopeful to join her unnie's for their last Olympics, but it doesn't sound very likely - unless Lavarini thinks subbing her in for a few minutes/points is more worth than having Pyo/Yuk.

    Twins are still in the midst of trying to prove that most of the accusations made towards them are false. Even if they succeed before Olympics, I think its still better for them not to participate lest the hate - will be intense, moreso playing on same team as Kim again.
    KVA did however say they may change their decision if accusations are proven false in court (source:…ll/article/382/0000901672)

    Interestingly, Soyoung was the top scorer vs Italy, and Park Jeongah is the top scorer vs Germany

    (with KR main line-up playing)

    Hyejin also played again today vs Germany (a bit in set 1, and most of set 3)

    Every time I watch this Korean lineup play in VNL I feel so bad for Lavarini

    Everything he built up in the NT since 2018-2019 all went down the drain right before the Olympics

    His frustration is clear to see/hear

    His only saving grace is Soyoung improving and performing better than expected on a national stage since taking up the responsibility of being in the main line-up

    He was so happy with almost everything she did last match against Italy
    (despite having scolded/nagged at the rest of the team multiple times - not sure if anyone else caught it, but he told the rest to send their receives/digs higher because "she doesn't run"... i believe, directed at Yeom :x)

    Does anyone know what this article about KYK & Pink Spiders' contract means?…ll/article/076/0003737799

    I understand the general idea that they've improved the voluntary withdrawal system for players, to allow players who have withdrawn for >3 years to be "free" from their original club and be able to sign with others.

    But the article seems to mention "exception of military enlistment, overseas and unemployment is not included in the three year period" (unemployment being non-professional volleyball clubs)

    Not sure if I understood this part correctly, does it mean a player has to withdraw for 3 years (but cannot play overseas/non-professional clubs) during those 3 years for it to qualify...? Cause that doesn't seem to make sense

    Well, she didn't have a a chance... She was picked as rookie at season 17/18 (along with Kim Ju Hyang), the year that Lee Da Young just started as main setter for Hillstate... Since Lee Do Hee (who was also just started as Head coach) rarely to rotate her players and LDY had great stamina and steadily performed very well, Kim Da In didn't have many chances to play.. Continued for the next 2 seasons...

    LDY left, Kim Da In had a chance...She started season 20/21 as back up for Lee Na Yeon, but she improved nicely that slowly become the main setter...She got noticed by NT coach , then got called... Good performance, indeed...

    I also hope she got chance to perform in VNL , then OG...

    Dain actually helped Hyundai Hillstate to win KOVO Cup in 2019 as the main setter when Dayeong was absent for NT duties, so she's good too - granted other teams were lacking their NT players too

    Not too sure what the difference between Dain and Nayeon is though, Nayeon did play in Olympic Qualifiers alongside Hyohee in 2019
    (Dayeong & Hyejin were the original setters, but injured/unwell and returned to Korea)

    Maybe she's slightly shorter than Dain and (i personally feel) perhaps slower too? Their setting styles are different too

    That's the V-league. Different set of expectations and environment. This is the international level prior to the main event, Olympics. I don't care how she performed in the Korean V-league because that level is so low don't get me started.

    That's obvious, I'm just saying its not that she's 'not trying hard' (having a bad attitude), she's just not good enough for the international level as a center in the VNLs

    edit: not that Korea has a better choice though, perhaps Jung Hoyoung who joined AVC 2018, pity she got a bad injury at the start of the season
    she'll be a future NT lineup though

    Yeah but the Olympics team will be decided based on the players' performance on the national team / at this VNL, not at the club. I think what futurefound meant was that HSY is "not trying hard" in the VNL matches we saw her in, and I must agree.

    She topped the blocking list last season, but so far I believe she only scored 1 blocking point after 6 matches. That's than any other MB on the team.

    If Kim Suji has fully recovered, she should be on the Olympics squad. She's also tall and already knows how to play Lavarini-style volleyball.

    Think what I meant to say was, its not that she has a poor attitude of "not trying hard", but she's just simply under-performing since she's not agile enough for the international stage & speed volleyball. She only got all those blocks since it was v-league level.

    And yeah Suji will stand a better chance if Songyi can't prove herself this VNL. Except when Suji played with the NT previously, its with Dayeong & Yeom - not Dain and Hyejin, so that will be taken into consideration too.

