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    Tonight we had a great match between Sada/Cruzeiro and Minas - the last "classic" from the first part of the season, if I'm not mistaken. I really expected Sada to bounce back from the loss to Sesi and break Minas' invincibility. Minas had other plans. They won by 3 x 1 and now opened 4 points from Sada in the ranking table, while still having 1 less match played.

    I feel really impressed by Vissoto. I never really liked him and, maybe except for those 2 final matches on the 2010 WCH, I never really thought he belonged to the NT. To me, for a long time he was just that guy with a huge potential ever since he was a kid, but who was never, or almost never, able to achieve it. But the truth is he improved tremendously ever since he left the NT and I think that currently he's in his best technical shape ever. He's obviously past his physical peak, but he developed skills to score whenever it's needed like he didn't have some years ago.

    And Minas as a team is working really well. Very solid in the back court, making it easier for William to pull his tricks. Sada, OTOH, is a little bit in trouble, I feel. Another match where Cachopa was benched, the team at times seemed all over the place. They don't have balance among the OH's. Lopez is a very important scorer for the team, but at the same time he's too much of a liability in the reception. Due to Rodriguinho's physical problems, Filipe was not able to try this, but I have the feeling that if he tried to take Lopez out, Rodriguinho and Loh won't be able to support Wallace. I actually think Filipe doesn't really know what to do... Anyway, I still consider them the heavy favorites for this season, but they need to get a lot better ASAP.

    Oh, I liked that... Osasco is so unbalanced that anyone will look like someone that can fit right in.. The fact that they're looking for someone that is actually good is odd, I'm not used to that :rolll:

    I wish she would go to a better team, though...X/ Osasco is too messy for her development... If she came to Brazil during this season, it'd be cool if she went to Minas, Bauru or maybe even Fluminense, now that they lost Brunna Moraes...

    Odina Aliyeva left Sesi Bauru Vôlei

    Yikes. What a pity. And apparently Sesi Bauru can be just as elusive as SESC with their "official announcements". I hate the lack of transparency.



    Am I the only that kept hearing they calling her "Birdman" in that clip? :lol:

    By the way, some impressive shots from Mari Brambilla... She's been flying a bit under the radar, but judging for that, it seems she definitely has what it takes.

    Cool, now I'm excited for this match between Georgia Tech and Western Kentucky! This high middle ball that Matthews hits reminds me of the great Cubans from the 90's!

    Cool, thank you for that! :thumbup:

    Very comprehensive analysis!

    I'm curious about Wisconsin... I remember watching Rettke in the 2019 VNL and being very impressed by her! Also stoked for Bergmann! And I have a soft spot for Stanford...

    In your opinion, what are the strongest teams? The ones we should keep our eyes on, for having a good chance of making the Final Four...?

    Yeah, I agree with you guys. I really like Drussyla and I wanted her to turn it around. But I don't think having her playing full time when her level is like this does her any favor. And by the way, I always liked Rubinho too, I find him to be a very good coach, but he definitely seems to best lost this season. And I think it started already with the way this roster was built. Weren't they trying to sign Tandara at the very beginning? How did they go from that to this?

    In last night's big match, Osasco beat Sesi/Bauru by 3 x 2. I actually expected Osasco to have an easier time beating Sesi, cause they're definitely a more cohesive team, while Sesi still strikes me as just a bunch of decent/good players playing together.

    In Osasco, the biggest standouts for me were Adams, Tiffany and Carla. Adams had her best match in the season, at least among the ones I watched. Her connection with Fabíola is already very good. Tiffany started a bit slow, making some errors, but eventually found consistency and is obviously super important to keep the team's sideout strong. Carla, who received the Viva Vôlei Trophy, had ups and downs throughout the match, but her ups were key for the win. She's a dangerous server. I'm glad she's getting this opportunity, I always liked her and ever since she left Minas she had never been this good.

    Sesi is a great blocking team, but has a hard time putting the ball down. Maybe Rubinho should consider having Mayhara back on the starter team, cause her slide attacks can definitely be helpful for the team's sideout, but I suspect he won't, for now at least. I found Dani Lins and Drussyla very poor last night. With Drussyla, it just seems Rubinho refuses to side her out (maybe because of the "confidence card"?). I'm appreciating Nia Reed more, but I just think this team and her are a bad mix. I think she would fit in a lot better in a team like Minas.

    =O Forget everything I said about Maringa, I was just joking, you know :gone:

    And Curitiba won! :white:

    :lol: I remembered your post and also Sydney's about Curitiba resting their players when I found out about the the already surprising beginning of the match, with Curitiba winning the first set.

    The thing is while in theory I'd agree with him that Helga could use the matches with stronger teams to try to improve the team's quality, reality sometimes disregards that logic. I learned about that specially in the olympic cycle leading up to Rio-2016, when Terzic and Lang Ping would always try to rest their best players instead of giving them time to play and in the end surprisingly it paid off.

