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    It was reported that Emre Tayaz renewed with Altekma but he just posted a goodbye message on his IG.

    Maybe his next destination is Galatasaray?

    This was so confusing. I guess he had to make it official to stop everyone from thinking he renewed:lol:

    Hayashi grew since VNL21 if you combined Sakoda Nagaoka and Shinnabe that's her now. I hope she can keep up that form until WCH.

    Inoue's strength really died down.

    I’m conflicted on who our starting outsides should be for finals week? Lozo and Buša for the most offense? Lozo and Bojana to stable out reception ? Katarina I don’t think Is physical enough to be effective against the USA.

    I prefer Lazovic to Busa so I'm gonna go with Lozo and Lazovic. Things have been going smoothly for Lazovic I think she'll be able to pull through if needed.

    Teodora Pušić will never be Brenda Castillo, but she did her job.

    I'm not sure about this comparison but I think Pušić has been improving herself every year. Still a long way but any improvement is good. I didn't like her before but I've somewhat grown to like her.

    I feel the same about Nwakalor. To think that she got 57% vs Pietrini with 66%... 12 and 20 the gap is so far. She doesn't have enough firepower.

    Mayu's biggest weakness is that she's easy to block and becomes overly predictable once she's out of that 'high'. Zehra didn't even have to stretch her arms to block her. She may be able to get away with it during V.League but for these tournaments she will undoubtedly become the target.

    Mayu was able to pull fast ones on both Eda and Zehra but when her stamina reaches a low point is when she starts struggling. Her priority is scoring so she full throttles as much as she can.

    Airi helps with blocking and is good with defense but is far weaker at landing points. Hayashi has a harder swing than her.

    #everyoneknows Mayu is an ace just like kurogo has mental issues and not insomnia but you wouldn't know about that or Japan's history right ha ha ha not

    Emre was pretty bad this season to be honest. I wonder where he’ll end up or even continue playing. He would land a contract but I don’t know if his focus is on volleyball.

    Either he's having a burnout or he's just tired of playing volleyball now. I personally don't see any kind of motivation from him anymore.

    A bit late on this but after rewatching Japan vs China I realized how Kojima could have made a better setter than Seki.

    Does anyone remember Arisa Sato's iconic dump attacks during Rio? fooled so many. It's a shame she's now alienated after leaving Hitachi.

    My friend lives in Vancouver. He said it's too far ;( I'm still trying to convince him to get tickets so he can have both our merch signed ;(

    That is far. If he's going to drive there it's not worth the trip at all. But if he has money to book plane tickets + vnl tickets he should still be able to get good seats even at the last minute

    Question to anyone who knows, this Japan team - especially the setter, looks so much better than the young team they sent to Olympics last year

    Why didn't they pick these players instead? Different coach?

    How can you tell that they're better? If they battled last VNL's Brazil and USA would they have won? I highly doubt it.

    Japan did well for themselves last VNL too. They fell apart by the Olympics because Kurogo had a mental breakdown trying to be Nagaoka and Koga got injured so they were left with Ishii, Ishikawa and Momii to figure things out.

    She's infamous as the softcore porn girl because some people believe that she got into JAV when a girl who looked exactly like her with that signature stubby endomorph body type was featured in the gravure magazine called Friday.

    There's that photo of her bending down where you can see her ass with Ageo's logo that went viral.

    No idea who that is but that account cannot possibly be legit. What kind of narcissistic freak only posts photos of themselves playing?