    Lavarini's play style is heavily reliant on the setter after all... But yeah, it'll likely be Suji going.

    IBK updated the condition of Heejin and Suji on their YouTube channel

    Suji recovered from an abdominal muscle tear from an old injury, started training this week

    Fully intends to (and is able to) join for Olympics if she's selected - but needs to compete with other centers in the running (she's not guaranteed be chosen after all)

    Heejin is still in rehab after surgery but started weight training, since Right position uses different muscles compared to Center (which she played for v-league).
    But her return for Olympics is uncertain, she said it'll depend on the result/progress of her rehab post-surgery.

    Han Song Yi gots to go. I'm sorry. Nothing against her or her age but I can clearly see she's not trying hard. She's just there. She doesn't have the Olympics package. The team should rather focus on the younger, faster players (despite less experience). That's the future.

    I'd beg to differ with regards to the "not trying hard" attitude part, cause from watching v-league, Song Yi is actually one of the most fired up/competitive on the KGC team.

    Constantly trying to get her teammates to do better and try harder, giving them instructions even when she's benched, trying to revive the atmosphere when they're losing when her teammates are worse at "not trying".

    But, she's not so agile and good at digs/attack covers, so I'm guessing that may be what gives off the impression as her "not trying hard" or not going for/saving the ball.

    I agree that it would have been more worthwhile if Korea used this VNL to train their younger/newer players for the 2024 Olympics instead and re-group.

    Sending younger players instead of Songyi or Pyo Seungju, but Korea is aiming for 2021 Tokyo Olympics, not 2024 haha

    This is Kim's last Olympics after all, and Korea even hired a foreign coach like Lavarini to bring Korea as far as they can.

    (irregardless of their missing main line-up due to injuries and suspension)

    So Songyi (#1 in blocking & tall height) and Seungju (no growth potential, but still better/more experienced) would be better choices for their 2021 Olympic run - not that I think they actually stand a chance with this line-up.

    The most focused I ever seen the Korean team play this VNL against Belgium.

    But can't help but think of VNL 2019 when Korea won 3-0 (25-15, 25-17, 25-22) against Belgium

    The starting lineup wasn't full either with Heejin, Dayeong, Sohwi, Seungju, Eunjin and Juah (liberos: Jiyoung/ Yeon Gyeon)

    Serbia played their B team in world cup 2019 and is playing their B team in this VNL as well. They are the world champions...

    Also, in olympics there is 12 teams total, so you advance from the pool to top 8, not to top 16.

    ah yes my bad, Top 8 not 16

    Been seeing comments about 16강 in Korean and kept thinking Top 16 instead for some reason

    Lol yea Serbia was in the 2016 Olympic finals too, what was I thinking haha

    Dominican it is then

    eh what? Serbia is the main candidate to WIN the pool. They won't have any problem with Korean team...

    Korea will have to play a head to head with Dominican R. for a place in QFs.

    Haha is that right? Not too familiar with their team, but just know that Serbia beat Korea 3-1 in VNL 2019, and Korea beat Serbia 3-1 in World Cup 2019 after that

    If so, then as long as De La Cruz plays and Martinez recovers, Dominican will win Korea to get into Top 16

    They need to strengthen their defense. They can win at least 1 set yesterday but somehow couldn't sustain their lead. Pyo Seungju haihh I lose count how many times she got blocked!

    Anyway, what happen to An Hyejin? And Lee Soyoung also get subbed in the middle of the match


    Hyejin (#7) wasn't in their squad list, and she didn't run out together with the rest of the team for the Dominican match

    She was present at the match in a jacket & black shirt though
    Read from Korean comments that the Korean commentators said during the broadcast that she had pain in her knees (not sure how true, but I guess should be why), wasn't in the news though
    But she only played partially during Thai match so far, so its likely from the v-league season before this.

    Feels like she's just not fated for NT, the last time she was part of the team for Olympic Qualifications 2019, she got hyperventilation symptoms and was sent back to Korea (think it was said to be due to the long flight travel? I thought maybe anxiety but idk)

    Soyoung did okay during the 1st set, but her performance wasn't good in 2nd set (only scored 3 pts overall and made some mistakes too), probably just subbed out

    Thinking of all the amazing digs Kim Haeran, Kim Heejin, Lee Jaeyeong and Lee Dayeong did during World Cup 2019 for their defence (and blocks too)

    You can't expect this team to suddenly level up within 2 months time for the Olympics