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    not opposed to this list…

    Santos was great too but I remember Carrillo 's back to back aces many times, especially when she was playing in Uralochka. Carillo, at the age of 16, was best server of the world championship.

    Among non-cuban players, Sokolova or Neslihan comes to my mind. And Godina from early 2000s

    that Russian team from Sydney Olympics, though! 👍🏻

    She is originally a middle of course but in last couple of years she played as Opp. That's why I was confused with her transfer, considering they already have 2 foreign opps

    wow - Nancy back to middle blocker position. It will be nice to see her again playing her attacks in front of the setter. Though I wonder if we’ll see her doing the typical slides plays for such position, which up until the last cuban Olympic generation (2008) , such play wasn’t part of their attack system . Actually, the last Cuban middle blocker I saw making that type of play, was Regla Torres, scoring their last point that led them to their third Olympic medal gold in a row.

    Saw in Sina news that like 6 male 🇨🇳🏐 players (probably all are in NT) are playing overseas (Japan). Why are the female 🇨🇳🏐 players especially those in NT hardly allowed to play overseas? What is the logic behind restricting women from playing abroad? GXY, LYY and YXY have opportunities/ offers to play for foreign clubs for sure.

    I guess the reason is a state that controls everyone and everything = Comunism

    USA won't play. They gave up and Cuba will take their place.

    thank you for sharing this.

    😮 kind of surprised here… did they say the reason as to why? USA has such a huge and competitive pool of athletes to make more than one podium contender team. Still wonderinG why they’d decline to participate.

    italy is very racist country, even Latinos are facing lots of problems while visiting there. I can't imagine black people.

    well, I just came back from spending almost a year due to a work assignment and you can tell I’m Latin from a mile away and never felt in any way or shape Italian people being racist to me. All the opposite. They are friendly and very welcoming.

    Yes it is really good for USA that they have a lot of good OH but this thing also have a disanvatage. They are really a lot and they have a few opportunities to show to Kirally what they can do . And Kirally takes the players who are looking in a better shape in these few matches. But there is a trap in that. The fact that someone can play better than an other in two or three matches does not mean that she is a better player . And unfortunately for Bajema I think that she is a player who needs her time . I mean I do not really believe that she is the 7th best OH. In my opinion she i better than this.

    As for Larson I think that someone in the foroum said something really apt about how sometimes a legend can hold her team back when she can not offer much things any more and he told it about Maja. I think that this is the right answer here

    agree with you on most of the points… it also reminds of Cuban Mireya Luis making the Sidney 2000 Olympics. She’s there almost as an extension of the technical staff…

    USA has too many good OHs, that’s crazy. She was playing CL final as a starter and she is 7th-8th in the line. The worst thing is that Larson will probably go to Paris :gone: She should retire with that gold around her neck and give some chance to other girls. She is a living legend, but not that needed anymore, KRob will do her job.

    a true powerhouse, indeed 😎

    I hope all the girls have a good support system and that they stay away from social media as much as possible. Criticism is obviously fine and even warranted given the last few matches, but some of the things you see online are so unbelievably vile.

    It seems very clear to me that they're struggling with their confidence at the moment, so we as fans should be working together to lift them up. But instead people just want to break their spirits. Their support is so fickle, it's really sad to see.

    I agree

    USA is probably the most... wait... it is the most diverse team. This ticking boxes destroys any sport. So does USA always have to have a non white OH? Your MBs were always black. How much diversity do you want?

    Your libero is Asian.

    Looking at USA team right now, i don't see any diversity issue.

    I agree 100% with you, Rhaemon. The idea to reduce people to their race is repugnant to me.