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    AEK so far was playing well only against PAOK. They didnt win even a match against Olympiakos, Aris, Panathinaikos, Thetis.

    Of the 4/5 matches against AEK that PAOK lost

    For 3/4 matches they either didn't or barely played Dayeong lol - very few minutes (as well as other very questionable constant rotation between all 4 OHs)

    The other 1/4 they lost was Marco's first match and he was experimenting with every player and even triple blocks

    Somehow I almost feel grateful he hadn't played her last match, Dayeong was able to display the clear difference in play with and without her on court through winning this match

    It's a pity she already accepted the offer from Romania (if the info is true)

    she doesnt want to fight for her position?

    I can see why you'd think that, but rather than that its more of having a coach that's confident in her abilities

    Also, guaranteed playing minutes - not every player wants to play from the bench instead

    (the part about "fighting for her position" was just my phrasing - seems to be taken out of context.

    To add, all these was shared by the fan and none of it was directly from her. It could've been a bench position instead for all I know)

    Girl acts like she needs to start constantly for her non-existent NT career or something lmao Whether we agree or not, it's Korea, she won't recover from that scandal again.

    This came outta nowhere?? lmao

    She was already a fixed starting setter for NT before everything that's happened, and she's not looking to return to Korea anytime soon (and vice versa of course). NT is completely out of the question in the coming years - it's Korea like you said. Neither her nor fans are looking at her return anytime soon.

    It might never happen in fact.

    even if the national team was her goal.... going to some random team in Romania (no offense) isnt going to help her case.

    it's an awful attitude... and a sense of entitlement

    Hold up, you diss players who choose to remain on teams where they perpetually remain on the bench, but aren't okay with players who gun for starting positions instead? (also NT isn't her goal)

    You can diss her for choosing a safer weaker league instead, but I absolutely don't see where the attitude and entitlement part came from

    imo its better than players who go for higher pay and lesser playing minutes, she's going for the opposite - lower pay and more playing minutes to display her skills

    Lee Dayeong will be going to Rapid Bucuresti in Romania as previously reported by fosonline

    She and her agent confirmed it to a Korean fan who asked them in Greece
    (disclaimer: entirely shared by fan, so it could be info mixed with his own speculation instead of what he was actually told)

    He also shared that she was offered multiple offers from other clubs including ones from Italy, Poland and Russia as well - with better salary and conditions

    However she prioritized being having a starting position as setter and went with Romania instead

    (I could be wrong, but heard that the Italian and Poland club offers did not guarantee a starting position, and Russia could have been due to the war)

    If not for her stressful half season with Marco Fenoglio on PAOK, I think she would've went for the Italy/Poland offers instead

    But from what was shared it seems like she prioritized a club that would give her a less mentally tumultuous season

    (so curious which clubs those other offers came from:cheesy: )

    edit: clearly my phrasing was taken out of context

    Carlo Parisi from Olympiakos to Rapid Bucuresti.

    Probably with Lee Dae Yong!!!…s-parizi-me-li-sti-rapint

    Don't think this is reliable, Lemonidis has been pretty unreliable and wrong thus far on his reporting of PAOK players

    It is possible that Rapid Bucuresti is one of the clubs which sent her an offer though, because Korean articles reported that Dayeong received several offers from multiple European clubs (not stated which leagues however)

    But playoffs have not started yet, and its results could influence her decision/offers.

    fenoglio said that the break is a disaster so generally paok didnt want that break...the only absence would be the second libero (Papadopoulou)

    obviously the same goes for Olympiakos. only the fourth MB is U19.

    except Thetis, maybe Aris wanted the break because they use a lot their 2nd setter (she also won the mvp award against Thira)

    Wouldn't such a long two week/half month break be a disaster for ALL teams?

    All coaches/players would have been preparing all season for their condition to peak during the playoffs, for that to be halted with half a month break without any matches in between. They will have to plan friendly matches in between.

    Just curious where did you got the rumour about LJY meeting with a Korean club? If it’s true, good for her. If i recall correctly she didn’t really want to play outside due to her injuries.

    I only mentioned it because it is better than what we have which is no news at all 😅, so I suggest you don't take that rumour too seriously for now

    It was simply mentioned multiple times by several Korean fans in forums and fancafes, but they didn't provide any source or proof

    So perhaps it may just be hearsays stemming from their wishes, as Korean fans want to see her back in the local league
    But she definitely has a higher chance of returning since she was unrivaled #1 in the league for several seasons and her skills/output matched that of a foreign player.

