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    Egonu hasn't changed a bit in Imoco. She's just playing in a system she fits in better. Her technical skills are still quite weak for an elite player. Her physical power is unmatchable for the others, but she's overall behind Boskovic in terms of technical skills, mentality and leadership. Maybe Zhu is still better too. When she left Vakifbank to come back to China, she lost something in her game and her level dropped a bit (probably because she just played about 3 months in total during the last 2 club seasons). Egonu played for a few months this summer with Malinov and Orro and didn't manage to adapt technically (it goes both ways for her and the setters, the blame is to share). She will improve for the next Olympic Games hopefully.

    What if this team had a serious coach? I'm a little bit upset they managed to win at least a silver medal with the zen guy on bench. Imagine this pool of players with coaches like Ze Roberto, Guidetti, Lang Ping, Bernardinho...

    I still think Kiraly didn't make the best calls for the 12 people roster. I don't care he will bring home a medal.

    More than agree or disagree, it is just checking a fact. One thing is an opinion, another is a fact. Before WCH 2014 gold medal, USA had not won any single major tournament. And I strongly believe that any single volleyball fan would say they were not a powerhouse.

    Another example: before Beijing 2008, Brazil had not won any major tournament yet. Would someone have said they were not a powerhouse in this sport? Of course not. Before that gold medal, Brazil had 2 bronze medal in Olympics and 2 silvers in WCH. Would someone have dared to call them wannabe team? I dont think so.

    Italy won twice one of those major tournaments, they have 1 gold medal and one silver medal in WCH. The other "B" teams could only dream of that. Hence, just because there is super biased user who hypes Italy in an obnoxious way doenst mean I have to deny the facts.

    Otherwise, I would be falling in the same mistake that user does.

    I might not be clear. I talked about being able to win any tournament with some of the best teams involved. Something like VNL, World Cup or even european championship... in order to be able to win a major tournament. Successful mentality starts with a victory over the best rivals in any tournament.

    Italy with this generation only won a zonal (Mediterranean Games) and a friendly tournament (Montreux). They are stuck at 2011 World Cup as their last important trophy. USA had a quite different pathway, because they were able to win multiples WGP and VNL and few NORCECA titles when Cuba was still Cuba, so they were just missing an important gold medal to fully belong to the elite, but they proved to be able to do so even before the 2014 world championship. This is where I find Italy behind the 'titans', they never won a tournament where China, Serbia, Brazil or USA were involved. They need this first step in order be part of the next level, waiting for a major gold medal.

    I know Italy won a Grand Champions Cup, a World championship and 2 european championship and so on and on, but it happend with another generation of players that proved multiple times to be able to win any tournament and just missed an olympic medal. The new generation players have to take the first step and prove themselves yet. So far they're like Turkey or Netherlands. They can make it to the final or to the podium stage matches, but they always miss something (mostly mentality imho) in the end to grab the gold medal.

    Well, before WCH 2014, USA had not won any single gold medal in a major tournament. And I think that nobody would say they were not a powerhouse in this sport before that first gold.

    I kind of agree with this. USA had a long reconstruction under Lang Ping and McCutcheon. They made it to 2 olympic finals and won 2 silver medals. They also won few NORCECA and World Grand Prix titles. Somehow they were stuck in the middle between powerhouse wannabe teams like Italy and real titans like Brazil until the 2014 world championship gold medal. I mean they proved to be able to win a major tournament many times before ending up as world champions in 2014, which is exactly what teams like Italy didn't show so far. On the other hand Brazil and China may fail a single tournament and they did (Brazil in 2016 and China this year), but you always know they'll be there to fight for the title in the next tournament because they have mentality, consistency and resiliency.

    Some people are trying so hard to sell Italy as a titan among China, Serbia, USA and Brazil...

    I just noticed Italy doesn't win a single gold medal since the 2011 World Cup (when their best generation of players was still there), unless you want to count 2018 Montreux Volley Masters as a major tournament. :lol:

    I hope Caroline de Oliveira Saad Gattaz goes get the olympic medal she never had a chance to fight for. She is fast and plastic like she was 15 years younger.

    Brazilian fighting spirit once more overcomes the lacks in their game. You can actually feel their energy from the screen (expecially Fe Garay and Carol Gattaz). Hat off to Ze Roberto and his big family management of a volleyball team.