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    ... weren't her fans complaining that KYK didn't get enough sets for the past few years? They used to brag about her high success rate and complain that the setter was being unfair and not setting to KYK enough and always setting to the foreigner

    Now they're complaining she's being set too much when its just the same amount setters often set to foreign players - there's really no satisfying her blind fans

    They said Pink Spider fans not KYK fans? are you saying that all PS fans are only Kim's fans?

    Me too I have some doubts as they are super expensive.. the only way for Imoco to afford them both could be to cut Robinson & Plummer, who have quite high salaries, and keep a relatively "cheap" OH like Lanier in the starting six. Then they might also save some money by getting Fersino instead of De Gennaro (she will retire after Paris24?) and by cutting an expensive MB like De Kruijf.. Not sure it's gonna be enough though.

    Robin is never leaving Imoco until she retires lol

    Thank you why I can't see it:mad:

    If you have a Japan VPN, here's the link for the livestats earlier. This is more realistic imo. In that new stats, you can see that Ageo has 123 total points (92 attacks, 5 blocks, 2 aces, 24 opponent errors) while Hisamitsu is at 103 points. :lol:

    I used a free VPN extension but when I clicked on that page it's blank. Can you list the top scorers for each team today. For this match only

    I'm hoping Netherlands can show something different this time but just like DR they're very inconsistent.

    I think Lozo will step up this time as she should.

    Japan is nowhere near a solid team. Koga is mostly unreliable and the player their coach pairs her with Inoue can't keep up when things heat up.

    Lol this is just the top of the iceberg. :lol:

    If 5% of the rumors is true, most of you will pick Mazzanti's side.

    It's "Tip of the Iceberg" not top.

    If 100% of the rumours were true, what benefits does one get from picking Mazzanti's side? do I qualify as a "volleyball expert" once I take his side? I honestly don't enjoy dickriding as much as other fans who act like they know something but by all means feel free to spill industry secrets. Make sure you provide a clear video with all sorts of arrows including a full and accurate translation from Italian to English. I would very much love to waste my time looking at that right before OQT.

    and after every tournament, y’all are worried about which player will leave nt this time:roll: ngl very toxic environment

    Who's y'all? you and who? also didn't Belgium's NT have like half of its former players leave and I don't see people shitting on Herbots about it

    I'm not happy with Koga's performance so far or maybe I'm not satisfied with the combinations we've seen so far. I know very little about the other players but the setter this time has better timing than the last one that was overused to make the mbs move.

    Serbia was far from playing good. They're at a shitty transition too but Japan is horrible with their new mbs they're horrendous probably the worst i've seen in ages for this team. They won't survive oqt with this lineup. Way to destroy an already thriving team from last year.