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    Vasilantonaki? Do we know what will happend with her?


    I don't know why karch doing this to plummer. Even hill did not start full time in court when she started with the NT, she usually replaced at back with krob until she became better and better. But with Plummer and even bajema they are not doing that.

    Or maybe they are expecting this to happen as a learning and experience for young players?

    No . I believe that Kirally is just a stubbοrn. For a lot of seasons he used the most weak opposite by far who ever existed in a big team those last years ( Murphy) , when there was clearly better ophtions from her. And Murphy was not something special. Instead Plymmer has a lot of talend ( even that she is not ready mentally yet ) and I believe that because of that he will persist in her .


    Kelsey-SWP-Frantti should all rotate alot within a match imo, I can see that work for USA. Let Plummer stay and be a cheerleader XD more than 3 options confuses Karch

    Parsons probably lost her chance to become a starter for the USA NT and a big player. She had a dream season the previous year and she did not expoiled her as she should. She could go in a big club which could help her to become even better but she choose the money in the japanese league ( . She did not become better , instead she become worst. Now she reminds me the player who was before her season in nilufer. She does not something special anymore and I believe that is fair to be the 4th outide because she was moderate in VNL.

    About the world championship I do not believe that the USA can win it if Kirally does not make changes in roster. After Robinson who is the best the next outside hitters who was good in VNL is Bajema and Frantti. After he can take Parsons( I still hope and want to see her play in her best form) or Kingdon who can help with the receive and defence when Bajema and Frantti is in back row. Plummer is good but she has no the personality ( yet) for stressfull and important matches.

    Why Thomson was out in this match? She was not bad and Drews was not better. Now about Plummer. I just can not see her any more. She is not for this level and sure she is not for the imporntant games. Bajema has to return for the world championship. Even Kingdon who can help in the receive is better than Plummer.


    Actually using Blz às starting Opp isnt that bad when you have Arina as OH. And Vargas coming later as local Opp

    This is not my point. The important for Fenerbahce is to find an OUTSIDE SPIKER. Meliha is like a second libero after the Covid and they can't win Vakifbank and Eczacibasi with Boz and Carol and Ismailoglou. Yes Arina is good but she can not win the matches alone

    The normal thing for fener is to find a second outside and to go with arina ,the second outside and lazareva or with macris arina and the second outside ( or lazareva). To go with Boz Meliha Arina and Carol will be a disaster because there attack will be very weak. Now they have Asli and they dont need middle blockers. They need an outside. This is very clear to my.


    Despiste Carol hás already signed with Praia Clube according tô Elite do Vôlei FB offered 600k for her.

    A good option If this is true is tô let Ana Cristina go tô Praia and Take Anne Bujis tô FB either. Praia Clube would have another foreigner spot tô replace on MB position.

    I don't really believe it because if Carol comes in fenerbahce she will be on the bench. They already have macris arina and lazareva. It's difficult to believe that they will use Carol and Boz instead of lazareva and Asli. Also fenerbahce needs desperately a second outside spiker not a middle blocker. If they try to transfer Carol because they want to persuade Bujis to come that's make sense. If they just want Carol is just a stupid move . Not because she is not good but because the don't need a foreign middle blocker.