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    I think the China opp Yang Fangxu had a positive dope test sometime during our just after Rio... But it was somehow covered up for a couple of years. Not sure if she got to keep her gold medal... But she's definitely "retired" from volleyball.

    If Kim doesn't win a medal in this one, I feel like she may be back for Paris 2024 haha

    She said it was her last Olympics in Rio '16, and said it again now - works wonders in the media & also in KVA giving more support (just a guess) like hiring Lavarini

    I think Paris will be her real last

    Would be awesome to see her playing again in Paris 😊 Hopefully she can carry a much stronger Korean team by then.

    I'm glad China swept this, but I have a nagging feeling that the US planned to lose the match - Karch kept away Haleigh Washington and Jordan Thompson, both of whom are probably his secret weapons for OG, and whom China has not had many opportunities to play with. Likewise Justine Wong Orantes, who I think only played in one match against China in 2019. Kim Hill playing libero was probably to prep her to play back row defence when she resumes her usual OH role. A little worrying that Annie Drews scored on quite a few clean attacks 大斜线 that Gong/Ding did not manage to receive. And Jordan Larson was kept out too.

    On the China side though, Lang Ping also rested LYY, which I think is a brilliant choice. It's one less opportunity for the mighty US blockers to adjust to her relatively far out left point of attack.

    Of course, in love with Yan Ni's game 😍

    yan ni really is deserving of all her awards and i’m glad that she’s getting more recognition especially outside china. her perseverance and contribution to the team is something special. hopefully she helps out with the MB coaching in national team. we will miss her when she retires, our 北长城!

    Totally agree. I'm in no position to criticise their skills but somehow I just don't think there's anyone at her level in China just yet. The current MBs are all just lacking in so many ways :( Yuan is really good but Yan Ni just has this sixth sense.

    Welcome to our blog :wavy:

    Yes, Yan Ni’s contribution to China Volleyball is enormous. She has many many fans from outside China as well....

    Thank you! A long time reader here but the discussion on Yan Ni finally prompted me to sign up and comment. I'm just such a big fan of hers.

    It's really great that Yan Ni is getting the recognition she deserves. She's always been a little bit overshadowed by Zhu and Yuan etc, but I think she is totally instrumental to the China NT's recent success. When I play volleyball and am in the front row, not gonna lie I totally copy her ready-to-block stance and death stare... And I'm not even MB. She's just an inspiration to me.