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    Unfortunately I'm sensing SESC lost their timing a bit... This is one of those matches you have to be 100% in it and be decided to do or die. However, now entered the 3rd set syndrome... That's a recipe for disaster... With Tiffany getting better, Fabíola exploring the middles and the supporters carrying their morale... I'm afraid us Osasco non-supporters are in trouble... ;(

    EDIT: Forgot to say: and with SESC's attackers feeling particularly generous towards the opponents' block. :roll: Not like we haven't seen it before.

    Both Minas and Natal wearing white uniforms is killing me. How does this even happen jfc

    I know! My dad, who's mainly a soccer fan and only have glimpses at volleyball when I'm watching it, commented something "It doesn't matter, cause they're opposite each other, so it's not like you're gonna mix them up". I was all like "Grl, please, what the heck? This ain't no soccer, Goddammit." Someone screwed up big time there. Those are the moments when the Superliga seems like an amateur league. Thank goodness there was no leak during these playoffs.

    Agreed 100%! I'd like to see Zé working with new faces, perhaps even making some of the bench players starters (Jheovana? Larissa Besen? Rüdiger?). This current bunch has most definitely reached their peak as a group.

    That might be totally true... But we know how ZRG will feel if his girls start leaving him... It'd be the same as 2 years ago when he lost Lorenne, Mayany, Tainara, etc.

    Having said that, I do think that for some of the girls (mainly Karina and the MB's probably), even, it'd be in their best interest if they would move on to bigger projects. Except if they'd move on to Osasco, though. ^^

    Adriano is out of tonight's match because... he twisted his ankle... walking down the street...

    That might leave him out of the rest of the league entirely lol

    It's looking like SESI will close it in 3. If that's the case, Renata needs to pray for Adriano to come back in the last match, cause it seems like there ain't much they can do without him. What a big blow for them! :aww:

    People (narrators etc) tend to like him for some reason, but I've always found Sandro to be such a limited and predictable setter. It doesn't help that Guarulhos has weak MBs (including Babu who's one of the weakest I've ever seen in a "top" team), but still, Franco gets so overworked and it seems to easy for the opposing team to read Guarulhos' plays.

    Anyway, after being on and off the court all season, at least João Franck has been performing solid lately, even in reception. The league (and the NT, but that might be a stretch) could use someone like him stepping up.

    I was never really a fan of Sandro too. He never caught mye eye.

    This match was weird, I wasn't paying a lot of attention... I hate those matchews when in one set one team massacres the other, then it goes the other way around... But the tiebreak was very exciting... Too bad it ended in such a silly mistake from the guy who came from the bench.

    Speaking of it, Blumenau has some interesting options coming from the bench... Still, I think Guarulhos will prevail in match 3. Lately Blumenau's been having a hard time being consistent for a certain while...

    I hope Barueri win this game and the series

    Minas flirted with disaster yesterday. Barueri really had a shot at winning in 3 and then even in 4 sets. The tiebreak was melancholic, though. I'm really curious about what'll be made of Barueri. Aside from Karina being on Minas' target, do we know if the clubs are after the other Chiquititas? It'd be sad for Zé Roberto if he had to again restart from scratch.

    I've found this: something related to stress, maybe?…ode-desfalcar-fluminense/

    I don't know if it's reliable though

    Wow, that's weird, indeed. Too bad it happened right when the team needed her most. But, anyways, after all Fluminense went through during the season, these girls should be really proud.

    Mayara has been amazing on defence but she must improve her receptivo a Lot.

    Good prospect.

    Hope Zé brings her tô Karina's place in Barueri

    She's really great, isn't she? I'm excited about her, I think right now she's my favorite player among the young ones. Hopefully there's a bright future ahead of her.

    gotta love how no one cares about Bauru

    It's funny. Though I pictured this match being potentially more balanced than the previous, I actually felt more curious to watch that one. (But I actually never expected much from any... ^^).

    And also... I don't really expect much from the Praia semifinal, lol... Minas vs Bauru, though, I think will be thrilling.