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    I don't fully agree. I mean Japan was close against brazil in quarterfinals and Brazil now win against Serbia who beat USA - who still is the most dangerous team. And this is after a complete collapse I would say from Inoue, she was performing very good first weeks but then could do absolutely nothing last week. I know the blocking teams were stronger last week and QF but she should still have performed better than what we saw. Japan with two "koga"-level spikers can definately compete with the "muscle" teams in top 5 but I agree they have disadvantage because of the reasons he is talking about.

    Thrilling game indeed. If Sweden will win with big numbers or small ones really depends on the setter Wilma Andersson. When she sets decent they win quite easily, when she makes mistakes they start to loose (edit: of course it depends on the receiving aswell which can be catastrophic sometimes). She also made some terrible mistakes in the end of the sets. But I have to say her blocking has improved alot and she got more block points than any of the other players. Defense still reaally bad from her though.

    The middles of Sweden do absolutely nothing. Topic is contributing alot in block and that's probably why Sweden managed to turn a few sets to a win when they switched her and the other middle Wasserfaller.

    The coach however I am not happy with. He could do lots of serving subs for all of the centerplayers who are a mess in backline defense, Why not swap out Topic for example when the score is 14-14 and she is about to serve? he has so many options on the bench for just this moment. If the match was more important I would be so mad with him! He also swapped out Topic who really made a difference in blocking in the last few points, why oh why?!

    I think Bella Haak loves to play with NT even though the level is so much worse than she is used to. She knows she does more for volleyball in Sweden than anyone has ever been close to doing, and she problably takes pride in that. The matches certainly means alot to her anyway, as you could see in the fifth set where she was furious. :P

    Finally Sweden played as they should against Estonia, winning quite easily. Hope they can keep that level against Portugal. Also the commentator said that Topic was injured and that is why she is not playing.

    I don't think she is injured because she player a few points in previous games, it seems to be a coach preference. She is not a great attacker neither but at least she can block, which is something they are desperately missing. Their wings are better blocker than MBs🤦

    Yeah completely agree. A huge part of their game in quarterfinals was their blocking. That was missing in the Portugal and Estonian matches.

    It was indeed very dumb to replace a trainer who took this team to quarterfinals. This new guy is now even using Topic although other MBs suck big time. And he is insisting on Anna Haak instead of Lazic🤦 what is the achievement of new trainer? How come is he any better than Ettore?

    From what I´ve heard Ettore had a "never set middle"-policy, it was the same when he coached high school girls, don't know if that has something to do with him getting sacked though. I agree with Topic, she isn't injured or anything? It's just stupid if its not something like that.