    But I don't think anyone saw it coming, about Curitiba beating Maringá... Even if Maringá is still a small team, that's quite an upset.

    Some unsettling news. Brunna Moraes, from Fluminense, suffered an Achilles tendon rupture during training and is out of the season. She'll have a surgery and is not expected to come back to court before 6 months of rehabilition. Very unfortunate for her and for the team, Brunna was having a great season so far. Yesterday already her absence showed, when Flu lost to SESC by 3 x 1, the first time in the competition where they left a match without snatching 1 point at least. They had already taken both Osasco and Minas to tie-breaks. Good luck for Brunna, hopefully she has a speedy recover.

    I totally think it will be helpful for Cachopa to move abroad too. Though half of the NT players are still (or were, before Maurício left Minas) in the League, the level dropped a lot this year, so there won't be much room to be challenged. But I think Cachopa still hasn't won the Superliga playing as starter, right? Maybe that's one of the reasons why he hasn't considered moving away. Anyway, I always saw potential in him, even in that first year he was starter in Sada and all their supporters wanted him gone. But I'll try to observe him with more critical eyes from now on.

    As for Bruno, I think he did really well in the Superliga with Cimed in his earlier years. Maybe I didn't use to think that highly of him because there were a lot of other good setters back then, and I didn't necessarily think he was that much ahead of them then. Specially in the NT, I think he only started coming into his own from 2013-ish onwards...

    Really, you guys think so? TBH, I really like him. I think he's had some ups and downs, but for example, I don't think he's any worse than Bruno was when he was 25. But I agree that the current generation of setters doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. 10 years ago we had a lot, really a lot, of better options. But that's also why I think there's nowhere much else to look for besides Cachopa, at least right now.

    Last night, I was surprised when Filipe replaced him, because the only thing I think he could've tried more was involving his MB's in the game. Wallace was kind of a mess, Lopez was very up and down, but Lucas Loh was surprisingly a good asset, at least before Cachopa went to the bench. I think Sada was hurt by not having Rodriguinho in good shape. I actually think Filipe should try to use Oppenkoski more in the coming matches, because last night he was totally unprepared, but during the season I think he'll be needed. I actually don't know him very well, but I think they definitely need a plan B when it comes to opposites.

    SESI is currently unbeaten in the league and they've also just beaten Sada 3-1 in an away match. :what:

    Very surprising, indeed! After they let their 6-point lead in the second set slip away, I thought they would come back in the 3rd set with their guard down, but that's not what it happened at all. Tonight they totally outblocked Sada (16 x 7) and the difference in the opposites performances also tells a lot: Darlan had 27 points with 61% of efficiency while Wallace had only 13 points (less than half!) and 40% of efficiency. I'm also quite impressed by Birigui. SESI is the biggest surprise of the competition.

    She is without club. I yhought she would sign with SESI Bauru but she didnt.

    I also thought she would go to Bauru, but apparently the team's budget couldn't afford her. I do think, however, that had they built their team better, they could've. If they had dropped one between Mayany, Mara or Adenízia and also the foreigners, I don't see why they wouldn't be able to have Jaqueline, coupled with a younger opposite, like Lorenne, Edinara, someone like that.

    You have to see with Jaqueline that she usually tries to get "the whole package". That's why she used to be one of the loudest against the players ranking. She'll try to be highly paid AND play next to Murilo. I don't know, maybe even Bauru was too far from São Paulo for her. And so if Minas would try to sign her, they would probably have to invest a lot. I just think Minas could've been smarter with their selection of OH's, though. There's other cheaper OH's who could've been helpful.

    I'll just keep talking trash about Minas and everything related to it.. It seems to be working :P

    And I was gonna trashtalk Nicola right in the beginning of the 3rd set when he again subbed Macris for Pri Heldes, but it totally worked. :lol: I mean, sorta. I think he was lucky because the team improved in other key departments, but Pri Heldes certainly held her own. This was a match where the serve was the key. Minas improved when they were able to exploit Anne's weakness in reception.

    At this point there's no reason why Kisy shouldn't be the starter. Even when she struggles, she's still clearly more useful than Cuttino. And Neriman is also improving her shape, as we could expect. Minas is still far from being consistent, but they show promise. I'm still expecting the moment when Praia is going to crack. ^^

    who is cherry blossom girl i swear i cant keep up with all these nicknames. is that the highschool star?

    their main mediocre setter and libero needs to be benched asap.

    I know! I'm still waiting for sitenoise to nickname someone Manic Pixie Dream Girl. ^^

    randomly popping in to say both of these are correct, but these balls can be used for everything, from strengthening to mobility exercises and to relaxation techniques, so I wouldn't draw any conclusions from this. also sometimes they're just comfy places to sit on too lmao

    I'm afraid of those gigantic balls... :white: I know some people enjoy them, but one time I had to do one physical therapy session with a mean military-like physical therapist who wouldn't really talk to me and ever since that I stopped finding the profession cool. No offense! :S