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    once they fall to belgium/herbots it's pretty much game over for them. they're not so dangerous despite this being held in their turf but that's manabe's fault for holding mayu back.

    Egonu's attitude during ECH, whether justified or not, was affecting the team negatively. Italy might be better at Olympic qualifiers with the VNL squad vibes.

    You could have at least pretended to know how the game went lmao what the fuck is this always on some bullshit like your fake made up wattpad stories in the Korean thread

    This is the first time for Manabe where a setter isn't one of the main stars of the team. In the men's team, Sekita doesn't seem to be a star either but at least he knows his stuff.

    London - Takeshita and Rio - Miyashita both with huge reputations during their time in the NT. Seki doesn't have Takeshita's ability nor Miyashita's appeal. I don't know if she's ever won anything in her career so far.

    I think in the mind of Mazzanti Pietrini is locked, unless she doesnt want to. I'm sad for Nwakalor tbh, she's had a good tournament so far and has helped Italy a lot but doesn't stand that much of a chance against Antropova.

    I'm over Nwakalor. She does more harm than good for the team. There are better options than her at this point

    not really a fan of shimamura but i don't think it's a good idea to keep going with irisawa. i wanna say seki too but she's probably a fixed member by now.

    Wth is Miyabe still sticking around for if she's not going to play

    Why not get a useless hottie that looks like Sabina Altynbekova before she ruined her face. That's sure to make more noise than having a 196 American that's not google-able.

    why is he so proud though? does that count as an achievement? by next year she's not making it to this nt so what's the point

    He tried to hype Airi last year then made her into a translator even though Gen understands and speaks fluent English. Manabe's gimmicks are awful but I don't think he's aware that it backfired.

    If their lineup doesn't change I don't see them getting very far. Other NTs aces are expected to join by Brazil. They won't stand a chance unless they make necessary changes in the lineup.

    I do hope they allow and encourage more social media engagement from their players.

    I don't know why you guys are complaining I made a story and mentioned Wada and Seki and they both viewed and liked it. Koga never does but she has 200K so whatever. They're engaging with fans the problem is they don't have enough fans them being unpopular is not something anyone can control unless they all look like a bunch supermodels that would definitely attract a lot of people then you're asking for the impossible because posting bikini pics and expressing your opinions on twitter like tugba will get you suspended from the nt.

    That new Kai dude has basically zero exposure except for that one video tbs posted and he blew up practically over night. You can't stop it from happening it's up to fans to pick up what's hot.

    It's unfair that Inoue is part of the ace promotion when Hayashi continues to back up Koga in scoring and Inoue only goes after the easiest matches to score more than Koga. Same as with last year nothing has changed. She got traded for Tanaka not that it got better during that point and as we saw today even Wada receives better than Inoue. She does what she can but she's not completing the trinity of this team pre-Paris. And there people who suspect Hayashi of underperforming when Inoue could have stepped up her game a whole lot.

    manabe including airi to that junk sports variety show is so funny to me what did she do in the nt last year aside from return to play for japan. they should have invited seki instead and let her knit on that show

    koga had a heavy glowup thanks to those braces and her serve improved a ton. she had a sloppy askew serve 2014?-2015

    ajcharaporn doesnt age like wth is she

    But can Koga and Mayu pull in 10,000 people and fill an arena's quota? with both girls heavily relying on their male counterparts names now.

    I'm saying it takes more than just those 2 they're nowhere near Saori's stardom and she never had to rely on anyone else to get her name out there.

    that was a very different time there's no use comparing it to saori and she was an exceptional beauty so of course her popularity was magnified. they have to get with the times and in this tiktok youtuber generation whoever has the most exposure gains more fans. the women's nt barely has any exposure that's not only accessible but also trendy. look at ran he dabbles at every kind of silly tiktok trend and nishida is only that popular now thanks to youtubers.

    I disagree and TBS does so much for them already. Hayashi, inoue, seki and irisawa have all gotten their own episodes.The problem is the erratic player changes in the main team. There's very little time for anyone to even remember each player's names.

    its inevitable and necessary to make player changes as long as the aces remain intact. it's not a big deal every team goes through it. if you can't keep up that's you're own fault

    thats alarmingly low especially in japan for an nt match no less it should put some pressure on jva to give the girls more exposure. that's less than nec's homegame audience

    Last year was the first year for Germany's Heynen, and it took time for his tactics to sink in, but I have high hopes for this year.

    You must be kidding... Germany would be better off if they had someone like Terzic than Hellnen. His role distribution is atrocious and he doesn't get the meaning of team.