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    I am positively surprised by Gao Yi's improvements. She can turn into a second Yuan if she keeps improving like this.. then China will have a super duo of middle blockers, who can spike over any block all the time :super:

    Regarding Chen Peiyan, I think she used to jump a lil higher... She doesn't seem very fluid right now, maybe she had an injury? She has the power but lacks of coordination and is a bit too slow. She reminds me of Karsta Lowe.. I hope she reaches a Boskovic-tier level :lol: but she needs to improve her speed and coordination.

    Some remarks about Jiangsu - Tianjin:

    Positive note:

    LYY is the best outside hitter that China has right now: when she jumps at her full potential, she is just over the top

    Ni Fei Fan is the best Chinese libero by far.. she really deserves to be the starter at the next WCH

    Yuan was hitting so hard. Her blocking was also good.

    ZCN was solid;

    Negative notes:

    not impressed by Chen Boys and Wang Yizhu;

    Gong looked demotivated.

    for the wch I would love to see ZCN at opposite, Zhu and LYY as outside.

    Is there any news about ZT's surgery? The next head coach? I heard that even Chen Z. (the head coach during the 2004 Olympics's) might be a possible choice.

    I also heard that LP was offered 30 Mil RNB to coach the Italian NT but that might just be speculation....

    Still too short, Thailand and Japan have different philosophies on building a NT.

    I don't think she is in the sports school anyways. Heard she is just in normal school and playing volleyball for fun.

    how come a setter is making so much noise? Is she really THAT good?

    Why is it there is no news about it? Why so secretive? Has the 🇨🇳🏐federation helped in finding the best surgeon to operate on ZT’s wrist? Is it really seriously getting ZT the best care to treat/ fix her severe injury? It should update the public / 🏐 fans of her condition and when her surgery will happen. 🇨🇳🏐 federation owes this much to ZT to get her the best care there is for her sacrifice and dedication / service to her country.

    it should be a public affair! 😏

    I seriously believe China could have won againt Turkey, ROC and other teams even if Zhu did not start. Changning and Yingying are high class OH.

    ZCN was the best player in the world at the 2016 Grand Prix, even better than ZT. She was superb in every aspect. Unfortunately after her injuries she never fully recovered (still a really good player though).

    Li has stepped up this year and hopefully will continue improving (maybe working on her block reach).

    No one is even close to ZT. better hope her surgery goes smoothly

    Is her surgery planned? It should be done urgently! I tried to search for news but found nothing a part from speculation about who is leaving the NT…

    don't look too deeply, the only thing that awaits are conspiracy theories.

    I know... But it's too painful... We had such high expectations after the VNL...

    I don't see a bright future for CNT unless ZT recovers or another ZT-like players steps out.

    That last part!

    And not just in the NT, but even the Chinese clubs. It wouldn't matter if the NT hires the best physical trainers, therapists, and doctors when back in their clubs they are also being over trained or training with bad form.

    Their results in Tokyo shows that more isn't always better and that they need to start taking injuries seriously.

    I still don’t understand how they can be the best team in the world at the VNL and just one month later everything falls apart… they looked incredibly slow and exhausted at the Olympics and this just one month later after the VNL.
    I also think that Lang Ping didn’t care about winning. She never looked anxious or worried and remained unusually seated for most of the time.

    Hi guys I’m new here 🤣

    My name is Andy and I’m a big fan of the Chinese volleyball team. I’m still devasted about what happened at the Tokyo Olympics… I cried for many days and I’m still really upset.

    I just wanted to share my dejected feelings with u guys since I have been reading this blog for quite a while and I kinda know that u guys are fans of CNT. 😂

    do u guys know if there is any Zhu-like player in the making? I am a bit worried for the WCH and for the next Olympics.

    I heard about Dong Mingxia some time ago.. can she became the next big thing for CNT? China has 1.4 billions of people they should produce many many Zhu Tings..😅