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    In this one, Seo NW disclosed what he said. Seems like it involved comparing Kim Sanee to a dog. He also said that was the worst thing he's ever said.

    I think it would have been considered abusive language had he compared Kim Sanee to a dog, but he didn't. He was referring to the situation.

    The article listed reasons why the public believes more in Seo Namwon than Kim Sanee (and IBK seniors), such as his unproblematic history with KGC and Hi-pass, with players even praising him at their award ceremonies, as well as how he has been so open and revealed what was the worst thing he said. Meanwhile Kim Sanee and IBK seniors refuse to elaborate more on the abusive language, and IBK has bad rep with past coaches. Their players are given relatively more power in decision making.

    At this point, I just want the truth to be revealed already...

    Songhwa was never that fantastic - then again, same with most of Korea's setters. Even since PS days she was slow and liked to give underhand tosses.

    Back in PS she had Kim Haeran with solid receives/digs + LJY to make up for it as the 2nd foreigner.

    She didn't use to be this bad, but she wasn't that good either - it feels like she has regressed. Kim Hakyung on IBK is better now imo.

    Yeom improved in NT under Lavarini for sure, but she never performed with that same ability back in v-league. It's quite odd.
    I wondered why, her team couldn't play speed volleyball? Coach directing her otherwise? NT players said that Lavarini gives very specific instructions, so maybe she couldn't do without that? She was in a worse slump last year in fact

    Right I took a quick look at her namu wiki page and it seems like she was never outstanding. Just that everyone else is equally bad and she's performing worse than usual this season I presume.

    Anyway hyundai was having a bad day today but i think ibk (esp the olympic trio) was doing better than usual too. Interestingly I saw a tweet that said ibk's club owner was present today (presumably to discuss the club's latest affairs).. the pressure might have spurred them a bit more..

    She the highest paid setter in league. Yeom is 250

    I dont like how the media is just covering one side, im staying neutral for now, Go Yu Min case is still fresh on my memory.

    Oh wow this is pretty surprising to me. I didn't know she was the highest paid setter. I know she's quite the senior (10+ years?) so that might have played a part, but so is Yeom. (I do know Yeom improved a lot post Lavarini though) Did she regress at some point? AFAIK she's among the bottom starting setters (as of at the end of round 1)..

    i think Yasmin is gonna break Diouf's scoring record :what:

    Yasmin scored 43 points against Diouf's 54, but if they went to 5 sets I think she might have surpassed that!

    Was curious about this so I looked up some stats on the most points in a game:

    Top 10 Women’s best scorers in a single match:

    1. 60Jana Kulan (AZE), Toray – Hisamitsu Springs, 2019
    2. 58 – Polina Rahimova (AZE), Queenseis – Hitachi, Japan, 2015
    3. 57 – Elitsa Vasileva (BUL), Pink Spiders – Expressway, Korea, 2013
      57 – Madison Kingdon (USA), Altos – Hyundai, Korea, 2017
    4. 56 – Gyselle Silva (CUB), Smart – Cocolife, Philippines, 2018
    5. 55 – Nicole Fawcett (USA), Expressway – Altos, Korea, 2013
      55 – Alaina Bergsma (USA), Daejeon – Altos, Korea, 2017
    6. 54 – Bethania de la Cruz (DOM), Airybees – Hisamitsu, Japan, 2012
      54 – Bethania de la Cruz (DOM), Caltex – Altos, Korea 2014
      54 – Valentina Diouf (ITA), KGC – Hyundai, Korea 2021
    7. 53 – Polina Rahimova (AZE), Caltex – Hyundai, Korea, 2015
      53 – Nicole Fawcett (USA), Expressway – Caltex, Korea 2015
      53 – Madelaynne Montaño (COL), Hungkuk Caltex, Korea, 2011
      53 – Yumilka Ruíz (CUB), Uralochka – Dinamo Moscow, Russia, 2005
      53 – Barbara Jelić-Ružić (CRO), Croatia – Italy, Italy, 1999
    8. 51 – Joyce Silva ‘Joycinha’ (BRA), Daejeon – Expressway, Korea, 2014
      51 – Bethania de la Cruz (DOM), Airybees – Marvelous, Japan, 2012
      51 – Hayley Spelman (USA), Daejeon – Pink Spiders, Korea, 2015
    9. 50 – Sara Pavan (CAN), Caltex – Daejeon, Korea 2014
    10. 49 – Nancy Metcalf (USA), Indias – Gigantes, Puerto Rico, 2002
      49 – Joyce Silva ‘Joycinha’ (BRA), Daejeon – Caltex, Korea, 2014
      49 – Kelsie Payne (USA), Expressway – Pink Spiders, Korea, 2021

    Not surprisingly, many of the games happened in Korea lol

    Source: Here

    I see, thank you for explaining!

    Unfortunately the clubs care more about their wins than the national team's wins. Kim Heejin is currently the main OP on the NT yet even her doesn't get to play OP at IBK.

    I was expecting Jeong Jiyun to make the transition to OP after her stint at the VNL and Olympics but she'll be an OH instead, so the NT still have no "real" OP. :white:

    This is worrying to say the least.. And it's not like they can rely on Kim Heejin forever..

    It makes me wonder if their chances of an olympic medal could have been higher if they actually let their local players play/train more in the OP. Wish the KVA would step in or something..

    Sorry if this is a noob question but I saw this IBK profile today and was so surprised to see 6 korean lefts, and 1 foreigner right.. i know KYK mentioned that the right position in all the korean leagues are filled by foreigners, but I'm just wondering why this is the case? Are foreigners better at playing right for some reason? And even if they are, shouldn't they still let their players play in the right position more, so they can find suitable players playing right for national games?

    thank you in advance for answering :)


    4volley wow 2009 archive video:what: furthest I ever found was 1 single 2014 match haha, what a pity, if not for fans saving from before & sharing, its pretty much all gone. Wonder if there's a site that saved all of them :(

    You can't miss this one from 2005! includes kim yeonkoung, kim suji, kim jaeyoung (kim suji's sis) and bae yoona in red, and oh jiyoung, han sooji, han eunji (han sooji's sis) in white.

    Stick to Twitter, its definitely more decent than those anonymous forums.

    Only good/downside about Twitter is that it can become a boring/toxic echo chamber at times (either going overboard to hate or praise on a common topic)

    Since you can choose the content/users you want to follow & see, you basically only see what you want to see😅and choose what you agree/disagree with

    So a forum like this here is kinda nice, different opinions at times, but people can live with it and not go crazy bashing one another under the cover of anonymity.

    Maybe I'm just lucky but the people I'm following on Twitter mostly post positive/fangirling content or successful spikes/blocks etc content. Over here it feels a lot more objective and even if there is criticism it is not personal but constructive. So I appreciate that 😊👍

    thank you for the warm welcome! yes i saw that thread as well :) wish i was there to join everyone during the games itself but better late than never. thanks for sharing these links, i'm looking fwd to all these variety shows they're spoiling us with. shout out to @theloneracer for updating the threads so much too!

    btw not directed to anyone in particular, but i was looking at the kovo vid on the recent draft. and i was wondering how are the number of balls decided? (e.g. hyundai getting 35, gs getting 2 etc.) was it based on previous v-league performance? teams that performed more poorly got more balls?

    Wow hello everyone newbie here who fell in love with the korean vb team during the olympics (so late i know :aww:) but i'm glad to have found this thread :) never knew i would find english-speaking people discussing the korean teams lol. the fandom may be small but i'm happy to know it does exist :drink::wavy: