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    Yeah, they're milking the cow, so to speak. And, yes, people crushing on Bosnjak was odd and admittedly a face palm moment. I kept rolling my eyes while the howls were ongoing.

    But there were some beautiful moments, though, when, for instance, everyone started doing Italy's chant, "Italia! Italia! Italia!" I actually thought that only people who had watched international volleyball would know that chant. And then when Slovenia was serving and nobody knew what to chant, they did that European style clap that crescendos until the server makes contact with the ball.

    there are solid fans out there, w/ PH fans they just mimic what others are doing, even the clapping before the serve for SLO. But for some reason the Nippon cheer is much clearer during the women's game compared when the men's team played, it's more of like random screeching/screaming from fan girls or because there was a huge chinese crowd during the JPN v CHN women's game :lol:

    meh. just look at the comments. international fans were talking about actual volleyball while PH fans are talking about bulges, manliness and thirst traps. the way they're screaming at players sound like they're at a strip club and not a volleyball match. I've read that the philippine federation wanted to improve the volleyball in there but then spends money on big events like VNL but withdraws their U20 squad because there's no funds?

    the screaming HAHAHAHAH quite true tho, but the fans were cheering for good plays as well, it's just cheers for good looking players are wayyyyyyy much louder. and yeah, ph vb program is quite a mess that's why VNL has been a good experience for PH VB fans overall.

    Could be. But i still find the Japanese a bit cold. I've read somewhere that only two of them (the women's team) even wave back a lot or are responsive. The rest just ignores.

    I wasn't there when China won against Belgium and Canada, but Jp players were going to the courtside and patron seats to give something and take quick pictures after they won their matches. Maybe they did that as well? But to be fair, they're here for the games not for fan meeting, some players are just very nice to accommodate fans with pictures even outside the venue.

    and some of the backup players that are in the audience seat didn't even react during the game compared to Miyabe and co during their match against JP.

    I used to like Japan men's team but the excessive social media hype turned me off. hahaha. I'm actually more impressed with their women's team.

    I liked JPN because of somewhat "underdog" factor due to them not being tall enough compared to other teams, but tbf anyone can be a poster boy as long as they got the same hype/promotion Ran is getting. All of them looks unreal in person, like they can have one poster boy in each team and "vb fans" will eat it up.

    oh. I'm referring to specific players like Ran. let's not pretend like Japan would be as popular now if Haikyu didn't exist. They are literally being compared to it. It's actually a problem in Japan right now. The women's side is losing sponsors while the men's are getting a free advertisement from volleyball world. I remember FIVB doing the cringe equality Tshirt thing last VNL, only to just hype up the men's team and don't even make an effort for women's teams.

    VBW struck gold with Ran due to "supply" and "demand" specially here in PH, there are a LOT of female teenagers to middle aged women with raging hormones and man, they really get crazy with simping and all. Therefore they have the perfect poster boy in Ran. Even with our local vb players, they always go about looks or shipping (which hopefully don't go in international level because it's a different level of cringe).

    wow the rivalry here is strong…. The Filipino fans seem to be taking Japan’s side, chanting loudly while the opposition serves. Wonder why the Filipinos prefer japan to China…

    anime, because of haikyuu + vbworld's social media obsession's with the men's JP players. Mayu is getting the loudest cheer when she serves, because of baby bra warriors wetting themselves over Yuki :lol:

    watched the game live, happy to hear Chinese crowd cheering so loudly, they can replicate their MBs scream in every corner of araneta :lol:.

    Also, they should change the venue announcer, he looks so fucking bored and doesn't even show interest watching the game. Sometimes he'll call the name of the server, super spike, monster block, or ace whenever he wants no consistency or whatsoever lol.