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    Goncharovas statement translated into English:

    "I heard what was written about it in the media. First of all, I want to apologize to everyone for my behavior: to the fans, to all the spectators in the stands, to the television audience. This was unacceptable for me. But I also want to point out that I am a very patient and decent person. She had to make a lot of effort to push me to such an emotional reaction, this is not natural for me. My reaction is a result of Ebrar's constant provocations on the field, not only in the last match, but throughout the entire series "Dinamo" - "Lokomotiv". She continued: "This behavior from Karakurt is simply outrageous - this is the behavior of a rude person. I ask this girl to improve her manners and show respect to the people who come to the matches and love volleyball. Respect for people should be at the forefront, not only in sports but also in society in general."

    Is that a joke or something, doesn’t she realize how fake that sounds, first she says it was an unacceptable behavior from her then she starts blaming Ebra for it like she has no control over her own actions. Then she says she is a patient and it needed a lot of effort to push her to behave like that, yet between herself and her team mates, she was the only one who flipped a finger, and top of that she supposed to be the captain.

    Same thing with Natalia P. when she talked about been respectful and all those things and as a person, I am just about to say yes that is correct then she comes back and says I support Goncharova’s showing the finger and contradicted her own initial reasoning.

    What Goncharova as well as Natalia among many others are not understanding of the fact that excessive celebration or looking down or steering at a person at most considered as a passive aggressive behavior, however what Gonchorova did was to respond with an active aggressive behavior first screaming at directly to Ebra but most importantly flipping a finger. That is for sure an active aggressive behavior.

    Gonchorova it is you who is the problem, as a captain you should have smoothed out and defuse the situation, instead you increased the hostility by flipping a finger like a child and D. Moscow team manager made it way worst by attacking and saying such as Fa*%^, and talking about LGBT.

    Wow I am seeing lots of post on X for this issue. Obviously, D. Moscow trying very hard to deflect Goncharova’s childish and stupid action of showing a finger, and they are even using Natalia P. to come up with this BS reasoning of how Ebra was doing this for a long time. There is big difference between a looking to someone or celebrating excessively vs showing the finger. Goncharova was yelling and screaming herself way worst then Ebra, and on top of that when she showed the finger, she crossed the line, and there is nothing what Ebrar did or not could justify Goncharova’s action, she is not a child to become provoked that easily. Goncharova should be suspended by CEV when she becomes an eligible to play in CEV games. Probably her carrier will come to an end before that anyway. Also, but most importantly D. Moscow’s team manager’s post regarding Fa&*? and LGBT and etc. D. Moscow should be suspended from any CEV games when they become eligible. Funny thing is that I have seen so many times a male football player jumping on another male player when they score a goal, and nobody says anything like that to them. D. Moscow’s team manager’s reasoning is not about if there was any inappropriate action done by Ebra during the game, she brought that up just to deflect and confuse people. For that CEV should take action and suspend D. Moscow.

    I am not going to get in to this, but I am just going to say that I am not following your logic. The stats indicated for this just finished year that Ilkin and Gabi have almost the same percentages in many areas and in some cases Ilkin was better. So, I am not quite understanding of your reasoning of she is being young and etc. For God shake, I am not talking about state of a practical described by the time dependent second order wave function of the quantum mechanics here, I am talking about a very simple statistic for LOL!!!

    Wow looks like Ilkin is rocking this year. I trust in statistics more than anyone else including who call themselves export, I specially like the fact that Gabi and Ilkin have almost same percentages for reception, and the fact that Ilkin has way better on serve percentage. Since they are playing in the same league, so receiving and serving should vary very little, for instance on how setter sets, etc. so data points should be quite accurate. No wonder why WB was after her. Way to go Ilkin!!!

    Thy, kuzeyboru, GS, besiktas, zerenspor and even Aras are making good teams that can challenge to big 3. That's very good sign for next season. Only ones that are silent so far are Aydin, Sarıyer and nilüfer. I think they all have new majors so god knows how much new major would want to invest in their volleyball club🙄

    Well, I am happy to hear that, Sariyer who barely survived this year may not be so lucky next year. For Zeren, they are little optimistic about next year but they could be a very strong team within couple of years since they got the right attitude.