    Not injury per say, but she has a weak left knee from a bad knee surgery in high school.
    As long as she constantly strengthens the muscles around her knee, she can perform like she always did in the past few years in league & international stage.

    It was because of her 8 month hiatus and weakened muscles that she wasn't able to return smoothly on court in Greece.

    She didn't really want to play overseas because she's shorter (179) and needs to jump a lot, she was worried that the care and treatment in foreign clubs would not be as detailed and thorough as that in her Korean club.

    But if you ask me she really should try, one of the rare OHs with both good receives/digs and offence🥺
    She has already long outgrown the Korean league.

    If foreign rule didn't exist

    yeah not likely for a foreigner to be a back-up setter, so I wonder what offers she might get

    During CEV Cup, Alba Blaj coach went up to her and praised her as "world's best setter" after the match haha

    Definitely an exaggeration, but the appreciation for her skills is definitely there

    I'm quite certain PAOK wants to re-contract with her & Jaeyeong, but hoping she can play in a better league next season

    Dayeong would be good backup to Maja but players' attitude outside the court is important for Eczacıbaşı.

    She had no issues outside the court throughout her 7 years of pro career in Hillstate from 2014-2020, and she has also got along very closely with her new Greek PAOK teammates, even going out with them every other off day.

    No idea what supposedly happened during 20-21 in Pink Spiders - it was never clarified, but it seems like it was an individual personal issue.

    Won't happen at Eczacibasi (if ever) I'm certain.

    Anyway, it seems like right after I talked about it just a few hours ago, her agency website updated her status to Available: NO 🥲
    (Jaeyeong is still YES, since she is out for the rest of the season)

    Guess it will remain as NO until her playoffs are over...

    Thats why ultinity sports post a video about LJY on youtube...

    Yup the agent said it was to show their games to other clubs

    Though JY only played 2 very simple games before she flew back to Korea to rehab her knee, not sure if her videos from Greek league will do much

    do you know any rumors about where the twins will play next season? can they play in Korea again?

    They're allowed to play in Korea, but it depends on whether any club will sign them.

    There have been rumours amongst Korean fans that a Korean club official had a meeting with LJY while she was in Korea, but it's baseless at the moment so I don't think it's worth believing yet.

    No rumours for Dayeong yet so I had been reading this thread haha

    She had supposedly received an offer from a Europe club last year (wish I knew which) which she regrettably turned down (perhaps because she intended to stay in Korea at the time)

    If anything at all, THY's coach Marcello who is Greek NT's new coach did watch one of Dayeong's matches when he went to Greece (PAOK vs Thetis)
    It was likely just an introduction for him to Greece league & players as their new NT coach, but perhaps she could've left an impression on him? haha
    I hope she can get offers from clubs

    looks like the Lee twins signed on with a new agency (they were with Caan) (or the agencies are just partners lol)

    this is random lol but I just saw it.

    replying to your old post since I was stalking the thread trying to find transfer rumours haha

    If I'm not mistaken Ultinity should be their domestic agent while in Greece, whereas they are still signed to CAAN. Likely just partners.

    They signed a 1 year contract with PAOK so they will be available next season, they are listed as available on Ultinity

    ITC issuance is no longer an issue for them too since that managed to be resolved last season.

    I wonder if any club would be interested in signing Dayeong

    She's a lot more likely to be interested in playing in Europe compared to Jaeyeong

    The only young player who is starter in top teams is the opposite of Thetis, and there are also some bench players of Aris, PAOK, Olympiakos

    Oh I was curious too so thank you for this

    I guess its for the sake of Thetis's OPP (Anthouli) then

    Dayeong was saying that she and Maya were sad about the delay because it meant that the playoffs would end later and they will have to stay in Greece for longer (them being homesick and wanting to fly back)

    I don't understand the new PAOK coach's decision making

    PAOK definitely still has its same weaknesses but this year's matches with the new Italian coach has been very unlike PAOK's usual matches, too many subs in different positions that don't seem to help/change anything

    Coach Floros or even Giannis would've been better for PAOK

    PAOK's assistant coach Giannis is in Serbia at the Serbian volleyball federation, so there may be some possibility of a Serbian player? 🤞🏻
    D-1 till end of transfer window

    On another note, it is reported from a fairly reliable Korean news source/reporter that Jaeyeong has decided on rehabilitating her knee instead of getting surgery, and because doctors have recommended full rest for her knee for at least a few months before she proceeds with rehabilitation treatment, she will almost definitely miss the remainder of this season entirely