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    I'm a huge huge fan of Naoya Inoue he might just be the best boxer in this generation in the world. That's not an exaggeration and once he moves up to featherweight he can finally solidify his reputation as the best of the best. Pacquiao has acknowledged him already.

    Also for the record he has dyed his hair. It started out as a dare from a douchebag rizin boxer in 2018. He dyes his hair during special matches from what I know. He has highlights right now. But these are fighters so there's really no restriction when it comes to their facade.

    I agree but a lot can change in the span of 1-2 years depending on the coach and new talent. During Ishikawa and Yanagida's time when Saori was still the figurehead of the sport things were moving slow for them as well but all that changed when exciting new players like nishida and ran takahashi came along. The article emphasizes the future starting with LA2028 so it won't start with Koga anymore.

    Ultimately what matters is results. When Nishida arrived the men's team had a major upgrade in offense when Ran arrived they Ishikawa was able to take his genius to another level. Yanagida was always one-upping Ishikawa and that's why their dynamic didn't help either players to propel the team to bigger heights.

    Koga's whole brand is based on marrying Nishida. Of course domestically that's different, she is the current queen of V League but that's not how NT systems operate and market anymore. Koga is not the most flexible player. On top of not choosing to play in any major league in Italy or Turkey, she has not led Japan in victory yet. The men's team under Ishikawa has broken records, Ran has broken records, on top of producing talents that can be used overseas like Kenta, Tatsunori and possibly Keihan Takahashi ALL YOUNG. Meanwhile Manabe only wanted Japanese people to see Koga as Saori's 2.0 based on his marketing not my personal opinion.

    It also doesn't come as a surprise that the men's side were the first to get someone like Alain de Armas while JVA seemingly forces Manabe and staff to let Valdes and Santiago join their camp. Alain could be 10x better than Nishida.

    When did Nakagawa move to NEC? NEC rarely ever gets players from Higashi Kyushu. Nakagawa might be the first.

    Getting way ahead here but fast forward to "Path to LA 2028" should the women's team do worse than Nakada (if they even reach that point) and maybe Koga retires and only Ishikawa and Hayashi are left as aces by that time their new coach will need to resort to more aggressive options and not leftovers like kurogo

    I'm talking Kitamado possibly Kasai and whoever manages to save Toray. Valdes can enter by then which is better for someone like her since that'll be a longer process than both Tokyo and Paris

    Road to Tokyo took 5 years they had an extra year due to the pandemic but with injuries happening left and right forcing Shinnabe to retire and eventually Miya Sato there was so much cramming by 2019. Nakada was forced to make ishii sub due to Saga's declining seasons but had also made the grave mistake in overestimating Kurogo thinking she could lead the offense/carry the team in any way so it really went nowhere.

    So to me personally putting Kurogo in the roster in time for Paris is a bad omen

    They have less than 3 months to prepare for Paris if they qualify. Another short Olympic sprint again with Kurogo. If they qualify. This time it will be more draining on their mental health than physical as it was during Tokyo so it's definitely a choice for Kurogo to have to go through that again.

    Interesting move for Matsui. So that's a go for Seki, Matsui and possibly Mayu Ishikawa too. No other OHs rumored?

    I would really like to see liberos play overseas but they're probably far more valuable playing in Japan.

    Happy 2024 to everyone! another Olympic year is upon us. Tokyo felt like it was just last year. Kinda crazy

    Anyway, Nishispo releases possible Paris selection of Nagaoka, Nishimura and Araki…po/sports/nishispo-809810

    The article specifically has Olympics in the title so we'll stick to that.

    Depending on league rankings and whoever tops Best 15, Manabe may take the opportunity to shift roles. I also want to point out that since Inoue is in Manabe's own team he might continue to gatekeep Ishikawa. Manabe may be a hard stats guy but when it comes to Inoue he doesn't seem to take that into account. We'll see how that affects his V2 girls.