    What’s the story with Zeren team? I saw a post on X about Zeren management wanting to build a team that could challenge top 4 in Turkish league this coming season, and within 5 years to win a CL championship! It sounded like they are trying to duplicate Ezacibas team concept and looks like they are adamant about making Zeren a successful club. That’s a win win situation for Turkish league. They have the top 3 plus THY and looks like GS and Besiktas forming a good team as well for next year, now Zeren coming to league with a strong agenda. I looked at their roster, but I am not sure if they could really challenge top 4 next year. They may be hopping Uzelac turns out to be an elite player, and could carry the team with Malinov and Kubra, that is a question mark for at least next year and even then, they still need a good Opp and a MB to challenge top 4. But I like their vision, their business plan, and where they want to be in 5 years.

    My two cents on this subject, I don’t believe Egonu was planning to stay at VB more than a year. I think her plan was to stay for a year and go back to Italy from get go. So, I think most likely VB management got duped believing that they could replace Haak with Egonu for long term. I am not sure if Gudetti knew Egonu’s intentions or not. But from my observation some club managers just follow whatever coach says without questioning.

    Some interesting games, When FB plays such that everyone score almost a double digit, I don’t know if there is a team in the world that could stand against them. Finally, I saw some good plays from Ana C. and Eda back to herself again. Ferhat maybe learning from his previous mistakes and didn’t substitute Voronkova with Gray, and Hande doing considerably well. I have a feeling Ezacibasi is going to miss Voronkova next year and they may question themselves for keeping Gray over Voronkova. VB is such a disarray this year, unfortunately JT didn’t work out for them at all, her defense and her attacks are so weak, better off for VB if she sits at the bench. Guidetti made some bad choices, first getting Egonu over Haak, and then JT over Egonu, and this year Bosetti over Gabi. I don’t like this trend, granted he had won two CL championship back-to-back one of them being last year and a year before, and over all without any doubt VB has been the best team in the world for the last decade, but now something is not right with them. I only take solace for the fact that besides Gabi is leaving, next year’s players selection is far better than this year, and from today’s games it shows KVR is substantially upgrade over JT.

    Haak is the best OPP in the world atm. I mean, besides scoring 17 ppg on 51% in attack, she also entirely annihilates her nemesis Egonu in terms of efficiency. Egonu has 117 errors in attack while Haak has merely 45 errors in attack. In other words, Egonu has 72 (!) more errors than Haak this season. Egonu has 4,1 errors per match and Haak has 1,6 errors per match. Moreover, Egonu has been blocked 45 times while Haak only has been blocked down 17 times, that is, 32 times less than Egonu. Egonus percentage in attack is also considerably inferior to Haaks (50.9%) at 46.2%. In case you dig a bit more deep into the stats, its obvious Haak is on another efficiency level in attack than Egonu this season, although Egonu still scores a bit more, 21 pts per game to 17 pts ppg. This is due, partially, to the fact she blocks and aces more than Haak.

    There are noticeable fanbases from the nations of Serbia, Italy and Turkey, hence Boskovic, Egonu and Vargas will always be more prone to hype than Haak, who is used to navigating under the surface or in the shadows and will unfortunalety be overlooked also in the future, similar or akin to the Rahimova or Mammadova-syndrome.

    Maybe there are some other elements pushes her to play harder, like she may feel she is in underdog such that all other three Opps you mentioned have a very impressive national team carriers, Haak on the other hand can only truly shine during a club season, plus knowing for the fact that she is probably making the least amount of money between those players may contribute her state of mind, in some cases considerably less.

    I agree with this! I don't know what's with her lol she is playing better in NT tbh even better against strong NT but not in club. she might need more energy from yuan+cansu next season to release that performance against strong opponents. 🤣

    Frantti will be very valuable even if she plays well in league games, that would allow Bosetti to be fresh for CEV games.

    Vakif is not going to take LYY . It has not point. Their invest is Markova and they will support her at least for one season and they need a back up plan for Bosetti and not a an other offensive OH. Also a big name like Lyy will have also high demands so it is not goint to happend.

    Most likely not, and I read somewhere that Frantti is staying anyway, if its true then they may not be able to get Lyy.

