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    Well, I think China still has a promising future with their younger player, seeing the last few matches of them. Some of the key players from China's team A and B may retire, but still, I can say that the younger generation still manage to play well, based on the last few matches in the Olympic and VNL.

    Japn should bring back their iconic do or die defense since their attacking has downgraded a lot these days.

    Japan really need to do big reformation in the team. Change all the mindset. They need to be more enthusiastic in attacking, show some violence, spirits. This point also goes for the defensive side. Improving the defense as well as the floor defense may also lead in bringing other players, (ofc miyashita is included). There are a lot of things to do before the qualification period

    Japan's problems are attitudinal. They have no violence in attack (which is an attitude deficiency, not physical weakness) and this current squad is simply not in love with floor defense.

    Yeah, i do understand your point of views and also quite agree with some of the points, especially the above one. I think this is the main issue that Japan need to encounter. Its like theres no aura of 'violence' when they are attacking or spiking

    I get what you're trying to convey but I don't think she's cut out to be an opposite. They could put her back to being an OH if that would make her better. Being moody because you're not the best is not an adversity. Every athlete in the NT has to live up to something regardless of titles.

    Agreed. Past few years, kurogo fails to play up to expectations. Not that shes not good, but yeah, nothing extraordinary shown by her. Plus, playing in OPP position may have hinder her ability

    Good performance without Zhu and Yan Ni. They were just moving freely without the pressure. Sadly they did not play like this when it mattered.

    Announcer doesnt seem to realized that mathematically China is out even with this win.

    I remember Gong crying and hugging Lang Ping in 2016 after they beat Brazil and now she is again crying and hugging other players but because of the opposite reason

    Yeah, its good to see them enjoying the match. Especially Gong who has been not consistent in the previous match. Its so nice to see them attacking and defense well

    Ishikawa didn't dare to hit hard on a less-perfect set when Korea caught up... she was so stiff and nervous looking though they were leading by 1 pt at the end gosh

    Am thinking the same. Continuous errors by her, not sure whether bcs of the sets by momii were loose or just bcs she is nervous.