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    I've always wondered how deaf players signal each other in a team game. Not just volleyball but all team games. Do they require a different kind of referee?

    I've seen deaf hockey at my university years ago, our uni team was out so they used the rink for practice. There wasn't really any significant difference as far as I could tell but I'm not much of a hockey enthusiast myself. The only thing I noticed was that their matches were a lot shorter than the usual 2 hr hockey game (intermissions included)

    Miyuki Kano brought her deaf volleyball team... I don't know what the politically correct term for that is... during the JT home game last January 21.

    Her team is registered with JVA but I saw an article that deaf players do not qualify at paralympics to prioritize other disabled players so JOC created Deaflympics specifically for deaf athletes. I'm still not sure how it works. If I remember correctly Naomi Masuko's deaf team would play against other "normal" students.

    ive honestly never heard of her until now. im kinda curious

    Where do I even begin

    Omura was tall but agile and fast. The only MB that played like a real OPP. I'm not sure exactly what happened to her during the year she retired but after that it would take years again for her to appear in anything. She hasn't been involved in anything volleyball-related *that I know of* but Sano posted on IG last year that she's holding a training camp with Omura and Nagaoka in Fukuoka.

    Here's Sakoda interviewing her in 2021

    Why do you use OG? what's that mean?

    It's a Japanese term that literally means 'Old Girl' and for men it's OB which obviously means 'Old Boy' I'm not even kidding I thought it was ridiculous too when I found out from a friend who studied in Japan. You may have come across this when clubs tweet about former members

    not to nitpick but both nakada and manabe are notoriously superficial as well. i mean who tf buys their team perfume as a gift? i was honestly a little weirded out when manabe did that during their time in france. fragrance is such a highly personal thing which is also connected to hygiene. it just seems like he was telling them they stink or something. im probably overthinking it but that was still cringe.

    I must've missed that since I had no idea he bought the girls perfume. But yes all 3 have very particular preferences of how the overall team should be carried in terms of aesthetic since they're way behind the men in visuals. Image and reputation of a team especially the key members are a top priority.

    Is it a mistranslation when he said "it doesn't affect much" ?

    Kawai doesn't have a coach's logic, he's all about image so I didn't really expect much from this interview. He's a highly superficial person who values what can be made popular. Not a bad thing at all for JVA since he's a charismatic person who can deal with corporate people unlike the previous president.

    Out of respect for both players Manabe isn't going to make them extras. He never did that to Ebata. He also gave Yuko Sano some time when he finally let her go in the NT before she eventually retired.

    Yoshihara became timid when she was in Italy, it didn't bring out the best in her. I think that was also the period when she dislocated both her hands.

    what reaction vid? during the match?

    john who?? i had to read that last sentence 5 times

    You can tell Erik doesn't know any of the Japanese players

    Shimamura's nickname is John or Jon however its spelled. I won't use it anymore to avoid confusion.

    After rewatching VNL and WCH and also Erik Shoji's reaction vid of the Brazil match there's a clear change in Inoue's pace. I feel that she's more comfortable and more competitive around Mayu than she was with Koga. Hayashi is from what I've noticed the only member that remains the same regardless of the lineup changes, meaning she doesn't choose which setter suits her best she does whatever it takes, she doesn't collide with any of the other spikers. There's no holding back on her part.

    I wasn't too taken by either liberos during WCH. I'm also not sure whether Nichika is an on/off player but I want her to be used more than Ogawa and any other middles including John.

    I realized that you japanese speaks and put a lot of attention in player's hairstyle specially when they change

    Only the Japanese give so much meaning to whether they cut the hair or not. But with Mayu I assume she paid homage to Saori's Rio Olympic braided ponytail now Arina's signature hairstyle

    It's concerning that Koga is becoming injury prone.

    But this brings us back to her backup should something like that happens. Miyabe is not going to work out. Why didn't Manabe bring someone more capable instead of Airi or her sister. They were already struggling to close the gap against Colombia. His lack of any concrete strategy is nauseating. This team will go down hard.

    Btw in case anyone's wondering Nakada didn't disconnect from the volley scene. She's super vocal about the current NT and is still apparently part of JVA. I think she might return as a coach somewhere.

    A week before her birthday, Nakada held a training camp at Kobe with Nomoto.

    Is she not part of Springs Academy?

    Based on tweets of someone in the venue, Japan won in straight sets vs Belgium.

    This account on instagram also posted a lot of video clips of the match on their IG stories (

    I think I mentioned this here before. OGS or OHCA was co-founded by Gen Kawakita where he also held training camps while staying in the US. When he left, former volley player Mayumi Watanabe took over as co-founder.

    Hahaa, you'll be even more in awe to know Miyuki's husband lol.

    Beijing squad's flop was mainly because of Shin who was kinda low and not well enough to perform as expected. Losing valuable starters like Kana Oyama and Ai Otomo while both Saori and Princess Meg remained unstable as ever also did not help at all. Yanagimoto was so lost before the Olympics that he decided to bring in the mediocre Miyuki Kano along with 4 MBs inlcuding 2 veterans Tajimi and Omura. It was a time when there's no decent OHs/OPs around while plenty of good MBs playing in the local league. The situation was so lame that Saori was switched between positions all the times depending on the availability of MBs/OPs/OHs.

    However, the Yanagimoto's JPN miracles you referred to were actually chosen specifically by JVA for intensive grooming since late 2002 after 2 consecutive disappointment in OG 2000 and WCH 2002. The team included Megkana duo, Saori and Kano. Only Saori survived safe and sound while the rest were stuck in injuries. Yet, Kurihara and Kano's injuries and the comeback of Ai Yamamoto gave Manabe opportunities to try different tactics and new talents got added. If both Kurihara and Kano played, he'd defly stick with his 2009 Euro high ball style.

    Manabe took in Maiko Kano who is far more mediocre than her sister. I don't know what it is about these sisters I really don't know how they got so far. Maiko somehow made it past Nakada and Nakada being the ultimate powerhouse coach at the time took her into the golden era of Hisamitsu Springs thanks to having a sister from Yanagimoto's squad.

    Megumi Kurihara on the other hand has always, A-L-W-A-Y-S been mediocre. Yanagimoto's insistence on having her in the team and making her core was an absolute disaster. He said she displayed qualities of European players when her only redeeming quality was her height which made her a candidate as one of the "Miracles" but she was slow as hell, unsuitable for Japanese style, did not help with blocking, had attitude issues etc. He relied on her heavily for firepower all because of her displaying "European qualities"

    A little throwback

    Before Manabe rounded up the London squad Yanagimoto already introduced "Japan's Miracles" who unfortunately flopped in 2008. The London squad was very much Yanagimoto's star squad, there was already a foundation. Manabe added Sakoda, Shinnabe and a nobody called Ebata.

    This was not the strongest team (in terms of offense) since Kurihara did not deliver as expected but they were a stable team and also the tallest in history