    Amusing graphic of the only teams to have won this tournament more than once. NIFS is the only non-Kanto team to do it

    NSSU has only won it ONE time in this century. Seventy years from now NIFS will likely outweigh them, but they are going home tonight :white:

    A not-so fun fact is that Koji Hamada is the illegitimate child of legendary Oriental Witches OP Emiko Miyamoto. He was heavily criticized when NIFS appointed him as coach of the university's girls volleyball team when he was still in his early 20s and without any playing experience other than being Miyamoto's (illegitimate) son. NIFS is no Waseda by any means but during the early 2000s they were the only university with a profitable volleyball program at the time.

    Are Japanese liberos sought after overseas?

    Also what's going on with Tamaki not playing for two straight games

    No ironically they are not in demand. Kotoe Inoue might be the only NT libero after Sano who decided to play overseas

    Imoco came to Nagaoka easily it was too good to be true and she probably would've done well if not for her poor knees. I would like Mayu to have that same opportunity. Firenze is a good deal for her first season but as an Ishikawa who is also evolving at a fast rate she can definitely work her way up.

    Back then Saori was not as needed by both Vakif and Galatasaray when they already had a top starting lineup while in Firenze Mayu's skills are very much needed by the team.

    It would be great to see her continue playing in Italy so that the women's team can also have a representative playing in a big league. Even better if she's able to make her way to any of the top a1 teams. That would change her world entirely.

    That clears up any doubts regarding her current condition. Anything can happen after this season ends so she has to maintain her condition. Nagaoka needs to prove she's still just as competitive as the younger girls. I think the decision to make her a starter this season is a step towards that and Adams can pretty much back her up with ease.

    Shimamura played really well in the last Asian Games. I can see her bumping off Miyabe and Irisawa easily. Otherwise, i feel like it will be a tight team A still with open slots for Setting and Opposite.

    Irisawa is an obvious filler and will most likely be the last resort. Manabe is too invested in Airi as one of the women's potential next gen leaders despite not using her properly in the NT so I think she will make it against all odds.

    hmm. interesting indeed. I would have thought she'll be the best at that

    Then don't assume.

    Another player in her team is colliding with her in the same area that's why she hesitates to receive. This is a new team not Toray Arrows you should know that players will always adjust. Her brother struggled with his team for 2 years. Different system, different teammates, different coaches no one has to spell it out for you

    I don't like making things personal but I will not stand for bigoted misogynists sending out those types of messages. My wife and I have raised both our daughters in Japan without any issues like that and no we did not live in any of the major cities during those first 5 years. I feel sorry for anyone with such a primitive and disgusting outlook. It reflects more towards your upbringing than anyone else's.

    is there a law against married athletes to both have active careers once married?

    As far as I know, there isn't a law that denies that choice. But Koga and Nishida's choice to get married while still active is also rare in Japan. I would say they're the 1%. It could be a PR strategy I don't know but there's a big chance that since it's not a common thing in Japan there could also be a lot of limitations that come with that choice especially for athletes representing their country.

    Here's a reference…hitepaper/pdf/ewp2018.pdf

    Hinotori NIPPON Captain Koga Sarina

    Koga was originally scheduled to retire in 2022. However, but at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, which they had prepared for, Koga was injured in the first match and left the competition, resulting in the team losing in the qualifying rounds for the first time in 25 years.

    And Paris2024 will be Koga last Olympic Games!!!

    I think it will largely depend on whether or not this team can survive Paris especially after their Tokyo disaster. On top of that, Koga has only achieved 1 global award - Best Receiver during the 2015 World Cup hosted by Japan. Btw Saori came a close 2nd in that category. After that nothing. It doesn't seem like she has any plans of playing in another major league overseas or for an Elite European club which is a dead stop considering she can definitely still do that at her age. It's also not common in Japan for married athletes to both stay active in their career which is why 99% of athlete couples usually wait for one of them to retire to get married and announce stuff.

    Was Sato really an aggressive libero when Miyashita took pretty much most of the damage from chasing balls during that era?

    Nishimura is in NPC mode in the NT. Not outstanding but not flop either. Still Kojima >

    That's some selective memory. Sato had finesse. Every dive was smooth. She didn't just tumble chaotically like Miyashita did.