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    agree, but I think the pandemic is to blame, players prepared for years like Zhu and KYK not accepting offers to play abroad in order to gel with their local athletes.

    why are people questioning KK having a serve sub only for Hill but not with Ze Roberto for Natalia?

    Is it because of the bias towards Hill over MBH (including myself) or Gabi and Fe Garay is just >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Natalia?

    I didn't expect Busato to do wonders, but damn that 15:9 lead at the 2nd set was a total choking moment for them.

    The only lost that I'm really sad for today was Turkey's. For the reasons that:

    1. It is not expected, plus I really have high hopes for the team (with their performance against CHN)

    2. Guidetti pulled off a KK.

    Egonu heavily relied on check balls (which is a hit and miss and cost them some challenges), where we know she can hit the ball cleanly. She had a bad tournament.

    Hoping Serbia wins against USA, they way KK treats/ed Hill and Carlini.