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    sometimes netizens go overboard in their criticism. I remember two years ago at the CVL finals LYY accidentally stepped on DLY’s foot. In the following match, LYY looked devastated ! It was heartbreaking to watch. I don’t usually follow Weibo, but someone said that some Jiangsu fans had started an obnoxious campaign against LYY :(

    I saw an account on IG that showed a video of LYY accidentally stepping on GXY's foot and criticising LYY, even implying that it might be intentional... Gosh what a wild, "toxic" mindset <X<X

    Lin Li's style for the wedding. :lol: I love it!


    Lin Li always gives me the feel of a cool girl 8)

    Didn't realize Zhang was close with Li Yao to have her as a bridesmaid. Cai Bin and the other NT members are probably still in quarantine and couldn't attend.

    Saw Liu Xiao Tong as Zhang's bridesmaid too :dance4:

    What a happy, happy time for Zhang. I wish only the best for her and her husband :rose:

    He is 2meter 10cm

    It's so funny how in the video, they were taking wedding photos in the studio and the studio assistant had to stand on a ladder to check on Wu's hair :rolll::rolll: They look like absolute GIANTS, my 158cm self can't relate :gone: (Unrelated but my dad's side of the family is tall while my mom's is short, so my siblings and I ended up in the middle....)

    Looks like there won't be many other international volleyball tournaments this year, so no chance of going for a live game :gone:

    VNL mentioned they'll announce next year's host countries, so hopefully there'll be a few stops in Asia :super:

    It's been pretty boring ever since VNL ended :( I miss hanging out with yall here in Chinatown, but thhankfully the WC is around the corner!! :dance6:

    I'll most probably only be paying attention to badminton in the Commonwealth Games :box:

    Thankfully, we know more than a few languages to vent :drink::whistle:


    豈有此理菜包 我地講咩都唔聽 當我地發噏風咩 hei yau chi lei, choi bao, ngodei gong meh duo mm tiang, dong ngodei faat ngup foong meh :lol:

    Love this, thank you Julian :rose:

    Venting in Cantonese just seems so much better :mad::mad::mad::hit:

    Do we know Thatdao isn't sticking around? I haven't seen any bye-bye from her , have I?

    No bye bye as of today! She's also still on the official roster on JT website :wavy:

    I think JT will try to keep her since Akutagawa has retired and they're short of good quality, experienced middles. Sakakibara Nana is just 20 and played little V League matches, mainly 2021 V Cup and Summer League. Takahashi Marina came from university so she's more stable and mature, but definitely not (at least) Akutagawa's level either

    If Thatdao goes, JT will be very very weak in the middle :gone:

    it’s better to write to CVA to request that he undergoes a health check. He couldn’t see clearly, have hearing problems and memory loss.

    All the signs are there....a player is not playing well, he missed and netizens scream at him, he couldn’t hear....and he forgets how to substitute players. ||

    Me writing it in Cantonese: Diu lei choi bao meh dou em chi tou , ngo tei gong gei toh bai jor

    (Forgive the bad romanisation, I tried my best and there's no rule of thumb either :cheesy:)

    No one will be able to compare to Yan Ni. She's made a name for herself through all her hardwork.

    Young and current MBs need to work on their block judgement which was the area that Yan Ni excelled in. Liu Yu (Zhejiang) had good judgement in the Chinese League, but Cai Bin didn't select her.

    Agreed. In order to get even towards the direction of Yan Ni's formidable wall, MBs need to train up their 1) Block intuition (where to place the block) 2) Read the setters 3) Read the hitters direction and type of spike 4) Speed and reaction of quick jumps and lands

    Missing Yan Ni again :rose:

    In comparison to other nationalities, there's a few Japanese players (specially the ones from the NT) who don't stay very long. Those people you mentioned are just a few. Not that there's anything wrong with it. Just seems to be something that's way less common in others.

    Well not sure if it's more common in Japan or wherever, though there have been other users who noticed that East Asian players "tend" to retire around or before the 30 year old mark, but of course there have been many exceptions.

    For Kobata, it's a decision she had thought over for a while now (according to her IG retirement post). Definitely, she was still on top of her game, but she retired because she felt it was time, and she also missed the time not spent with family and friends. Many times, players retire because they've already reached their personal goals in volleyball or feel like it's time to move on from the sport.

    It's hard to pin what factors may influence the players' decision to retire because there are just so many possibilities, i.e. you have Nagoaka who has never fully moved on from her injury and barely plays much matches but has yet to announce her retirement. You'd think that someone who's in their "prime" like Ishii would retire but she didn't. We also never thought someone still "young" with years ahead of her would continue playing but they retired, like Hirose.

    It's also difficult to say that it's a cultural thing (i.e. maybe people retire because they get married or whatnot). It's just a very interesting phenomenon that happens

    yeah, "achieving further growth"

    I'm tired of trying to decipher these things :lol: If they don't come right out and say they are transfer hoping I consider them retired until I see otherwise

    I like my volleybox avatar

    Soga just got selected to NT wide roster this year, it'll be a shame if she retires :gone:

    If she's transferring, damn that's a late transfer

    So then one would ask the question, why didn't she sign up for VNL?

    well, look at Ding Xia, that should tell you enough.

    Justice for Ding Xia :call:

    Saw some news (not necessarily reliable)

    :read::read: Baloney giving us Chinatown fellas false hope

    I'm glad yall agree with me on JY's improvement :flower:

    I would like to extend the same sentiments towards WYL after her "brave" show against Brazil, but I think the best to say to both her and JY at the moment is "She did better, but let's hope and see if she continues improving further and that the improvement is exponential"

    Would yall like fortune cookies as a snack before the WCH? :drink:

    I haven't been in almost a decade, but IIRC it's not very expensive to go to.

    Anyways it's just a big wall... I really wanted to go at first but having gone to both in retrospect it's the temples/palaces in Beijing's forbidden city that interest me more

    I want to visit the Forbidden City one day, the last time I visited China was at least 12 years ago

    The boos by the home crowd when Italy is serving or playing during rallies suck. It's very unsporting and undignified. Some say it's a "mind game", but if you win because your opponent was thrown off by your fans' cheers and not by your skills, then did you really win?

    that's very nice of you to say that, kind of like your profile picture, lol

    I try my best, since it'd be unfair and not nice for me to criticise anyone without proper reason ^^ I might seem a bit optimistic at times, but in my defense, I try to notice and appreciate people's efforts at improvement 😊

    My prof pic is Ogawa Anna, older sis of Ogawa Erina who's in the J-NT, and retired since last year :gone: I miss watching her play ||

    This is a well thought out message. Maybe the way she wrote in her previous messages in Weibo were out of frustrations.

    It definitely was out of frustration, which I understand and empathise with.

    Seems like she's more mature and level-headed now. Hope she takes this and improve on her game further