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    Hey everyone. A friend of mine and I have put together a podcast covering womens volleyball. Eventually we would like to cover all sorts but right now the first episode is about the top teams to watch for this ncaa season. It’s a great watch for people looking to get into ncaa volleyball. Hope y’all enjoy!

    Probably true.

    This is very specific WCh(with new rules), literally we only care about USA, and USA only care about us. And Bojana is needed for this match.

    it’s a shame. I like Lazović but Bojana is a rock out there and her and lozo are our best duo to play imo

    you should make a post about new generation :)

    From a strictly outsider's prospective , the Bosko/Bjelica balance might prove the trickiest. Lucky for you guys that, as dominant as Bosko is, deep down she seems like a team player, and quite humble

    what balance ? Tijana will be playing the big matches and Bjelica will be a great player to spell her during the lesser matches

    Agree most parts but I think it is a bad idea to bring only 3 middles to WCh. It is almost a month long tournament, with so many games. In the case of an injury, it could mess everything. If Mihajlovic will join it should be instead of Bjelica. Assuming Boskovic will play almost all matches, it might not be a bad idea to bring only one Opp. But I'm not sure current Mihajlovic is really better than Bjelica

    it would be absolutely cruel to leave Bjelica off this roster after all she’s done

    awesome write up haha but what about bjelica ? :)

    yea I rethought this once I said it.

    It's the third spot that matters. I guess it really only matters if Turkey figures themselves out (although they always find their way to go five sets with USA)

    wait I don’t understand. Is it badically just saying Serbia and USA are clearly a step above the rest of the teams on this side so that’s why it’s the third spot that’s in question ?