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    i dont know who you're talking about but i agree with what you're trying to say. sometimes it's not even about players getting along or some players having an ego, sometimes you just can't be close to certain people who you're forced to work with and that's completely normal nothing wrong with that. kind of like koga and mayu but there's an age gap so it's understandable. even saori is rumored to not get along with shinnabe back in the day. but more importantly they just don't have synergy. chemistry is the only thing you can't force and no amount of talent can fill that.

    beggars cant be choosers after we whined about having more nt players play overseas lmao

    But make it make sense HOW in the world could she possibly land a contract with a prime team over Mayu who went to Firenze? She's not even close to being a great setter in the NT so who's asking for her

    That's gotta be a fucking typo because there's no way?! what

    First of all why her. Second of all I guess that means she will be the main setter for Paris but who convinced Imoco to get her?!

    This is just a theory since I found no correlation of that area being her hometown but in the past there were instances when some players would hold their retirement ceremony at an Away Game since it's being held in their hometown where their relatives can also attend but since that's not the case I think it could have something to do with the fact that Ohtake and Sakae are her last active teammates from the same generation as her from her time at Denso and Hitachi.

    It was really nice to see all of the players from both teams come together for the mandatory air throw. Now that's something that I'm sure has never happened before

    That kinda makes sense but why couldn't she have celebrated it at their historical gym where players like Saori, Sakoda, Takada, Nakamichi etc held their retirement? it doesn't really bode well especially as it's a Toray pride thing and she was also part of the NT B team in the past with awards to boost.

    Nwakalor did what Plummer did for Denso a few years ago only twice Plummer's digits and she was going double every single match. This is the end for Toray. Also, anyone else found it weird that Toray Inoue had to celebrate her retirement at Saga's homegame? that's never happened before.

    Totally unrelated but if either Wada or Valdes went into a different top team or both go to toray for example i can see them overtaking these numbers instead of those 2 veterans. During Miyu's peak you would no longer see Ebata and Sakoda in the ranking it was already her batch who overtook the rankings that time.

    Also Toray is doomed if they dont switch up their hitters

    Of course it's banned it's a manual that encourages toxic behavior. It's about complete and utter control of everything mind body people money success everything but in such a brutal and soulless manner. Not the most subtle but very overrated university material that many professors use for debate purposes. I hate everything about it. It gives you so much anxiety but I'm curious how it comes off when translated to Japanese the tone may be a little bit softer

    I think Kitamado has the best serve among all the rookies. It's not Mayu crazy... not even Kurogo peak... wrist looking limp sometimes and other times she's not focusing well but she might get there once she plays fulltime. Her height, build and arm length even her babyhead are all 10/10 (Airi Miyabe still takes my vote as best overall build) hopefully she doesn't get the Saga curse though

    that's not entirely Nishimura's fault. saga should've secured 1 more libero aside from whoever that was that got injured

    it's not her fault for sure but if she has to handle a huge load and isnt all that great in digging unlike fukudome then their whole dynamic falls apart. why they have a surplus of mbs with only 2 liberos is honestly such a dumb strategy. and they shouldnt be putting all the mbs out like that when shion and otake were doing just fine for this team

    I sense y'all are avoiding Toray even though they're still technically a top team and not a sinking ship

    Also JT always takes in these random girls that somehow never gets in on anyone's radar and not so much girls with hype

    that depends on whether mayu will rejoin them and whether or not toray is able to develop another star may it be from hs or uni otherwise the teams that do have those stars might as well push them off a cliff. not a top team anymore if you don't have star nt players.

    It's too early for that atm. You might want to wait until the 2nd half next year to see the shift + possible NT squirmers in the A Team but I think since this is the crucial season before Paris there won't be any more experiments with untested players. But it's still Manabe the king of gimmicks so who knows who he'll throw in.

    exactly he's always up to something, always adding some unknown out of radar player. it would be interesting how he'd tweak the nt if in case he accommodated another newbie we're seeing for the first time

    sitenoise and everyone

    can you also include the ranking for top scorers, blocks and kill rate after empress cup. i cant find it on v league's website but i don't even get how to navigate that site in the first place.

    last season mayu set some sort of record i can't remember what it was but in the end she didn't receive any awards whatsoever. since the 'BEST X' all heavily rely on that ranking maybe you can also include which girls are likely to advance in the nt aside from the key players that would be considered untouchable