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    i think two seasons



    Even better! Considering she took such a long break off, I hope she can improve on the fundamentals and get a style back.

    I remember thinking in 2019 that her swings at the net were a little awkward, as in her form wasn't the best. What I mean is that when you spike, usually your spiking arm is at the centre line where your head would be if you were standing still, giving you more power + leverage. But she spikes more like a "stick smash" in badminton, where your body is not angled, just straight, and you smash down. I hope she also improves on her spiking approach and landing... I hold my breath at times when the rally is scrappy and she lands off-balance...

    It will be very interesting to see how Zhang Changning performs, considering she wasn't active for a season or so (if I remember correctly).

    Zhang Changning is back???

    Any news on the others, like Zhu Ting and etc? Any chance they're going back to the national team or anything?

    After winning gold, the women's basketball team sends their best wishes to the volleyball team. 加油 ! Li Yueru, my favourite player 😍 is 201cm tall but she looks small compared to Han Xu on her left who is 208cm (6'10") :cheesy:

    Just as I thought Yuan Xin Yue was tall, another player proves me wrong :cheesy::cheesy:

    I will not dare to take pictures with any of the players since I'd look like a dwarf next to them :lol:

    just as I've been saying. people here are quacking for me quoting a general fact. and it's sad that people see housewife as something less of womanhood. women empowerment means a woman should not be shamed for her choices. whether they want to have a career or choose to be a stay at home wife / mom.

    I think it's best not to push it as a "general fact" and just say it's a phenomenon that happens.

    That being said, you're not wrong, you're not right. Just a misunderstanding, no issue bud

    It’s is not very nice to say these things about Malaysia just because you think someone is Malaysian and said something you don’t agree with. I live in Malaysia... do come for a visit and you’ll find Malaysians are not at all like what you’ve describe them.

    Very very late but I just saw what's going on and just want to say

    1) I can't believe that user is Malaysian. What a way to give us Malaysians a bad name :down::hit:

    2) If yall ever come to Malaysia, hit Julian and I up! We'll bring yall around for a mini tour heh

    3) Parenthood is not easy, whether you're an athlete or otherwise. People all have different aspirations, goals, and motivations in life. Just because a number of people choose to get married and have kids instead of continuing their career does not make them "submissive" or whatever bullshit, nor does it mean that their life after volleyball is 1000% immediately, confirmedly homemaker or housewife or whatever term you want to use. You cannot paint everyone with the same brush.

    4) Society is complicated. Best not to comment too strongly on things that you don't really know about. Better still to ask and listen to real experiences rather than what you personally perceive, as it can be biased.

    Watching the U19 live match against Argentina: so far so good! The middle blocker is really effective when it comes to free balls

    I never thought I'd see Diao Linyu becoming Best Setter. Cai Bin must be very proud of her :rolll::rolll:

    There will not be a World Championship this year, will it? What's the next campaign after this?

    Rhaemon You're absolutely magical. Please continue sacrificing to the gods for tomorrow's FINAL Finals :obey::drink:

    The match is at 6:30AM Malaysian time on a MONDAY morning.... I'm wondering if I'd wake up early just to watch it :serve:


    Hard to find someone like him.... he’s one of a kind.

    I wouldn’t trust him tho, I think he’s shifty looking. I think you deserve a better person :)

    It's alright, for a shifty looking fella he's quite the steadfast dude :rolll::rolll::rolll:

    What are our thoughts for tonight's (the match is 11:30pm for my timezone) match?

    Hopes and prayers? Or yays and slays?

    Cai is afraid of Wang Yunlu and setter Diao....these two have him wrapped around their fingers !

    If either one says to him...” Jump ! “ he will just answer... “ yes dear, how high ? “ =O

    I need someone to take care of me as well as Cai does for these two :cheesy::cheesy:

    I don't expect any roster changes for the quarterfinals, but if she's ready Ding Xia would be a great addition.

    Or maybe Wu Mengjie in place of Du Qingqing. She's supposed to be a serving specialist, but throughout all the preliminary she had 16 total service attempts, 3 errors, and no aces.…s/vnl-2023/players/143198

    What I wouldn't give for Ding Xia to go to the Finals :call::call:

    Even if she's not at her best anymore, she's still an experienced firecracker

    You're right, it was uncalled for here. I'm pro afronte (within reason) for heated matches because I think it makes the game exciting, but it's only fun if both sides are on the same page and that was not the vibe Thailand was giving.

    Thailand is all smiles and fun even though they're losing, and they immediately turn and celebrate with the team whenever they win any point. How can yall confront that kind of team? :(:(

    I don’t really like the behavior I’m just saying there’s a difference between the best player of her position of all time and a back up player doing it lol

    Sure there's a difference in perception of the individual player: for a top player to do that is to "show confidence" while another player who hasn't really made their bones yet will seem "rash".

    But that's not really what we're talking about here. We're talking about sportsmanship on court, and maybe our values are slightly different, but generally for us Asians, respect and good manners is what we try to do (of course, there will be several exceptions). It doesn't matter whether the player is a top player or a mediocre player. You see Yuan Xinyue yelling loudly whenever she spikes but she always turns back to her team straight away to celebrate even though she's all pumped up.

    Nothing against Thaisa, she's an amazing player :flower: It just doesn't seem proper to do that to a team like Thailand (or any other team that doesn't do confrontation). We all have different perspectives about what's appropriate or not, and we can all give our opinions without having to fight about everything!