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    iirc nagaoka and nakagawa were the only ones not present during the club championship. i dont even know why nakagawa wasnt there. nishimura and araki were still able to play despite being included in the wide roster. they joined the training camp last.

    Nakagawa and Hirayama are both in the NT training camp. Nishimura joined because they don’t have any libero left, although she did eventually miss most of the tournament for some reason (as in totally not there so likely went home earlier or idk) and Shirasawa played libero 🤣

    I still liked that tournament though because we’ve seen Ayane Kitamado be the main OH and top scorer in some games 🔥

    Whoever wins this season will play for asian club(forgot the name of tournament) and if they win will play for the club championship later this year. Is this correct.

    No. The participation is a year/season late. Hisamitsu won in 2022 and participated in 2023. NEC Red Rockets won in 2023 and will participate in the Asian Club Championship this 2024. NEC already posted about it. They will join, but will miss Kurowashiki which is after that tournament.

    I'm not sure what their lineup would look like though, specially since VNL is earlier this year than last year. Last year, the National Team training camp is already ongoing during the tournament, so most of those who made the NT wide roster missed it.

    These Hisamitsu and Toray mentions made me want to look at how the Fukazawa twins performed this season.

    Tsugumi Fukazawa (Toray, OH)

    194 points, 37.7% attacking, 0.20 blocking, 49.1% receiving (played 60 sets)

    Megumi Fukazawa (Hisamitsu, OH)

    71 points, 31.3% attacking, 0.07 blocking, 51.9% receiving (played 46 sets)

    I don't usually watch Toray but Tsugumi probably receives really bad considering she is even worse than Megumi :lol: Although, she played MB in high school so just recently converted. She is Toray's 2nd top scorer next to Nwakalor, and pretty decent attacking numbers vs other local OHs. It's weird to think that when Seki leaves next season, Toray will be Tsugumi's team. I mean, weird as she's new and nobody will be an NT rep or what in there (other than former NT Yuri Yoshino as mentioned above)

    JT is so loaded in all positions specially the wings. Having 5 local OH/Opp players in the National Team wide roster is crazy imo.

    On the other side of it though, when they all go to the training camp, they only have 1 winger left - Koyama. I remember this year, JT even pulled out Nishikawa and Tanaka in the NT training camp for some days just to play Kurowashiki because they don't have players left :lol:

    This is JT's season and it will be such a letdown if they don't get the championship.

    Today is the start of another year for Philippines' Premier Volleyball League (PVL), starting with the 1st All Filipino Conference :cheesy::cheesy::cheesy:

    The tournament is composed of 12 teams, including 2 new teams that will debut today - Capital1 Solar Spikers and Strong Group Athletics.

    Biggest movements during the off season came from the disbandment of F2 Logistics Cargo Movers (a team composed of veteran current & former NT players) which lead to their players joining different teams and the huge addition of Fil-American Brooke Van Sickle to Petro Gazz Angels coming from the US NCAA/University of Hawaii.

    MJ Phillips who is playing in Korea is also listed on her home team's roster (Petro Gazz), while Celine Domingo who just recently finished her stint in Thailand will be joining another team - Akari Chargers. Jaja Santiago who is playing in Japan is in her home team's roster (Chery Tiggo), but well, she's always in their roster in the past tournaments even if she doesn't play so idk :lol:

    The team roster, players photos, schedules, standing, and the livestream are all available on the league's website - Player movements are detailed in the tournament's Wikipedia page (shoutout to whoever made this!) -…e_All-Filipino_Conference

    Are there any left side hitters in the league who back attack from the left the way OPs back attack from the right? Why isn't that a thing?

    Because there’s always an OH/left side hitter in the left side frontline anyway. That side always has a wing hitter. The OPs back attack from the right when it is the setter who is blocking/staying in the front right.

    Receiving Stats as of February 4 (blue OH, green Liberos)

    1. Minami Nishimura - 73.7%

    2. Manami Kojima - 73.4%

    3. Hitomi Fukuomoto - 68.9%

    4. Kotona Hayashi - 68.6%

    5. Yuka Meguro - 64.8%

    6. Miku Nakashima - 64.1%

    7. Mana Nishizaki - 63.9%

    8. Hina Kido - 63.8%

    9. Miyabi Arizono - 62.8%

    10. Yumi Hayashi - 62.5%

    Kotona Hayashi is still up there with the liberos in terms of receiving.

    Next OHs are 13th Sarina Koga and 14th Syuka Kaneda.

    Other Hinotori libero Satomi Fukudome at 15th with 59.9%. She was 2nd in the league last season.

    Stats among Japanese OHs & OPPs as of February 4 (blue OHs, red OPs)


    1. Miyu Nagaoka - 44.7%

    2. Yukiko Wada - 42.4%

    3. Sarina Koga - 42.3%

    4. Momoko Niida - 40.7%

    5. Mizuki Yanagita - 40.4%

    6. Rui Nonaka - 39.2%

    7. Kotona Hayashi - 39.0%

    8. Mikoto Shima - 38.3%

    9. Tsugumi Fukazawa - 37.1%

    10. Amika Saiki - 36.9%

    Points per Set:

    1. Fuyumi Hawi Okumu Oba - 5.26

    2. Sarina Koga - 5.05

    3. Amika Saiki - 4.52

    4. Miyu Nagaoka - 4.07

    5. Mikoto Shima - 4.00

    6. Yuka Sato - 3.89

    7. Minami Nakamoto - 3.78

    8. Syuka Kaneda - 3.76

    9. Miwako Osanai - 3.75

    10. Sae Nakajima - 3.55

    -- Kotona Hayashi is at 11th at 3.44

    -- Yukiko Wada is not a starter so low points/set; Momoko Niida started only part of the season because Ai Kurogo now starts over her.

    if nagaoka is 3rd in scoring (currently 8th on v league's attack decision rate) who are the top 2? Is it fuyumi hawi?

    3rd in total scoring among Japanese players, not of the whole league. But here's the top 3 locals:

    1. Fuyumi Hawi Okumu Oba - 405 pts (77 sets played, 5.26 pts/set)

    2. Sarina Koga - 303 pts (62 sets played, 4.89 pts/set)

    3. Miyu Nagaoka - 301 pts (74 sets played, 4.07 pts/set)