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    Does anyone re-watch the matches on K-Spike channel? They titled the Peppers vs Hyundai match "Pepper Savings Bank (AI Peppers) VS Yaasmeen (Hyundai E&C Hillstate)". :whistle:

    Seriously though, I don't know why she wasn't the MVP of the match.

    "It looks gorgeous and good on the outside, but the inside is rotten and scorched. The bigger the bowl, the more it can hold, but the feeling that we can't even fill the bowl full. You may feel afraid of change, but now is the time for all of us to change it seems."

    through google translate so it might be off... But it does sound like she's specifically talking about the league. The league "looks gorgeous and good...", the "inside being rotten" is probably about CVA :whistle:

    The post is kinda cryptic so it's possible that she wasn't talking about the CVA but about IBK Altos volleyball club with their recent scandal. Cause I'm not so sure she'd poke at the association of another country, or maybe she was being cryptic on purpose and both interpretations are correct. :lol:

    Off topic about the scandal: you guys can read more in the Korean Vleague thread but in short, IBK Altos became the most popular volleyball club in Korea this season thanks to the Olympic effect and the presence of the next hottest Korean volleyball girl Kim Heejin (looks gorgeous and good on the outside). They started the season by losing every match in the first round. A series of event happened and the head coach was sacked. Some allegations came out that the players on the team didn't like the coach so they underperformed in matches in order to kick him out (inside is rotten and scorched).

    Kim always tries to raise the status of women's volleyball in Korea and things were looking up after the Olympics so I bet she was pissed when this happened.

    time to ditch and both come to AU! lol

    Larson was on it before we even knew :super:

    That she didnt know anything... and Shanghai didnt either (this was in august or september)

    She asked them if she should get her visa/stuff ready and shanghai was like "we dont know" lol

    only one foreigner allowed per team to be on court. lmaoooo wtf is this nonsense

    Were we too harsh on Shanghai? Maybe they really didn't know what to do LMAO.

    At least the CVA could have establish the rule before teams sign their foreigners.:hit:

    Thank you both!

    Ah, the famous star system! Yeah, that's something I can relate to, thinking about how it works in Brazil... But I do think particularly the way some fans deal with this, not dealing very maturely when the stars start dating people, that's something new to me, specially thinking about sports. If I think about boybands, musical artists, stuff like that, then it seems more familiar.

    By the way, it was indeed a good read, suminj. I was very surprised to see how much IBK improved their popularity after the Pink Spiders lost KYK and the twins.

    The way Kim Hee Jin's popularity skyrocketed in Korea after the Olympics just shows how popularity of a player doesn't always come from performance on court.

    She might be important to the team because she's their only opposite option, but let's be real; performance wise, she was mediocre.

    The media and IBK is really banking on her unisex look. I'm not blaming them or her, and well I must admit that her look can be a real fan-magnet (another similarity to the K-idol world maybe). Just bringing another point to the performance doesn't matter that much conversation

    (just don't do too bad or you'll get dragged online).

    Still surprising she used to be married, but personally I'd rather not find out about an athlete's personal life (unless they committed a horrid crime and is charged in law for it), and just watch them play volley

    Though, if the dude is who I think he is, I don't think DY necessarily tried hiding it when they were together, they went around together quite publicly. There were also rumours back in 2018 she wanted to retire to get married. A fan shared that back in 2019 she shared her ex-bf cheated on her so she broke up with him though. (ofc, with all stories, can be one-sided)

    I was reading about the twins scandal on this forum and tbqh I think you know too much about the twins and this scandal to say that you don't care about athlete's personal life haha. I dare say you know about this topic more than any of us here.

    I mean right after you said you don't want to know about their life, you also said that you have a hint who DY's husband is, while she's been trying to keep her marriage out of the public's eye. Then you shared stuff about her personal life that I bet the majority of us (including me lol) have no idea about.

    Just saying, you may be in this deeper than you think my friend :cheesy:.

    JY herself once said she punched DY so hard when they were younger that she "almost killed her" cause DY got so stunned she had drool come out of her mouth lol. She said after that incident she no longer fought so hard again

    This is another one I don't know lol. But sadly I'll never be able to read stories of the twins fighting each other or fighting with someone else in a lighthearted or jokingly way again after all these violence allegations.

    she pulled a knife on her twin sister?? OK pulling a knife is bad on anyone in general but on your own twin sister... I heard twins view their counterparts sort of as an extension of themselves so that's really something.

    He said it happened in front of their parents (I'm not sure whose parents though).

    The link you posted says they're separated, not divorced. But the divorce is in process. That's how he's been making those demands.

    I feel like calling this DY's side adding more to the story is more accurate than "refuted his claim". I don't think they said that the stuff he said was false, but rather them saying that he was a douchebag as well.

    Maybe both sides are telling the truth about the other, and just hiding the bad stuff that they do themselves. He's bad doesn't mean that she's good, and vice versa.

    Can we talk about the Lee twins scandal in this thread? (I mean I'm not sure where else would be appropriate and I seriously think it deserves a separated thread with all the crazy stuff that happened.)

    Either way, from what I've gathered around the internet, today, TV Chosun released an interview with Lee DY's husband (which is how everyone found out that DY got married in 2018 :S). He was accusing her of domestic violence, said she has been abusing him verbally and physically. He now needs treatment for depression, panic disorder and insomnia. He's filing for divorce. Also according to him, DY wielded a knife (sounds familiar?) during a fight between her and JY.

    Interview and articles (Korean):…ll/article/468/0000793305

    At this point I feel like the biggest victim is probably Lee JY. How deep was she involved in the school violence? Not sure but obviously the knife accusation (the biggest one) was geared towards DY. She certainly wasn't involved in the Instagram thing about KYK (if that's what really happened). She was playing volleyball happily in Pink Spider, was the main gun of the team, until her sister joined and made those IG posts that triggered the school violence victims. Now she's having a hard time getting back to volleyball, and the reporters are bothering her with this new scandal cuz they can't contact DY.

    Meanwhile, twins have obtained their athlete visas and will leave Korea on the 16th.…newsid=202110090132398061

    Liaoning beats Shanghai for 3rd Place.

    Disappointing finish for Shanghai. They played very poorly in the semis and in this bronze medal match. Perhaps their veterans were worn out already. Surprisingly Liaoning was able to get the job done even without Yan Ni who left earlier.

    May I ask where Yan Ni is? I saw her played some matches in the group stage then she just... disappeared I guess.

    Was she too injured to play? Even so, it's still kind of weird that I didn't see her with the team or on the podium at all.