    Better if VB could get Lyy then they could rotate between Markova, Lyy, and Bosetti, keep them all fresh.

    Foreign limit might be a problem for them.

    They will lose Sila to Vakifbank so there is no good local setter in the squad which means they intend to play Roberta full time. Plus they will get Tugba and we know Ze doesn’t plan to bench Julia B so Tugba/Julia is standard duo. I don’t think THY would be more desired option for LYY then Ecza or Vakif and if she wanted to leave China for Turkey then those teams would have been first to make an offer.
    I think LYY will come to Europe in 2025/26 season though, she will have established some authority in NT for them to let her play abroad and miss that military camp preparation they are doing in second half of the season :lol:

    ZEhra is definitely out of shape, I'm really hoping that santarelli will do her magic and get her back to the great shape she had last summer.

    Vakif's roster for next season is not promising neither, that's why I want them to get 4th and play Cev Cup next season. On the other hand, Thy's roster for next season doesn't look good neither🤦

    Just watched the VB-NB match. Really painful to observe, especially set 3 where vakif had like 4 set points. Zehra is in awful shape… Vakif is suffering from not only an OPP problem, but also now a mid problem, with the only recent meaningful contributions coming from Ogbogu (and with foreigner limit, with Frantti and Gabi outside, Caratasu has to play OPP if Ogbogu plays MB). It’s incredible Vakif was flying high only recently, with Haak and Egonu, Gabi and MBH, and a strong Zehra. Next season will be even more rough, with Gabi gone and the big 4 in Milano, FB, Ecz, Conegliano…

    Well, if it is true that Xinyue is coming to VB. then they will be fine in the middle, Markova is a good attacker and KVR if she plays next year the way she played this year, plus Kipp has a promising feature so VB will be more than fine. I am just not sure about Bosetti, I think they need a good OH2 to be very competitive with the top teams. Also rumored that that THY is trying to get Ying ying (sorry if I got the name wrong) Chinese Opp. If that is true then THY would be a very strong team and VB would definitely will need one more very good player.

    Jt and cansu aren't fit with cansu's high ball set Lol. Lol Frantti at least is able to adjust, Sometimes! Regarding bosetti not sure about her but they should have renewed both Frantti and busa tbh.

    Yeah, but JT has also played for Ezacibasi as well as FB previously so that was the reason when I said she is not a good fit for Turkish style, she did well in Italy last year, so she could play well in some other league. But I agree with you they should have renewed with Busa and Frantti. Busa is still staying in the league but with a different team, Frantti I love her intensity, and I thought she was a great fit for them.

    vakifbank on the other hand. No egonu, bosko,haak,vargas but rank 2 now... hnmm can we commend that? Lol

    VB is a good team, if they had one of the players you listed above, they would be in the final for every championship. They are getting Markova and I heard rumors about Bosetti is also coming in to VB for next year. Markova will be a good fit for them but I am not sure about Bosetti. Hoping Kipp will turn out to be next Boskovic then watch out for VB. Not every player would fit in Turkish league and their style of play. For instance, JT was not a good fit for them, also I read somewhere that Ezacibasi want Rettke, if that is true, I almost guarantee that that would be a disaster for Ezacibasi and she would not play well for them or any other Turkish league teams.

    Wow when I saw the starting 6 for the FB, I thought Ezacibasi would take this match. Ezacibasi should have won this match considering Vargas was out, Meliha was out because she was sick, and that forced Lavarini to play Eda who was definitely not ready yet, Ana C. and I am not sure what’s going on with her, she made so many errors. Generally speaking, both teams made so many errors. Ana C. is a very talented player, she even scored a point by attacking over Boskovic at one point in the game, and that is not an easy thing to do, but she is not very consistent, she looked physically OK. I still have hope that she will be her old self again soon. She is a perfect fit for them and their power style playing games. On the other hand, Ezacibasi as usual had only Boskovic playing strong, Hande played good sporadically, Voronkova as well. Gray is dealing with her own demons of not being able to receive, and Ferhat has created an environment that nobody knows who’s in who’s out, constantly shuffling around and confusing the heck out of everyone. Hopefully Plummer may solve this many issues next year for them. Plummer is a power player who could fit well in Turkish style playing games. She could help Baskovic with scoring duties.