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    who would've thought a few months ago that rosamaria, who was in danger of not being brought to tokyo over sheilla, will be in starting six over tandara or natalia as the OPP? true, she's nowhere near the level of those players at their best forms but she's bringing the firepower brazil needs in this tournament.

    That was the only match in knock out stages (QFs, SFs and F) that had to be decided in the tie-break. I love those games too.

    I compared the quality of players (and game) from those years to now and well :gone::gone::gone:

    if Karpol would see the error rates alone of today's teams... "ballistic" is not a sufficient word to describe it. :lol::lol::lol:

    the 2004 teams who qualified in the QF are all in top shape (with the surprise addition of USA).

    I think what makes the 2004 version a lot better is the high quality of reception and minimum errors of teams (surprisingly even cuba). the variety of volleyball styles are also fun to watch. asian volleyball vs power volleyball vs european style vs the modern volleyball style etc. I can't recall though if cuba back then have already used the 5-1 approach with the libero or the 4-2 with two setters. regardless, my most fave olympics (tied with 2008 since Brazil won that edition :P:D). <3

    Italy 2008 was a but different for me because Aguero situation was critic. (If Im not wrong, her mom passed away days before the Olympics started, and Cuba government didnt let her come as soon as she could. I think Tai arrived once her mom had died).

    Italy didnt play a one-woman game as they did in WCH 2018. Yes, Lo Bianco tended to set to Tai in the key moments and all, but Italy was more a "team" than what they are now. One superb setter as Lo Bianco was, Simona Gioli and her fast attack, Piccinini, the living legend Cardullo, etc.

    They were unlucky in the draw (once again, 2nd x 2nd and 3rd x 3rd) too.

    oh yeah.. totally forgot about aguero's... situation.

    but that QF was also exhilarating due to the sudden revival of USA with berg and Willoughby. goodness, i love those games.. '08 and '04.

    Italy were good at the start though. I don’t understand what happened in their last 3 matches. :what:

    But that’s what the OG is all about, bringing your best when it matters most. Whoever wins deserves it 100%, it’s not at all delegitimised because China or Italy or Kenya or anyone underperformed. On paper, I do believe Italy should be a better team than any of the teams left in the competition but who cares? If anything that makes the semi finalists runs even more impressive.

    agree. you don't have to be the best all the time. you have to be the best WHEN IT MATTERS MOST. :!:<3:super:

    they WERE superior to both teams. Get your facts straight.

    i remember beijing 2008... italy was ranked #2 in the world yet they also failed to enter the semi finals.

    now that i've mentioned it, italy's scenario is too similar in both beijing and tokyo. italy has relied too much on the "best OPP in the world" thing with aguero and egonu but once they falter, the whole team falters.

    if italy really is a top team in the world, they should've stopped relying on one player. that's why i prefer more balanced teams like usa and bra. even serbia and china who also rely on their own key players (zhu ting / boscovicc) run circle in italy in most matches.

    I know that with statement I’m gone make many of you guys angry but this is why I’m here.

    Both USA and Brazil can be happy that top 3 NT are not 100% ready and that they flopped really hard because of their idiotic staffs. Now they have chance to win gold medal but in reality they would out maybe even before semi finals.
    This is by far weakest Olympics and the eaziest to win gold medal.

    But history doesn’t care about it at all… Names are gone be written.

    what's your basis of "top 3" NT?

    in world rankings, the top three are USA, brazil, and china. followed by turkey russia, serbia... italy nowhere near top 5. even before the olympics, italy has difficulties defeating the other teams and the last VNL has shown that.

    the only surprise in this olympics really is china. the others have ups and downs but not really that surprising.

    Oh well. What's new. I kinda gotten used to this though. I've been cheering for Russia since Sidney 2000 and been heartbroken since then every olympics. :gone:;(

    Congrats to Brazil though. :flower:

    Russia IS magnificent! too bad they faced brazil in the QF but if they faced another team instead, i'm positive they would've reached the semis. they've played their best games in YEARS.

    ROC could've gotten it. this is the best game i've seen russia in YEARS! big respect to this team. again, their future is bright with Federovtseva and this game shows that they are still a top team in the volleyball world.

    but the main difference between the two teams is that brazil's bench CAN contribute. gonharova did not deliver but russia doesn't have another OPP of near caliber to make a proper sub. unlike on brazil where rosa or natalia can sub.

    Rosamaria, tandara, roberta, macris... ze roberto just needs to find the right combination between them.

    Congrats brazil! SF here we go!!