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    Does she live in Japan or somewhere else?

    She has dual citizenship. Her family is extremely wealthy, her mother used to be a socialite.

    You can see her here. She played with Yuko Sano, Shinnabe, Mai Yamaguchi etc. (yesterday in Japan) for some kind of local tournament. Takeshita was not present.

    There was a rumor when Kurihara was ace that Zetterlund detested the Japanese way of volleyball. Yuko Mitsuya said Zetterlund was "a hard woman to agree with" but she's been occasionally coaching little kids every year since 2012 usually for the camps that former players hosts.

    Unfortunately I don't see her wanting to coach any team

    hey,as a fan of scandicci I wil tell you that you should never expect something from them,they always dissapoint at the end

    They're messy as always,they almost beat imoco yes but they couldn't redo it not like novara that pushes imoco to 5 sets several times last season

    Malinov is messy,those mb awful and natalia/lippman aren't playing their best so ..

    What's happening to Lippmann is she injured?

    Bunshun released several articles today

    Nakada gave an exclusive interview. It's quite lengthy.

    She explained the reason for her getting 4 middles was to secure Shimamura's replacement in case something happens to her (spinal issues)

    Not important but related. Note that I don't know if any of these are confirmed.

    Lee from the men's team is engaged to Natsumi Fujita (Toyota Queenseis. Retired)

    Ishii also engaged.

    Nagaoka is reportedly dating football player Ryo Miyaichi

    Koga and Ishikawa both trusted Momii but the chemistry was lacking with Kurogo. They were actually doing well during VNL for a team that was just put together albeit chaotically. In most cases it would have definitely been disastrous but that was clearly a level suited only for VNL among all the B/C teams with the exception of Brazil USA Turkey but they also lost to these teams which was already a sign that they weren't ready. Even if Sato had made the Olympic roster I doubt she could take the team very far. Their offense is too weak and their defense left too many holes.

    I don't have an opinion on Miyashita since it's been awhile. But I just don't see Manabe returning any of the former Rio girls except maybe Shimamura she's in excellent shape right now. Hopefully Koga is recovering well and Kurogo also sort whatever it is that needs to be sorted.

    Myrthe, Laura, Maret and Robin are starting a business together. If I'm right it will be a podcast or sth like that

    Nice. It seems one of their objectives is to help and encourage other athletes/volleyball players.

    It's not known how many volleyball players are currently dating each other and we will never really know but Ebata did say during her online interview with Sakoda some time in August that it is very common. About as common as students dating each other in the same school.

    Yujiro Hidaka I believe is Saori's childhood friend, they go way back.

    By the way Araki is holding an online press conference via her official IG tomorrow

    From being one of the best team coaches to being the coach of the worst Olympic team in history. Absolutely tragic for Nakada as well as Aihara at that

    Can you speak to this quote from Takeshita? Is she talking about those Toyota people? I'm a Lovebunny fan but it appears he isn't highly regarded in the vb world? I can take it :)

    Also, I was very disappointed this SAGA dude was not included. He was the one who told players where to serve. Do you know anything about why he missed out

    Shun Toyokihara

    Aihara is one of the most highly regarded coaches in Japan but the unfortunate result at Tokyo will no doubt affect that view.

    I re-read the article and I'm not sure I understand who Takeshita is referring to specifically but it might be a general observation in terms of changes and inconsistencies in staff. The men's team is surrounded by all the former NT players from the men's Olympic qualifying team in the past. The level of experience as well as knowledge is the gap to that of the league level players that Nakada took in, it's no different to selecting random retired players from the men's V2.

    The NT's head manager, the short woman seen with her while talking to Lang Ping and the top therapist were also her staff at Hisamitsu. I think they may have limited it to only those 2 people and the rest should be from other branches for the sake of being unbiased.

    Establishing team unity is not something that happens just because they played in VNL and won some games. The roster leading up to Nakada's OG was put together as an urgent team not the real team that Nakada wanted. I doubt she truly trusted certain players but had no other choice. It was already happening, she had to work with what's left.

    Her term was riddled with players getting injured that ultimately led to hasty decisions particularly the tragic choice of bringing 4 MBs. Her coaching staff minus Aihara, bringing in 2 new sub coaches from Toyota was another questionable choice. Why Toyota? There were 2 former players who had nothing outstanding to offer. They didn't even have sufficient experience.

    To sum it up the entire team including the staff was just bizarre.

    Inoue did well in the NT during her younger years but with the new coach it would be better to start training a younger libero alongside Kobata. I'm not familiar with any of the new gen liberos.

    If there were more ladylike players, women's volleyball will die. That kind of aura is exclusive to certain players but in terms of style it would look too lazy. Go play golf or something

    Lmao I think they mean image. Naz Akyol is my ideal player with a ladylike image.

    How did Saori rise to stardom happened? Looks like there are so many users here who really know their Japan’s volleyball history and I would love to know more about Saori. Sorry if this is out of topic.

    There were very few spikers in Japan that were as tall as Saori and Megumi Kurihara, it was extremely rare. They were "The Miracles". If you're a fan of ladylike players then you might like Megumi Kurihara but I personally could not get into her as I prefer actual beasts.

    Saori, Araki and Kana Oyama's generation led the rise of Seitoku as a volleyball powerhouse. Saori was the ace. As far as I can remember only Saori, Nagaoka and Yuki Ishikawa manage to win triple crowns as aces of their respective schools.

    Saori is also youngest to ever participate at the Olympics.

    I dont remember much of Ai Otomo but I watched her play during London and thought she was kinda okay, much better than the MBs Japan have today.

    What do you guys think of Yamaguchi? She is kinda short but seems like she was a staple on the middle for Japan back then.

    Imo Yamaguchi was a lot like Shimamura in the sense that she's good with attacks. She was a weak spiker but aggressive on the net, rarely able to block. She didn't start playing volleyball at an early age. I don't know how she got her start at Okayama Seagulls where that was mandatory.

    Like most Okayama girls she wasn't too fond of being in the spotlight and rarely gave interviews. Hated doing any fanservice and didn't like attending V.League all-stars

    Kano's career

    Mizuho Ishida is also in this video. She was Shin's cousin. Many people don't remember Ishida sadly but she was a hyped player during her time unfortunately when Nagaoka came to Hisamitsu, Ishida fizzled. After she retired, she briefly became a coach at NSSU. Her daughter also plays volleyball at one of the junior camps in Kansai.

    Nagaoka was an immature clown when she arrived at Hisamitsu the youngest and strongest ace under Aihara, the older gen didn't want to be there anymore because her, Ishii and Shinnabe were quickly dominating every game. Shinnabe was a quiet player, Ishii and Nagaoka were flashy in a way. Iwasaka not so much, she was not a prominent figure unlike say Shimamura in NEC ironically I think she was the first to become an NT member among the 4.

    Nothing to say about Kano. She seems like a social climber but is personable and her face really is made for TV.

    Miyashita was trained as an OH before being converted to setter so she did have quite the jump but she became less aggressive in nature.

    Sakoda and Nagaoka were both freakishly strong and had high verticals so both hit better when the ball is at a slightly raised angle, I think that's exactly what Miyashita did, the bullet train effect. I don't remember if Miyashita utilised the middles or Shinnabe who was literally the opposite of Nagaoka.