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    It's been a rough 2 years XD

    The players that played last 2022 VNL aren't much different from the 2023 VNL squad, but this current lineup is very different from the 2022 VNL squad (many new OH and OPP, a new starting setter, and no permanent libero still, while MBs are pretty much the same). After 2 years, we still don't have a "main" squad per se, and many of our "veteran" players are really underperforming with the exception of Kang Sowhi. The captain, Park Jeong Ah, barely plays because she's been really bad these past 2 years (even in the club she wasn't exceptional despite winning the Championships last season).

    As for the coach.. hmm. I can't fault him for his last 2022 performance, but for this year, definitely, something is not clicking with him and the team. I don't like local coaches to take the helm once he is out (the writing is on the wall really), so I hope they still get a foreign coach like maybe a Japanese or Italian coach. :super:

    I think coach cesar doesn't even know his best 6 players...keep changing the for the players..probably losing so many matches made them forgot how to win

    So I just saw IBK had a player "purge"; they've let go some of their rookies, and shockingly Chae Soobin (and my fave Lee Jin):

    It seems IBK is preparing for the rookie draft, but still sad the 3 rookies from last year never got to play decent sets.

    Lee Jin also my fave but she is more idol player than a dependable player...really surprised they let go of chae soobin

    Maybe they should hire Kim Hochul as Korean NT least he will demand more fight from his players than coach cesar who can only say wake up lol

    If they struggle againt indonesia, vietnam in Asian Games....then this team really.

    In pink spiders and GS Caltex...dependency on foreign player...and star players is not letting the fringe players to improve their game.

    Ironically, the fringe playes are playing better against international teams

    #YeumHyeSeonOut #ParkJeongAhOut lol (and soon Kang Sowhi)

    There's a lot of fire with the NT rookies like Jiwon, Daeun, and the two Jiyuns it weirds me out why Yeum and Jeong Ah still keep being chosen to sub. Even Pyo Seungju does better even just in receiving and digging (which changes a lot of the game because they start having better attack options). The next match is really scaring me lol they better be out of this VNL already if the quality of their games flip flop this much (also, Cesar really fumbles the ball when subbing; can't he see the games change because of these constant line-up changes?)

    Cesar doesn't know his strongest 6...keep changing ain't good...should have kept the same 6 that almost won a set from brazil

    Well, you know at least it's new players fumbling. If it was Yeum Hyeseon and Park Jeong Ah still playing then we can collectively wring their necks. At least the new players like Daeun, Jihyun, and Jiwon are playing; it's justifiable that they are laying the groundwork for the new generation of players (this is how my coping mind works lol)

    Preparing for asian games

    The current South Korean NT is just not good enough to compete at international level...attack has no bite, blocking is not good enough....just not enough quality at each position

    Kim Heejin renews with IBK, with 350 million won salary (annual 150 million won, optional 200 million won).

    Personally, not sure if she deserves 350 million won given she'll be under rehabilitation for a long time... but I know she's a franchise star and extremely popular in Korea.

    Personally i think her capability has waned or regressed somewhat but this is south korea...where skills and capability come second after looks and star quality

    Does anyone re-watch the matches on K-Spike channel? They titled the Peppers vs Hyundai match "Pepper Savings Bank (AI Peppers) VS Yaasmeen (Hyundai E&C Hillstate)". :whistle:

    Seriously though, I don't know why she wasn't the MVP of the match.

    It is given that foreign players are to perform each match so no MVP for them?