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    What do we know about Airi's progress? will Manabe continue to keep her ready on the bench since she was part of his precious squad in the past?

    AVC is in a totally different league I get that but if they don't try other players who are ready and willing rather than players who they think might be ready anytime soon they're wasting their time. They could have easily gotten Nishikawa and let Ameze fight at AVC but they're willing to gamble Airi because she's Rio gang wide roster who just so happens to have NCAA experience pfffff bye

    I googled Megumi Kurihara and noticed she wore # 1 jersey. Regardless of your opinion on Megumi she was an ace and so were Nagaoka and Kurogo. In the men's team it was Shimizu and now it's Nishida both core players. Why did Manabe give Yamagishi the # 1 now? :rolleyes: Kurogo already ruined # 1 now Yamagishi isn't even the main libero.

    I think Manabe fully intended Yamagishi to be the main libero but once he started with Kojima and saw how good she was, he decided to utilize her instead

    Compared to who? Borodakova was faster than her from what I can remember and she would drag herself on the court.

    Moroz and Evdokimova for example.

    Megumi got injured at some point when she was in Russia and could not play the rest of the matches.

    Faux-Euro Miracle-reject Princess what's her name was already an ace during his last years in Japan. She was supposedly better than Saori back then but I've watched old videos and still fail to see what they saw in her. At best she's probably like Merete Lutz.

    Kurihara played for Dynamo she wasn't slow though compared to other Russian players she was fast

    I think it may have been Miyashita's decision to give up her spot (again). I don't see it as Manabe's decision but her own. If she were really determined to play for this team I'm sure Manabe would give her a chance considering he hasn't dropped Yamagishi and Uchiseto yet. It's sad but I think we may not ever see her in the NT again after this.

    Osanai does pack quite the punch. I forgot how much stronger she is compared to Hawi. The last time she was part of any NT action was in 2019 but her and Miyashita unfortunately did poorly. That was during the rise of Mayu and Miya Sato.

    A Japanese in a European League.

    that's rare

    Are you going to make a post about it or not?

    An Saita, Kanami Tashiro, Mika Shibata, Yui Tomiyasu, Rin Morita are all in France. Not at all rare. Not to mention a lot of Japanese male players are in "Europe".

    The girl that posed with Beyza did better than Inoue but still not good enough. She's like the poor man's Nabeya. I don't like her. They need a different player on the right.

    Maybe not even top 8, if the rumors about Świrad and Kazała are true.

    I don't understand why they hired two liberos (Adamek, Strasz) who are good diggers but bad passers... Their reception line will be messy

    Not Kazała:aww: do they even have goals this season

    Good to see that Shimamura is still aggressive with her slides. Yokota reminds me of the the previous Okayama MB Manabe used during Rio and Okumura but are by far the most ineffective. Yokota is more composed and has better block reach to some extent than Ogawa.