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    Unlike the U20, the set of wing spikers this edition is quite weak on attacks, none of them seem to be the go-to person for Russia. Fortunately, their passing is not that bad so Kobzar can really give balls to their middle blockers.

    I agree, though while their wing spikers are a little bit weak in offense, that is compensated by their strong middles. What Russia needs is, as you mentioned, a go-to person specially for OOS plays. For Russia to win, they have to have perfect reception for the middles to work since Popova, their Opposite, is a little bit weak. I just wish, by U20 next year, the other Opposite Shyvdkia will develop into a legitimate and reliable opposite player already. I remember Akimova was very lost when she played U18 with Gorbunova and Kadochkina. But she had improved a lot when she played U20.

    With Suvorova, Russia now has a prolific scoring and not just blocking MB! I hope she can transition well to senior NT in the near fut

    Hopefully she does. I think Russia needs new middle blockers. The other middle blocker Sergeeva has good attacking skills also. She just needs to improve her blocking skills. Suvorova is a complete package already - both in attach and block.

    Russia has a tall Opposite player playing now at U18 World Champ, at 200 cm. Will Shyvdkia be the next Gamova? Or will she just follow the footsteps of Malygina, another tall, lousy player.

    Fedorovtseva is tireless! :white:I don't think she needs this tournament but if she really wants to play, I wish her all the best. Just hope she doesn't injure herself. :flower:

    Maybe she will just play during the Gold Medal match. I wonder when was the last time Russia won in this category? During the time of Gamova?

    This generation has so many tall players. With Gamova with the team, hopefully she can share her skills and improve the talent of the Opposite players, Shyvdkaya and Protopopova. Not to mention Seergeva who is a middle player. Russia is lacking in Opposite players.

    Suvorova (MB) is someone to look out for. She played already with U19 generation during the World Championship, and showed a lot of potential, even played better than Kochurina and the other middle.

    With Federovsteva, I think this team is guaranteed with a medal. Maybe Arina can join but play only during the medal matches.

    Surprisingly, Pipunyrova played well during the Governor's Cup - high attack percentage (17/26, 65% with 1 error, compared to 12 mistakes of Goncharova and 43%) and decent reception. Imagine next year, Russia has so many potential OH players - Voronkova, Federov, Smirnova, Pipunyrova, then we have Ilchenko. Hopefully, Kapustina gains more maturity and experience. I really hope whoever will be the coach, he will focus on the reception of the team.

    Yes, I saw the post, thanks! Hopefully Kotova will be able to replace this misunderstanding Maligina! I am glad that Kadochkina has the opportunity to prove herself, she has an incredible fighting spirit, her reception has improved in the last year and I hope she has added to this element in the summer.I'm sorry that players like Rusakova didn't get a chance this summer! For me, she is the best at the reception, and she has exactly the female malice that makes her so cool and unique.😀

    Hopefully the coach can fully utilize Kotova, specially her deadly serves.

    After the Olympics, I was actually expecting Goncha to announce her retirement. Maybe she's not yet done with NT? I love her and appreciate her dedication to NT but I'm afraid she no longer have what it takes to win big games for Russia :(. I think now is the right time for the NT to look for other options in Opposite position.

    Akimova and Lazareva should be given chances now. I was disappointed that Akimova is not playing at ECH. This should give her experience in preparation for WCh 22 next year.

    True, she was solid and promising player. Transfered to Dinamo Moscow and totally disappeared. So much time and talent wasted on the bench. Still playing for smaller clubs though.

    Her club was Proton under Marichev. She was playing as a non-receiving outside hitter, with Samoylenko and a libero doing the reception duties. At her age, she was still bad at reception.

    Such a bad line up for Russia. No Akimova. Lazareva will be tested here. Hopefully she can deliver. Russia needs another outside hitter who can replace Voronkova in the reception duties. Smirnova, Kadochkina and Sazonova are offensive rather than defensive hitters. No Lazarenko for the middle.

    Seeing Malygina in the line up is just terrible. Brovkina is still young so she can be developed.

    AFAIK, Protopopova is (or was) training with the U18 team. E. Gatina and Popova are training as well, and they can play both positions, so those should be the opposites for the U18 Wch.

    I don't know if Arina will play in this Wch (it's kinda unnecessary, IMO).

    With Arina, I am sure they have higher chances of winning. But yeah, it is not neccessary. I hope Russia will have big talents from this generation.