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    It was a close fight. Far from a bad game. That's why if anyone overreacts you know they didn't watch.

    Plak spilled all of Japan's secrets tho lmao

    Yes, and it atleast showed which combinations do well or not.

    I agree about Yamagishi. I didn't expect Kojima outperforming her this much if only basing on VLeague's performance. Both aren't really young also, so they should've brought a younger 3rd libero just for exposure, even with less playing time.

    Could be. But i still find the Japanese a bit cold. I've read somewhere that only two of them (the women's team) even wave back a lot or are responsive. The rest just ignores.

    I'm not sure if you were referring to what I said in the Japan thread that Yoshino and Tamaki are the only two consistent ones in greeting the fans and the others just ignores when fans call them. That was an earlier comment and the team was more engaging the latter part of the tournament and even gave away some items. But those two are really the most consistent since the friendly match (pre VNL) and all the others act really shy when people shout their names. In general, the Japan team aren't the most engaging when you compare to USA, Thailand etc. But that doesn't mean that they literally ignored the fans all throughout. Even on the friendly match vs the Philippines, you can see how different they are with Thailand who is always smiling and laughing. They are really reserved and oftentimes looks serious. Mayu Ishikawa is a crowd favorite but acts really shy whenever her name is shouted, unlike others.,

    It's the same thing with the China team. Yuan Xinyue actually waves to the crowd a lot compared to the others. They might not be as engaging as USA players, but I don't see anything wrong with it. I've even saw some fans with a big poster of Jin Ye and she was so happy when she saw it and waved a couple of times to the one holding it.

    China didn't get to field a team yesterday because they were still in Day 5 of quarantine. Based on the official statement of Germany Volleyball / DVV, FIVB cleared them since they followed the local regulations (5 days of quarantine after the result of positive test. no retest needed).

    I completely understand Germany here. FIVB should have done a test again, for everyone's safety.

    I hope we get to see Airi play this week 3. Araki is saying she is excited to see what Airi can contribute to the team since she is another one who can be a scorer alongside Koga and Inoue, and the Coach can get different combinations with the 3 and Hayashi/Uchiseto/Ishikawa. For the first video, she is kind of complimenting Koga's leadership as new Captain, uniting the team in words and in plays :cheesy:

    It's kinda weird Yamada has disappeared. She's supposed to be the future. Maybe there's an injury? She did look unmotivated during the time she did play. Who knows? We will never know

    I think they should've included her in the week 2 roster instead of getting 3 setters and not using Miyashita anyway. I hope she gets another chance for the week 3. I'm initially not impressed with Yokota but she is actually very agile and getting more block touches.

    by the way, I just remembered yesterday that we were laughing about how strong Kojima is. After the games, the winning team gets to throw signed mini balls to the audience and for all the teams, almost everyone's throw is just until the lower level. When Kojima threw the ball last night, it almost reached the highest level in the arena :lol:

    A lot of the opponents aren't complete so it's not really a test of how good they are now if you only look at the win-loss recors. What's important is looking at how they play and the things they still need to work on. At the end of the day, these wins are still good as it can give them more confidence in facing stronger opponents and can give them cushion against the future losses in terms of the World Ranking points earned. That's why, even though I don't think they are the best in the world or what based on the standings since they are not facing complete teams, the WR points they are getting from this is enough for me to be really happy about the wins, especially with the WR points more important this quad with the new Olympic qualifications.

    Watched this game live. The libero who played today is way better than the one in the previous games! She is way better in positioning herself to get the balls.