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    Yesterday the president of Casalmaggiore in an interview on TV basically confirmed that they signed Lauren Carlini for next season.

    He also said that there will be a great comeback of a player who did very well there in the past, but it's not Carli Lloyd.. I guess it could be Lucia Bosetti? Or maybe Cuttino, but I wouldn't say that "she did very well in Casalmaggiore"... other players are either retired or already signed by other clubs..

    During the interview the journalist also mentioned some rumors about Lanier and Perinelli going to Casalmaggiore.

    Maybe is Fabris. She was really good when she was in this team.


    i just read about the allegations. I wish the European teams should also be meticulous about not rewarding a bully. and I hope there comes a speedy and fair court ruling about it. I can imagine the level of bullying in high power difference cultures where being senior by one year or even a day can make juniors lives miserable at the hands of sociopaths.

    Why so big hate in Lee ? You know there are some people who have difficult child years and they have some issues. The fuct that she had a problematic teen-age doesn't mean that she is a bully and bad person and have to panish her for the reast of her life. Her behaviour in PAOK is excellent and I believe that she grow up and became a better persons. None of us are like out tee-age

    Guys who do you believe that should be the next roster of Greek NT ?

    Μy opinion

    Setter Konstantinidou and Drakoulidou

    Οpposite. Martha Anthouli. Nasia Liagi

    Οutside hitter. Anthi Vasilantonaki

    Οlga Stranzali Konstantina Vlahaki

    αnd maria genitsaridi or efrosini alexakou ( if she can come in Greece)

    Μiddle blockers Ioanna Polinopoulou ,. Irini Chantzieutratiadou. Melina Emanoilidou Georgia Lamprousi.

    libero. Artakianou and Maniatogianni or Xanthopoylou

    Also there are many talented players like nikologianni , karafoulidou, kyparisi , hliopoulou , Xanthopoylou ( s) , Kelesidi and other more experience like Spanou and Dragoumanou who deserve at least a chance to see them.

    As for Merteki and Chantava I believe that they have to leave the National team

    Anna Spanou😂😂😂😂😂😂. Please we don't need other bad receivers. Spanou is definitely worst from Vlachaki and Stranzali and I don't believe that she can play in higher level. Greek national team needs an other type of outside like Alexakou , with good reception.

    As for Anthi I didn't understand either why she stay in Galatasaray. I believe that she deserves a better team. I like her this year but to be fair her reception is bad again in the last games ( Anthi never had good resephion but she had really improve herself in this. After some games from the second half I can say that she return to her bad self)

    I don't like fenoglio. Lee Da is one of the best setters in the world. Paok will never have the chance to transfer such an amazing player and fenoglio destroys the few possibilities for her to stay in Greece. And is not only Lee. He don't know how to manage the roster. To many changes for a match like this. Paok has no the possibility to win the championship without Lee and Fidon. Iliopoulou and klepkou it just good back ups. Only that.

    I hope for Lee to go in a team who respects her like she deserve

    Ohhhh. Big changes for USA NT. No Hill no Larson and now not Michelle. I believe that the outside hitters fir this summer will be Robinson, Parsons, Plummer and Kingdon. Also Simone Lee and Frantti deserves a chance in VNL