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    i hate all the volleyball dirigents, all of them OMG

    i understood, the format was already defined, they couldnt change

    so, maybe Belgium will win them all, bc Colombia x France would be a good final

    i hope Belgium can come back, dont give s* on seeing new faces anymore

    team Kazakhstan confirmed they're going to play the Challenger Cup when presented the new serbian coach last month, he just won the Asian Club Championship with Kuanysh over Altay.

    they're going to play the AVC Cup and World Champs this summer as well.

    do you guys think that's their last move on the international stage? they're at #36 place on ranking now.

    i bet it will be the last performance on NT by Anarkulova, their most decorated player

    Yea, at that point in set 4, I dont think anything mattered, for the Czech's anyways.

    according to Jules they (the czech's) already have a spot in the Challenger Cup (im not sure about that) but i dont think there's anything super shady about this match.

    I hope France wins though... I want to see them in the VNL before the OGs in 2024.

    i would be really awesome to watch France debuting in the international stage before the Olympics!

    i dont know who will be relegated and depending on the quaterfinals format... an european team have more chances to take this spot (?)

    i heard they would replace Bulgaria for Croatia in the Challenger Cup, but they were already the hosts, so the spot would go to Spain or Czechia (last 3rd and 4th places in GEL). Czechia is quite more ready for this...

    they started the match, won the 1st set, struggled in the next 2 and lost. in the 4th set, they started but the coach took them out, it was a 25-12 to Croatia.

    i understood your point too! maybe the coach is right to bring the starters to the bench, their summer is too long with Golden League, Challenger Cup, Eurovolley qualifiers and WCH...

    did you guys see the Greek coach replacing the starters for his Czech team vs Croatia, pretending to not classify as best 1st team but as 2nd to fight Romania in the semis?? or was just me?

    now we have France (4-0 record) vs Croatia (3-1 and best 2nd place)

    Czech Republic (3-1) vs Romania (3-1)

    i mean, if this was calculated, the karma exists... (he used the regulation in their benefit and bla bla)

    if Czechia won the match, Croatia wouldnt classify, Ukraine would made it

    they gave the right result they wanted, a 3x1 win

    I don't think Ukraine is able to host it right now...

    i agree... poor Ukraine, even when they were able to host the match vs Hungary at home last week, in Zaporizhzhia. Milenko and Boyko had an ammazing match, they won by 3-1.

    let's wait for where the finals will be!

    Where have you read that Ukraine is finals host?

    "The 12 participating teams, divided into three pools of four each, will contest a double round robin in their groups, starting on May 25. After completion of the pool phase on June 12, Croatia and Ukraine will be hosting the men’s and women’s Final Four respectively through June 18-19 – where the home favourites will be vying for top honours together with the three pool winners."


    i think this was their 1st post about it, they said 12 teams, but we know it's 9 for now... i think it's not updated so?

    Ukraine is not qualified yet. If Spain wins both matches 3-0/3-1, Spain and France will have both 3 victories so both will qualify (top ranked and best second).

    omg, i didn't know that!

    so the Finals are not in Ukraine anymore, right?

    then where it will be?

    Romania swept Hungary 3-0

    so Ukraine, Romania and Czechia already confirmed on Final Four

    France still have risks on not mading the finais (if Spain win the next 2 matches by 3-0, i think that's really difficult)

    the ranking points for European League are now being updated!

    France now on 23rd place, Czech Republic 20th, Croatia, 24th...

    Ukraine is on an interesting position for world qualifications too, 26th!

    Lilly Topic was best blocker of regular season in German league with big distance, but she can't score an attack to save her life :gone: Still I was surprised to see her on bench in NT now, last year she was starter...

    i think that's it. the staff has to challenge her, to increase on the kill skills to help her team, she already stays on the bench almost half of the match bc of rotation, you gotta be competitive on your team, imo

    Japan's squad is as new as Brazil. Only Koga, Shimamura and Mayu came back from the Tokyo squad. The oldest is the libero Yamagishi (31) replacing Kobata from the last team.

    Shimamura wasn't even used.

    They're on equal ground

    i thought Yamada made it to the Olympic Games

    this is brand new squad for both teams, i love this!

    Yes, they will play challenger.

    Also FIVB doesn't allow medial medical transfer in VNL roster. After Huber's serious injury Polish Federation asked for a one roster change but FIVB refused. Sad approach.

    they'll have a competition at home called Final Four next week in order to qualify to the Challenger Cup. i think they will win as well (cheering for it)

    Logo-Final Four Men.jpg (3222×825)

    Hande is very inconsistent. Do they think keeping her around will eventually make her better? I don't understand how she's the only one that seems to be the only exception

    i think she has a status of star in the underages (MVP, titles)... they still believe on her, 24 yo, she did a nice job on backcourt in some matches in Tokyo.

    but still inconsistent for me too. she has some credits with some people, i think

    That's true but Ilkin's performance was pretty poor all season long... Tugba did good when called to action (Game 4 against Fener is still fresh).

    Elif Sahin wasn't a starter but she is with the VNL squad... (I like her more than Buse, but the point is the same)

    i like Sahin too! i watched she entering in many times in the turkish league, and of course on the matches Maja were not the starter.

    Guidetti seems to like tall setters.

    but Buse did a good job in the WCCH as well

    Ilkin over Tugba? :/:/:/

    or does Turkey want to be as competitive as possible in both competitions?

    i mean... at least Ilkin played all the league as starter. Tugba has to play more, and i think that's why she's on the Mediterranean Games with Unal, another non-starter this club season...