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    Blaming JVA for the women's unpopularity is like blaming Manabe for not selecting enough attractive girls for this team. Choose a struggle.

    If you're that desperate to make a difference try opening a fan account on any social media. Start there and find your niche. It's that simple nowadays. I suggest you do it while NT season is in full swing.

    not that 😂😂😂 I was asking of how huge she was in terms of star power & popularity because that was topic on the page before 😂😂😂

    Saori did not reach her stardom up until they won bronze during London that was her very peak. It catapulted her not only as one of history's best Japanese volleyball player but also one of the most beautiful women in Japan. Before all that, Megumi Kurihara was one of the "kisekis" was more popular than Saori hence her nickname "Princess Meg" but this would only be in Japan as she was never a player that had global impact.

    TV shows haven't changed all that much but these days the ones that hold the most power are coming from influencers/social media. The women's team just got less popular following Saori's departure and the Haikyuu mania that took over. There also isn't a single ace that became successful in a major league in Italy or Turkey which makes them even more inferior to the men's team. Japanese media likes to focus on athletes that represent Japan in bigger leagues overseas Naomi Osaka, Shohei Ohtani, Yuzuru Hanyu, Yu Darvish, that Japanese F1 racer etc. as long as the women's team don't have that and they don't get a medal at the Olympics they will never truly be known.

    If you think about it Mayu has not gotten a break since WCH. She went head on into V League as she explained "out of frustration". It makes sense to preserve her health. She seems the type to not stop unless she's forced to. It's better than her appearing as a sub. Personally I feel like Koga should also take it easy and let the newer additions + Inoue take this week but I understand that being one of the aces playing at home, it's mandatory for her to participate. I hope things go smoothly for her this time no more accidents. Same goes for Nagaoka.

    Regardless that's not really important right now since Lars Nootbar got a pass for speaking in full English while playing for Samurai Japan.

    Nootbar's Japanese name is Tatsuji if he were to use his Japanese mother's surname he would have to go as Lars Taylor Tatsuji Enokida but since he's already a professional baseball player in the US and is registered professionally as Lars Nootbar he didn't have to use it unlike Angelina Gromos who only has limited college experience so JVA had to impose the Japanese name rule to her.

    That trio is not going to work indeed. It's like trying to sell sawdust to millennials. It may change depending on whether or not Nagaoka does well.

    For the men's team, even if someone as big as Yanagida doesn't join them their current trio is popular enough to overshadow all men's national teams except Brazil and Iran.

    The majority of core fans in Japan are without a doubt biased towards highschool players not only because Haruko is a more prestigious tournament for potential aces but also because most of the promising players have higher chances of moving towards a professional career in the sport unlike most college students who already have a different career in mind.

    Tides could be changing I can't say for sure without any data but it seems that there are more college students who are up for the challenge recently compared to the last 5 years. Ran paving the way for it.

    I mean if they're dating then good for them but it's unusual to be this "out there" small P.S. you have to pay to read the juicy details of that article.

    Also upon checking he follows Nana Iwasaka and Arisa Sato too. Arisa Sato was rumored to be dating Rakuten's pitcher.

    Federations in Japan impose very strict rules to athletes that represent their country especially when it comes to their personal life. Active and working athletes like Erika Araki are not even allowed to show their families on social media for safety reasons with the exception of family members who are either sick or deceased. Unless athletes are already officially married they're not allowed to do any kind of flashy stuff that may hint to them dating someone especially if it's another public figure.

    So either this guy is just a fanboy or he's Mayu's friend.

    whos the woman below kano? i saw her during the pre-vnl training camp of the women's team last year but who is that

    That's Hitomi Nakamichi. She was part of the London squad. She's also one of Toray's coaches.

    I think people recognise her from one of those height volleyball memes where she was standing and on the other side of the net is a tall Brazilian player. Unfortunately, she's always wrongly credited as Takeshita.

    Setters should always be the fixed members along with the aces. The setter must set the team chemistry, lose your main setter and your team is bound to fall apart.

    Osanai has been struggling to get a breakthrough in the NT since 2017. There are times where she displays amazing power but unfortunately she hasn't bloomed into a reliable scorer or proven herself to be capable of changing the team's course during difficult times. That's one thing girls like Sakoda, Nagaoka, Hayashi, Kurogo etc. possess early on giving them the A pass right away.

    I've always wondered how deaf players signal each other in a team game. Not just volleyball but all team games. Do they require a different kind of referee?

    I've seen deaf hockey at my university years ago, our uni team was out so they used the rink for practice. There wasn't really any significant difference as far as I could tell but I'm not much of a hockey enthusiast myself. The only thing I noticed was that their matches were a lot shorter than the usual 2 hr hockey game (intermissions included)

    Miyuki Kano brought her deaf volleyball team... I don't know what the politically correct term for that is... during the JT home game last January 21.

    Her team is registered with JVA but I saw an article that deaf players do not qualify at paralympics to prioritize other disabled players so JOC created Deaflympics specifically for deaf athletes. I'm still not sure how it works. If I remember correctly Naomi Masuko's deaf team would play against other "normal" students.

    ive honestly never heard of her until now. im kinda curious

    Where do I even begin

    Omura was tall but agile and fast. The only MB that played like a real OPP. I'm not sure exactly what happened to her during the year she retired but after that it would take years again for her to appear in anything. She hasn't been involved in anything volleyball-related *that I know of* but Sano posted on IG last year that she's holding a training camp with Omura and Nagaoka in Fukuoka.

    Here's Sakoda interviewing her in 2021

    Why do you use OG? what's that mean?

    It's a Japanese term that literally means 'Old Girl' and for men it's OB which obviously means 'Old Boy' I'm not even kidding I thought it was ridiculous too when I found out from a friend who studied in Japan. You may have come across this when clubs tweet about former members