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    Stupid pandemic really messed things up - I'm sure ALL teams would've been more primed and ready to go had the games been held last year. Wouldn't surprise me if some players also thrive and feed off of a live audience which of course they couldn't have this year. Ugh!

    The Philippines is unique because it's a country where east meets west. We have something in common with our South East Asian neighbors, of course, but there's also a strong Spanish and American influence. The names of the people here says a lot about that (American sounding first name + Spanish surname). Sorry for offtopic.

    No, of course there's an American and Spanish influence; what I took exception to was the comment that the country has way more in common with Latin American nations - that I totally disagree with and I speak as someone with first-hand experience.

    And I realize this has gone way OT, so I'll refrain from commenting on this subject any longer.

    we are like different from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Like the Black Sheep of SEA. LMFAO

    They might all be different but the Philippines still has much more in common culturally with their immediate neighbours than with countries all the way in Latin America. The superficial Iberian glaze in no way compares with the deeper commonalities that the Austronesian peoples share.

    Interview of Lang Ping after CHN-ITA match

    Sad to see Lang Ping cry...

    I read a translation somewhere which stated that she said that she herself was personally responsible and at fault for the losses, and that she apologizes to the country and everyone. So, there's that for anyone looking to blame Lang Ping for everything...

    I also don't believe that Zhu Ting's "injury" is the whole story - she looked so strong at the Tokyo Challenge event which wasn't even that long on earth could she have deteriorated so much since then?

    I think that ,,she would know her body best'' is a contrary to any professionalism in modern sports, where professional athletes are monitored by specialists regarding their health and condition, who make valid decisions regarding intensity, weight of a training, and potential limitations during preparations. And first and foremost players function within a specific system: and the fact that Chinese players are more injury-prone, their careers are shorter and their shape has more fluctuation (examples of Wei or Wang) is a result of a system of training and general perspective of volleyball of Chinese coaches and a federation. So no offense, but this is not how professional sports looks right now. We all wish that Zhu won't become just another example of exceptional, but short career.

    Paola Egonu finished her club season in early May, then she got few weeks of break after exhausting season from Mazzanti, and the she joined a training camp in late May. Ask yourself if something like that would be possible in a regime of Chinese volleyball system, and if this is a difference of preferences or awareness - or a whole different system in which they both are a part of.

    I'm quite aware of how the Chinese sports system operates, thank you very much. Of course, she wouldn't make any decisions solely based on her own judgement because she isn't a medical professional, but she would roughly know how far she should push herself to avoid worsening her injury. Consult the in-house medical personnel or get an outside opinion and proceed from there.

    If she was some nobody I could believe that she'd just go along with whatever her superiors have planned for her, but she's the biggest name in the sport at the moment. I think that if she wanted to do things more in her own way, she could, like Li Na did in tennis. Yes, I realize this is a team sport, but the days in which Chinese athletes are just mindless little automatons toiling away in horrible conditions are less the norm these days, I would think. So, I think with her being as essential as she is to the Chinese team, had she made her needs known, she would've been accommodated.

    However, I don't think she's that type of character at all. She appears to be quite traditional and is probably very obedient to her superiors, especially to Lang Ping. Do her best for the team, suffer in silence and all that, which is a pity because look at what she's gotten herself into.

    I just think that blaming everything that's happened to her solely on Lang Ping and other higher-ups is quite frankly idiotic, IMO.

    🇨🇳Is a communist country. It is a big brother kind of society. You think you really can go against the authorities? You will be in trouble if you go against the mandate.

    That's another stereotype I'm disinclined to buy into. Anyway, Zhu Ting is the biggest star in volleyball; if she had really insisted that she needed more extensive treatment or time off, I'm sure her demands would have been accommodated.

    If she's obedient by nature and would do anything her superiors told her to then she is still to blame for what happens to her own body.

    what makes us fans especially Zhu Ting fans mad and heartbroken is the disregard of Zhu Ting’s well being and career. Letting her suffer and endure pain such cruelty. Hurting her mentally because of subpar performance due to this injury ; letting her lose her confidence . The foremost concern is possibly ending her 🏐 career an illustrious one. Did she deserve this harsh treatment? Did she ask for it? 😱🤬😡😤😭

    Well, she's a grown woman, not a child. She would know her body best, and if she really felt that pushing the wrist injury would render her useless at the Olympics, she should have spoken up and done something about it. I'm disinclined to believe the stereotypes about the Chinese, that they're just good and obedient little children who are always willing to do as they're told.

    So, if Zhu pushed herself to the point of serious injury, she deserves just as much blame as anybody else for her predicament.

    I'm done with JLP, honestly, full of shit, take some responsibilities!:down: Zhu literally was useless on the court, and she still wouldn't sub her out:hit: It's baffling to see them turned into a completely unrecognizable team in less than a month.

    It's almost unbelievable that the Tokyo Challenge event was not even that long ago and Zhu was at the top of her game and attacking like crazy (just watch the match against Japan!).

    Could her wrist have worsened so much in such a short time? If it did, much more should have been done to ensure that that didn't happen!

    They can dream on about taking even one set off of Italy.

    I don't think that it is just Zhu Ting's wrist which is the cause of all of this...something is off about the entire team...they all look sluggish and not confident in themselves at all.

    Sigh, bye China...such a terrible performance...I had also stopped watching in the 4th set because I thought they had it in the bag. Blowing that big of a lead is just unforgivable.

    I guess I really did give Lang Ping too much credit in being some kind of an all-knowing, grand master planner!

    China in 2016 started with 2-3 loss against Netherlands, and 3-0 wins against Italy and Puerto Rico, what secured their spot in QF. That's a difference between peaking in a right time during knockout phase vs risking elimination during a group phase.

    I really like what VBW does in terms of number of clips they share, but that's too much :D

    You're probably right.

    I won't even pretend to be any sort of expert or oracle...maybe I am giving Lang Ping too much credit!

    Although it pains me to say it, even if China makes it into the QF, my gut feeling is that they won't even make it to the final, let alone be the champion this year.

    I don't think anybody planned losing 0-3 to Turkey, especially in the way they lost.

    Well, when they did so badly in the group stage in 2016, was that according to plan or not?

    Let's put it this way, I don't think she purposefully instructed her team to lose to Turkey, but let's just say I don't think she really minded that they did.

    China is my favourite team but I highly doubt they will beat Italy; Egonu and Co. are looking scarily strong. I do think that China will beat Russia and of course Argentina, though; whether that will be enough to get them out of the group stage, I don't know.

    At the same time, Lang Ping seems a bit too chill throughout all of this, so I'm slightly inclined to think that things are going more or less according to plan, at least in her book.

    Sorry if this has been brought up already (I'm new here), but does anyone know if Zhu Ting has been adversely affected by the horrific floods in China? When I heard that they were happening in her home province, my first thought was worrying whether it would have a negative impact on her at the Olympics. Maybe it was a factor in her poor performance against Turkey?