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    Himeji's gotta ditch the skirts. They aren't even Squorts any more. They aren't attractive in any way and make them look unserious and silly :down:

    I just took a look, and they're definitely just like skirts, with too much flare at the hem. Definitely not like sports skorts at all :gone:

    Why do some sports do this, give their female players skorts/skirts? Even in badminton some of the teams do it and the players have to wear tights inside for extra protection :down::down:

    It is Do or Die today for Korea and Uruguay. Korea needs to win in order to secure the no. 2 spot in the table, and Uruguay has to win to fight with Korea for that no. 2 spot + make sure they have enough goals accumulated. That is if Ghana doesn't come out and pull a fast one on Uruguay, then even if Korea wins, they'll be saying goodbye....

    Portugal is sitting so comfortably, they'll most probably play a little more laidback than usual and rest their star players for the next round

    saddest thing today is that Kostarika loss, it would be epic if germany let them win and eliminate spain too

    I think Germany was defintely gunning to tie with Spain in terms of points, and had to really push hard to get as many goals as possible. But they can't mirror Spain's feat of 7-0 against Costa Rica, so goodbye Germany....

    Japan winning against Spain and Germany but losing to Costa Rica.. That's why I love the World Cup :lol:

    So unpredictable, 'tis a fun game :cheesy:

    Do you think Manabe plans to take back Ishii and Nagaoka to the NT? Does anyone know when they will retire?

    Not sure, they could retire at the end of the 2022-2023 season.

    I don't think he'll take them back, unless there's a very very good reason too. An example would be like the China Women NT, where they had Yan Ni (MB) in the NT up until the 2020 Olympic Games even though she was 33/34 years old then. They did that because she was a superb MB, quite unparalleled by any other Chinese player due to her skill at reading the opponent and positioning her block. She didn't have the highest vertial nor the strongest spike like her younger teammates, but she was a stable force to be reckoned, a Great Wall of China.

    Unless Ishii and Nagaoka have that kind of potency which would benefit the Japan NT, even at the opportunity cost of obtaining and training younger talents, then I don't think these two will find themselves in the NT again anytime soon

    One thing I'd like to ask everyone's opinion. Should young players like Wang Yifan, Wang Yindi and others be encouraged to develop the jump serve technique ? I think If they're able to do that effectively...then it's a useful 'weapon' to have, but even if they don't use it, i think it helps with improving their hitting skills.

    They should be encouraged if they are committed to learning it. I think there's a lot of discipline needed to focus on the technique rather than just the power. If the players are just going to try to hit it hard as they can, they'll most likely develop way more errors than if they just did a normal float serve. If the players hold the image of a serve that curves and spins with accuracy (and then with power, once you mastered the first 3) in their mind while practicing the jump serve, then they'll make it

    Kinda shocked that Nishida only did 1 season in italy. He was so hyped I thought he would surpass Ishikawa. Baffled how no other team picked him up after his contract with that first Italian team didn't renew

    Same here. I didn't keep up with him nor the Italian league very much, but is there a reason why he wasn't offered a contract by any other team?

    Kobata was the only member of JT that has achieved something think about that and tell me where JT stands

    Megumi Kurihara doesn't count because she considers herself a Hitachi OG

    I'm not sure what's the connection between me complimenting Wada and asking about Nishikawa's potential is to JT's position in the league? I didn't comment on JT being the "It Team" or anything.

    But then again so did Denso? didn't they have the most players in the NT so by logic shouldn't they be the local NT? JT tanked last season's championships and missed 3 Asian tournaments due to covid.

    JT minus KLOWE can that be a thing now that KRob is using Cook... anyway I'm not feeling Karsta's performance so far she still has a lot of adjustments to make but I knew right away when I watched their match in Korea that she has a long way to go. I wonder if it would have been different with Shibata around.

    Outside the holy trinity which was untouchable Inoue, Imamura, Toe, Iwasaka, Zayasu, Kotoh, Kano, literally half of Hisamitsu's players have made it to the NT post-London which no other club to this day has done. JT is not the current training ground, it's still Hisamitsu and Toray. Remember the Fukazawa twins who made a big splash at Haruko they're in Toray and Hisamitsu. Toray and Saga gets the first cut of the best highschool players and some of the U-team stand outs in college.

    I'm not sure who is the local NT or NT training ground, and I don't confess to have an opinion about it either. My post was actually not to point out who it was, just to let the OP I quoted know a little more since he asked a question.

    It's good rep for any club if many of their players are selected, and it really shows Toray and Hisamitsu's potency if they always get first dibs on the best players. But as team games always show, it's not WHO populates your team, it's HOW they play together as a team.

    And I'm not sure if you didn't see it, but I wrote "JT is ONE OF THE TEAMS". I never asserted that they were the "it club" or anything, I was merely stating what I understood for the OP.

    Just tuned in to that one

    People don't talk much about Yukiko Wada. She's 12/21 so far tonight, hitting over 50% on the season. She's been quietly kicking ass, when she gets the chance, for about a year now

    I'm glad to see people recognising Wada! I feel that she has a lot of potential to be a strong player for JT, and if she continues improving steadily, she might just be NT material. During last week's matches against Denso when Lowe seemed to be off-mark at times, she was subbed in and contributed points to the set.

    Also, not to pit teammates against each other, but I'm a little confused on why there is so much hype around Nishikawa Yuki. Sure, she's a promising player too, but is there something about her that really makes her stand out? Anyone has any idea why?