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    It's fine for Nagaoka to retire she's been through enough. Her goal should be to end the season in good condition and win with Hisamitsu. When Ishii released a book or magazine? she said she wants to stick around for a little longer with Hisamitsu.

    The 2 girls I would like to see get called are Valdes and Yoshino Nishikawa. Toe has been doing well since the last time she was in the NT. She's certainly a better option now than Yamagishi and personally I think she is a lot better than Fukudome.

    Valdes should be at the top of the list for OPPs but the question of whether Manabe will call someone who isn't Japanese by blood still remains

    Raw translation from Instagram story

    The source that Toray linked to

    "The V-League women's volleyball match between Hisamitsu and Toray will be held at the Miyazaki City Gymnasium on March 26 and 27.  Hisamitsu has former national team member Mochiyu Nagaoka and Sakiai Nakajima from Miyazaki Nihon University High School, while Toray has this fall's World Championship representative, Shinsuke Ishikawa, and others."


    Shady that they put Seki as others. Who is this Sakiai Nakajima?

    USA detonated two atomic bombs over the Japanese cities ( Hiroshima and Nagasaki) and isn't Japan playing against USA now ?

    That was during WWII tf. Has USA bombed Japan since? Have they mass murdered citizens in Japan since? Has USA done anything to Japan like declare war after that? Is USA in their country right now bombing the fuck out of Japan and stealing any of their land?

    Are you trying to say Egonu destroyed Japan with little effort... Mazzanti knows they're playing against a soft team

    If Egonu had to go god mode in every match Italy would end up like Belgium. That's what it means to be a shitty coach. Belgium can have Herbots going 30-40 pts for 5 years but never come close to the podium.

    Fortunately for Japan they're not doing Koga-ball but Manabe was probably close to going that route had it not been for Koga getting injured.

    Koga has been playing nonstop even during all those friendly matches pre-WC and unlike Egonu for example she never gets subbed until she was injured so it's understandable that there were times where the limits of her physical ability shows. Inoue is already the focus of offense as you've probably noticed nothing has changed in her role otherwise we would have seen Airi take over for her.

    To me I think the worst change is their libero. Uchiseto has good reception but she lacks alertness that the past NT liberos have. She's not cut out for fast paced floor coverage.

    Pre-Olympic is rather misleading but ok it is what it is. I'm pretty sure they agreed to be part of that tournament in France since 2 NT members and a former NT member Tashiro are all there so I assume it was already part of a deal way back.

    Airi should get cut because she's easily the most useless player. I think Fukudome should stay because the situation with the liberos is still unclear. So maybe Yamada. I like her but Yokota is looking far more aggressive.

    im against cutting yamada. they should leave the 2 sisters behind. ameze is too small, hayashi and mayu are small enough as it is they don't need a shorter player that might do so-so and the other is not progressing at all.

    My guess are Ameze and Fukudome will get cut and I only said Ameze since Airi is Manabe's current pet. It's hard to know whether their time in France helped them in any way or help the others adjust at the very least. imo the level is just a little bit above the AVC teams but not by much. Inoue is still behind Hayashi and Airi is ... she is???? she's...not happening. Mayu is also a big question mark.

    i dont think its fair to compare the teams here to the avc teams because that was a continental championship and even then i wouldn't say their levels are close. the tournament in france was technically a warm up pre-whatever they wanna call it. most of the teams aren't going to show everything. turkey beat italy in the dhl match but you don't see mazzanti getting worked up over it. hopefully the term pre-olympic and their winning streak in france won't go over their heads

    Airi isn't going to be ready by WC.

    I feel bad for Herbots though even during these friendly matches she still has to be the one to lead Belgium.

    if that were a real tournament and not what tbs is calling a "pre-olympic friendly match" , the results could be way different depending on whether or not herbots is motivated. there doesn't seem to be a crowd there unlike in the friendly with netherlands. but yes it is a real issue for herbots bc girl doesn't know when to step back, there's almost no room for growth for the other players bc they all know she will be the one to take the initiative

    Nishikawa is good for AVC but we don't know how good she can be against more formidable opponents. I didn't even notice her slow reactive strength since that flaw is not exposed during matches. Osanai was a strong presence in the past AVC but now she's a ghost.

    Nishikawa's height makes her a better option and if she is capable of scoring well that can be developed maybe even faster than it is to make Airi adjust but we know at least for now that Manabe is focusing on making Airi come out of her shell.

    Mingardi is a reach btw I mean Camilla doesn't have a freak vertical but the woman likes to fly and she has one of those heavy impact spikes whether she's doing pipe, OPP or OH. I don't see that in Nishikawa or even Koga, basically none of the girls atm.

    What do we know about Airi's progress? will Manabe continue to keep her ready on the bench since she was part of his precious squad in the past?

    AVC is in a totally different league I get that but if they don't try other players who are ready and willing rather than players who they think might be ready anytime soon they're wasting their time. They could have easily gotten Nishikawa and let Ameze fight at AVC but they're willing to gamble Airi because she's Rio gang wide roster who just so happens to have NCAA experience pfffff bye

    I googled Megumi Kurihara and noticed she wore # 1 jersey. Regardless of your opinion on Megumi she was an ace and so were Nagaoka and Kurogo. In the men's team it was Shimizu and now it's Nishida both core players. Why did Manabe give Yamagishi the # 1 now? :rolleyes: Kurogo already ruined # 1 now Yamagishi isn't even the main libero.

    I think Manabe fully intended Yamagishi to be the main libero but once he started with Kojima and saw how good she was, he decided to utilize her instead