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    Kisy is a bench player and IMObdeserves a call. Só Taynara and others.

    Drussyla was playing regularly during the first part of the season, but not anymore.

    Maybe you missed an Instagram post she shared this past month talking about her struggle with depression. For the last few weeks she hasn't been able to focus on her performances in the team anymore. I'm not sure if she'll be able to return to the team during these playoffs.

    Anyway, I think it'd be wonderful for the NT if she could eventually reach her level from 2016 to 2018, but right now she certainly needs to focus on her mental health.

    She's already one of best in the world, she doesn't need to go to Europe to become one... Only if money becomes a problem, but Praia pays well, so I don't see the need, really

    I agree she's already among the best, but I think moving to Europe can only benefit her. Our League's level is too weak. I want her to be shutting down the Boskovics and Egonus and Haaks every week. ^^


    there’s quite a few that played in the euros/qualifiers last year.

    once the NCAA season starts tho…. Then they may not have a choice. Jehlarova started the Euros with the Czechs, but left midway through.

    Wow, I had no idea... In this case, yes, I find it surprising that Zé wasn't still able to convince Georgia Tech to let her be in the NT... It'd be a win win scenario... Imagine all the international baggage she could bring to the team once the NCAA starts...

    she’s only 6’1? I didn’t know that.

    I hope Ze can talk some sense into Pinheiro/Collier and let Bergmann join up this summer….

    But I thought it was an NCAA rule... It's actually up to each program to decide if their players can spend the summers with their NT's?

    Minas will find a way to lose this match :D

    If Barueri is able to challenge Minas as we saw in the beginning of the last set and right now in these first points of the 3rd, I think that is actually very good for Minas, cause during the 2nd set they were just coasting. If Minas will be able to rise to the occasion and beat Bauru and Praia, they need to leave their comfort zone. Of course, the damage is Barueri actually winning, but so far I still have a hard time picturing that.

    I'm a bit late, but I'd just like to regret Natália's retirement on the NT. I think I'm on the minority here, but I wish she would've gone on until the end of this cycle, mostly because all in all she's still among our top 2 OH's.

    If Zé Roberto plans on giving a chance to the Gabi-Ana Cristina duo though, I think it's all good. However, as someone mentioned, there's already this buzz going on that he wishes to convert Rosa back to OH, which, for me, it's a really bad idea. I think Rosa and Lorenne should fight for the OPP spot, and it's good having the both of them, hopefully they could complement each other like Macris and Roberta do in setting.

    Also, I'm curious: who do you guys think deserve to have a shot as OH besides Gabi and Ana?

    How SESC went from having Fofao, Sheila, Mari, Gabi, Natalia, Pavan to this mess 😂

    Sponsorship, essentially. Back then, the team was sponsored by Unilever. It was never the biggest investment in the League, but it was always a great investment, so the team could hire strong players. In 2017, when Unilever discontinued the sponsorship, the team was able to find SESC, which is a public company. The investment wasn't as strong and the team could never win the title again, but they still could build strong teams. Then, during the pandemic, the investment was considerably reduced, that's why they searched this partnership with Flamengo. Currently the team's budget is only compatible with fighting for the 4th, 5th place.

    Having said that, I still think this particular team was very poorly built. Teams like Barueri and Fluminense also have a lower budget and still were able to put together more cohesive groups. When you plan on having as starters Monique, Maira, at least one MB between Valquíria and Milka, who are not really great spikers... It's kinda obvious you're gonna depend a lot on your more offensive OH... Milena was probably hired to challenge Maira, since their style are very different from Peña. And I don't know how much Peña's earning, she's an olympic player, we know she feels good in the team's environment, maybe she agreed on earning less than she could elsewhere... But after having her for 3 years, we know what to expect from her. In this team, she needs to be a leader, which is sort of a recipe for... something like tonight's match.

    Majovana :D:D I'm not one of Maja's biggest fans so... :down::P

    This set she played as Jumovana. ^^

    Anyway, to me the summary of this match was: Michelle + Carla >>> Maira/Gabiru + Peña

    Fabíola totally outplayed Giovana and a lot of it had to do with the support she had from the backcourt. Osasco's defense was really good, while SESC's was chaotic.

    Unfortunately I just don't see this tide being turned. SESC's system depends way too much on Peña and she's a very unstable player.

    Fortunately I see Osasco losing in the semifinals. Unfortunately the team that beats them is Praia. ;(

    It seems Giovana only play well with competition. With Juma out of the picture tonight, she has been clueless.. Someone please call Brie King and let's choose to compete

    Cut Majovana some slack, though... With these spikers, it's tough... Maira and Peña are completely unreliable... We'll need to call Boskonique for help...

    EDIT: Zhubiru too! :super: