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    Nice! I think she fits better to fenerbahce players than Wolosz. Also she is a very good server ( as if FB needs more good servers😂)

    I think so too. I would have preferred a younger setter but between those two, I would get Drca as well. I really want to see Drca and FB playing Wolsz and Imoco next year in CL. Let's cross our finger for that!!!! And if Milona again faces VB then my dream comes true!!!

    6th CL for Vakifbank Istanbul:cup:, just one less than glorious Foppapedretti Bergamo:obey:

    That's funny, I thought the CEV Champions League format started around 2000. You are probably counting the CEV Champions Cup format as well. If so, Dynamo Moscow probably has won more titles than any other team.

    This will be a challenging season for Thompson. I mean after haak and egonu. She will cary mostly the team. I think she can and she will improve with gio.

    I think JT could be even better than Haak in a year or two if she stays in VB. She has all the talent to be one of the elite players.

    I's kind of ironic that just because of Egonu, this time Milano may have a real chance of beating VB, unlike for the last two years where they failed. But who knows after all VB has captain Gabl!!!

    Very impressive


    Game Hub

    VakifBank ISTANBUL

    VakifBank ISTANBUL have won the women's

    Champions Leaque a record five times,

    including last season. They beat A. Carraro

    Imoco CONEGLIANO 3-1 in the final (played

    in Ljubljana).

    The Turkish side also claimed the title in

    2010/11, 2012/13, 2016/17 and 2017/18.

    VakitBank ISTANBUL themselves are the last

    club to win successive editions of the CEV

    Women's Champions Leaque (2016/17-


    VakifBank ISTANBUL have reached the

    Champions Leaque final for a record-

    extending ninth time, all under Giovanni

    Guidetti. No other team has played the final

    more than five times,

    Including 2022/23, VakifBank ISTANBUL have

    reached the Final in six of the last seven

    completed Champions Leaque campaigns

    (2019/20 season was not completed due to


    they were eliminated in the Semi-Finals,

    VakifBank ISTANBUL have a W9-L3 record in

    this season's Champions Leaque. Their third

    loss in this campaign was against

    Fenerbahçe Opet ISTANBUL in the first leg of

    What is this I hear about in Ze Roberto signing ceremony THY executives were saying that they will build one of the best team in the world for their name’s sake. It makes sense since they have to protect their name which is their most important brand. Didn’t they have a commercial with Messi and Renaldo in it, if they spent half the money of what they spent for that commercial, they will have one of the best group of players in the world next year. Let see what Mr. Ze Roberto is going to do.

    I think they need a good libero asap, maybe even more crucial than getting a wing player even though I don't like how Hande plays