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    I don't like making things personal but I will not stand for bigoted misogynists sending out those types of messages. My wife and I have raised both our daughters in Japan without any issues like that and no we did not live in any of the major cities during those first 5 years. I feel sorry for anyone with such a primitive and disgusting outlook. It reflects more towards your upbringing than anyone else's.

    is there a law against married athletes to both have active careers once married?

    As far as I know, there isn't a law that denies that choice. But Koga and Nishida's choice to get married while still active is also rare in Japan. I would say they're the 1%. It could be a PR strategy I don't know but there's a big chance that since it's not a common thing in Japan there could also be a lot of limitations that come with that choice especially for athletes representing their country.

    Here's a reference…hitepaper/pdf/ewp2018.pdf

    Hinotori NIPPON Captain Koga Sarina

    Koga was originally scheduled to retire in 2022. However, but at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, which they had prepared for, Koga was injured in the first match and left the competition, resulting in the team losing in the qualifying rounds for the first time in 25 years.

    And Paris2024 will be Koga last Olympic Games!!!

    I think it will largely depend on whether or not this team can survive Paris especially after their Tokyo disaster. On top of that, Koga has only achieved 1 global award - Best Receiver during the 2015 World Cup hosted by Japan. Btw Saori came a close 2nd in that category. After that nothing. It doesn't seem like she has any plans of playing in another major league overseas or for an Elite European club which is a dead stop considering she can definitely still do that at her age. It's also not common in Japan for married athletes to both stay active in their career which is why 99% of athlete couples usually wait for one of them to retire to get married and announce stuff.

    Was Sato really an aggressive libero when Miyashita took pretty much most of the damage from chasing balls during that era?

    Nishimura is in NPC mode in the NT. Not outstanding but not flop either. Still Kojima >

    That's some selective memory. Sato had finesse. Every dive was smooth. She didn't just tumble chaotically like Miyashita did.

    Arisa Sato was popular in Japan because she was goodlooking. I'm not saying she's a terrible libero but her popularity was 70% her looks. You can ask any Japanese fan.

    I don't doubt that. Sato was certainly a type but Just like with Saori, she too was a very clever player and an aggressive libero

    Yuko Sano was not the ultra hyper flashy type of libero either that's why she never had as much popularity as say Arisa Sato but she was the most reliable in the team even more reliable than Saori and she came through during the most crucial moments that's where the real thrill was

    Nagaoka has a huge support system you cannot deny that. May it be domestic or international she gets it. Without her obviously the support would be even less. So don't go complaining about JVA not treating the men and women's teams equally when we all know Inoue's fans aren't there to give their money to support this team.

    Of course being a more efficient player is a different discussion but it's not like Inoue can top that either.

    She didn't mention anything about the guy but very unlikely to be another athlete or public figure because if it was they would've announced it together. Yanagida also kept the identity of his wife secret as she is neither an athlete or a public figure.

    Ishii was "legally" married on the 4th but the official ceremony will most likely be later on or next year.

    Nishida said him and Sarina still haven't had a proper wedding ceremony. During the holidays they just registered their marriage and spent time with each other's families as per tradition. Kinda odd but that's the Japanese way.

    It's a lot more practical if you think about it. Also holding a ceremony or just the reception itself is completely optional. There are plenty of couples who would rather spend all their money on their honeymoon than holding a $30K wedding. It's mostly the Japanese Christians who go all out with wedding ceremonies and they're in the minority in Japan.

    Is Miku Akimoto anticipated to he Japan's next 'ace'?

    It's too early to tell whether she has that in her but being the daughter of 2 Olympians surely has its weight on her and I'm sure that keeps her motivated.

    Is it the same coach from last year the guy from Toray? it looks too veteran-y

    I wish Koga would try to challenge herself in a major league it could sharpen her skills, take it up a notch. That's one of the big advantages of the men's team. Experiencing a different team, system, and style can make or break a good player.

    Yuki Ishikawa is extremely versatile because he switches up his game. Incorporating whatever he learned in Italy while still giving it that Japanese style. I'm sure some of you have seen how he adds new twists to the men's play every year. Even those decoy traps and him setting is different every time. He can play any position at this point.

    USA keeps changing their line up too but they seem fine. But oh well, that's probably cultural. The Americans are more open to each other so communication and being "close" is not that big of a problem as with the Japanese.

    That's probably the Japanese's biggest obstacle.... communication. The superiority by seniority is so rigid it's hard for them to get around that.

    Not at all. I don't know which timeline you got that from but that's utter nonsense.

    Seniority is a thing in all Asian countries even Italians have honorifics. Only full on KKK Aryan followers who are bigoted to the core find that shocking in this age. At the same time why is that such a bad thing when the only real difference nowadays are the honorifics? It's far from rigid unless you're serving in the military. It's also basic common sense to respect someone who is a lot older and more experienced than you especially among athletes. That's what being professional is.

    A good example would be Messi. Do you think younger Argentines get chummy with Messi when they play together? of course not. You'd have to be a severely uncultured and uneducated asshole to treat someone on that level as your friend and equal just because you play in the same team. Respect comes first before any kind of friendship. This is the very basic, something you should've been taught at the age of 4 that it hurts to point it out now.

    Blaming JVA for the women's unpopularity is like blaming Manabe for not selecting enough attractive girls for this team. Choose a struggle.

    If you're that desperate to make a difference try opening a fan account on any social media. Start there and find your niche. It's that simple nowadays. I suggest you do it while NT season is in full swing.

    not that 😂😂😂 I was asking of how huge she was in terms of star power & popularity because that was topic on the page before 😂😂😂

    Saori did not reach her stardom up until they won bronze during London that was her very peak. It catapulted her not only as one of history's best Japanese volleyball player but also one of the most beautiful women in Japan. Before all that, Megumi Kurihara was one of the "kisekis" was more popular than Saori hence her nickname "Princess Meg" but this would only be in Japan as she was never a player that had global impact.

    TV shows haven't changed all that much but these days the ones that hold the most power are coming from influencers/social media. The women's team just got less popular following Saori's departure and the Haikyuu mania that took over. There also isn't a single ace that became successful in a major league in Italy or Turkey which makes them even more inferior to the men's team. Japanese media likes to focus on athletes that represent Japan in bigger leagues overseas Naomi Osaka, Shohei Ohtani, Yuzuru Hanyu, Yu Darvish, that Japanese F1 racer etc. as long as the women's team don't have that and they don't get a medal at the Olympics they will never truly be known.

    If you think about it Mayu has not gotten a break since WCH. She went head on into V League as she explained "out of frustration". It makes sense to preserve her health. She seems the type to not stop unless she's forced to. It's better than her appearing as a sub. Personally I feel like Koga should also take it easy and let the newer additions + Inoue take this week but I understand that being one of the aces playing at home, it's mandatory for her to participate. I hope things go smoothly for her this time no more accidents. Same goes for Nagaoka.

    Regardless that's not really important right now since Lars Nootbar got a pass for speaking in full English while playing for Samurai Japan.

    Nootbar's Japanese name is Tatsuji if he were to use his Japanese mother's surname he would have to go as Lars Taylor Tatsuji Enokida but since he's already a professional baseball player in the US and is registered professionally as Lars Nootbar he didn't have to use it unlike Angelina Gromos who only has limited college experience so JVA had to impose the Japanese name rule to her.

    That trio is not going to work indeed. It's like trying to sell sawdust to millennials. It may change depending on whether or not Nagaoka does well.

    For the men's team, even if someone as big as Yanagida doesn't join them their current trio is popular enough to overshadow all men's national teams except Brazil and Iran.