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    I hope ZCN stays in the team too! Like her a lot. As is customary for Chinese NT players they usually announce retirements after National Games which runs from Sept 19-26. We will probably find out then about ZCN.

    Teams taking part this round are (I've listed Tokyo Olympians in the teams)

    Jiangsu (Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu)

    Liaoning (Yan Ni, Ding Xia, Liu Yanhan)

    Henan (Zhu Ting - hoping she won't play!)

    Tianjin (Yao Di, Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan, Yuan Xinyue)

    Shandong (Wang Mengjie)




    omg noooo why? Is she injured? She is still young right?

    She did have a knee injury in 2018, and there were pictures of her at training in Tokyo with a knee brace. But there are also rumours about her wanting to have kids/spend more time with family.

    What do you think is the interim solution for this?

    A different starting line up or change in positions etc? Chinas bench is deep compared to other teams

    If I were in charge: Don't play Zhu or Yan. Let the younger players get experience so WYY, LYY can fill in for them, and WYY did decently today against Russia.

    I read somewhere on the Chinese internet that for the last two matches Lang Ping will talk to the team doctors and let the healthier players start on court for the next two matches, meaning probably no Zhu? I'll link the post when I find it again.

    Feeling terrible for the team, they worked so hard and I really think at the end of the day they just can't get it together with all the injuries. I won't go into why they happened/who's responsible, but just purely emotionally they must be feeling horrible especially with women's volleyball being such a huge thing in China.

    In addition to Zhu's wrist injury Yan Ni's shoulder (ligaments?) has suffered a tear. Lang Ping said in an interview here, not sure if a weibo account is needed to view it but she did say 肩膀撕裂, so some sort of shoulder tear.

    There was a livestreamed interview with JLP and some of the team this evening (Beijing time). You can watch it here (Wei Qiuyue and Yang Hao were also interviewing the team members).

    She said that the team would leave for Tokyo next Friday 16 July with the Chinese contingent on a chartered flight from Beijing.

    edit: updated the link as the previous one stopped working

    I thought Li Yao might have had a chance, but I guess it is what it is now. Two quotes that I've heard a lot recently seem apt now- 郎导的心思你别猜 (don't guess what JLP is thinking) and 赢了一起狂,输了一起扛 (we'll be happy with the win together and "carry" the loss together)

    Source: CVA Weibo (in chinese)

    edited the link as it wasn't working

    additionally some sites have listed LYH as OH and GXY as the sole OPP of the team, others have LYH as OPP alongside GXY and some just didn't bother differentiating between OH/OPP. the CVA post does not include positions.

    Roster finally out!

    OH: Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying, Liu Xiaotong

    MB: Yuan Xinyue, Wang Yuanyuan, Yan NI

    OPP: Gong Xiangyu, Liu Yanhan

    Setter: Ding Xia, Yao Di

    Libero: Wang Mengjie

    Has anyone heard anything from the CVA regarding the final 12 ?

    Rumours are flying atm.....latest is Nee FF has joined the team ?

    Nope, no news about the final roster yet. Been anxiously refreshing all the social media platforms these last few days!

    goodness those 喷子 have something to say about everyone! can be pretty toxic so I try to avoid tieba as much as I can

    Duo bundling strategy... therefore if you take Zhu you must also bring Yao along :lol:

    Your roster seem good, with possibility of change in LXT... also have no idea, as well as the 12th spot.

    What's the deadline for team to determine their roster?

    Yes I heard July 5 too. But knowing them, we'll probably only know when the team is at the airport!

    Zhang Changning and Li Yingying can play OP so it's not a problem. China never had another consistent scorer besides Zhu but this VNL Zhang Changning and Li Yingying really improved. Can they play like this during Olympics? I'm more concerned with libero. MB backups are a mess since both Wang and Yang are pretty much the same. Both Lius are the same type of player so no need to bring them both. I prefer Wang Yuanyuan over Yang Hanyu and Liu Xiaotong for experience.

    I think ZCN can be moved to opposite if GXY doesn’t play well, like in Rio. LYY at opposite hasn’t worked super well in the past but we shall see. She has certainly improved a lot.

    For libero, true that WMJ is unstable, but would it be feasible to take Lin Li along as well?

    Anyway, the team is at the Ningbo Beilun base for quaratined training. Who can you spot? (pictures from 我爱女排 weibo account)

    Agree that Liu Yanhan's form is in question especially in this VNL, and Liu Xiaotong isn't looking great either but I'm not sure who else Lang Ping can take. Then again, if Zhu, ZCN and LYY all falter (touchwood!) we're probably done for. So is the fourth OH really needed? For MBs, Yuan and Yan are going for sure. We definitely need a third one, and before VNL I was pretty sure it would be WYY, but now it all looks like a mess.

    Some very tough decisions the coaching staff are going to face!

    is that JLP's official account? she's so adorbs! Didnt know she's a fan of rocket girls 101 :heart:

    No, the weibo account isn’t hers. A fan account reposted her video from another app (kuaishou). Her official account is this one, much more serious!