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    Congrats Italy, it’s been a long time they don’t look messy but finally appear to be united and playing like a team. With Egonu seemingly to be happy and focused, and Orro able to maintain at a more stable level, they’re a team to beat. Let see if they can carry this form to Paris.

    and such a young team for Italy!

    Chill, this is just VNL.

    But yeah, this tournament is perhaps the best performance level-wise we've seen from Italy since 2018, they've played so far one semi-competitive set and their growth technically is outstanding.

    Didn’t Italy win the 2022 VNL? Or even though they won, iyo did others lose in the tournament more so than Italy won the championship?

    plummer with 5 points and against Netherlands ith 37% passing! I don't know you guys lol

    It is said Plummer received only the bad sets. Idk. Cook was able to score on Carlini sets to the left pin. With Imoco in a set five she was unstoppable. That’s the Plummer I want to see.

    I feel the same way about Chieri. Having good players on your bench who will never be able to actually see the court even if the starters are underperforming is just poor planning.

    But maybe they thought they wouldn't be able to keep Skinner and Zakchaiou and rushed to sign Buijs and Lyashko? Or they built the roster thinking they'd sign Mingardi (she was originally rumored there iirc), but then she went to Scandicci and they found themselves without any local options to replace her.

    Speaking of Scandicci, the 5 OHs thing isn't that weird to me because Villani just had surgery on her knee. Signing Bajema to be a starter after the season she's had is however very weird. Like the most bizarre transfer made by a big team this season. But if it doesn't work out, maybe they can throw a bag at LYY to save them mid-season :whistle:

    Bajema as starter IS very unusual after the last two seasons she has had. Thought Scandicci or similar team would offer Simone Lee. Lee excelled as season in Italy went along, helping avoid regulation and rising in the ranks. Seems that Turkish team was “too easy” at the beginning of the season seeing her ability to score. But why didn’t coach player her there against Vakif, Eczacibasi, or Fener? Would have liked to see what she could do. But it was just a set or a few points in the middle of the matches. Idk 🤷

    But also keep in mind that, it was Logan, who took USA from the rope last year, at PAN AM/ NORCECA in most critical moments, while winning the championship title. Logan did not suddenly appear last season. She was always there as MVP of several tournaments. Karch might have someting different in his mind and I can understand that. However, going with overall performance, while others at her age group from the same tournaments in which Logan was MVP, found eligible but not Logan who also has a successful professional career, really hurts.

    All I can say that, she was well deserved, at least to be the part of USA wide roster.

    Wasn’t Lee the player who helped USA medal and win Pan Am / Norceca Final Six. Lee was most outstanding attacker in both tournaments and MVP of Final Six. Eggleston was replaced by Parsons for one of the tournaments. But maybe that was a decision made by Karch. Eggleston should have been included for VNL wide roster for how well she played Opposite over Cuttino the last half of this season at Galatasaray.

    Judging from statistics Stuttgart should have won this match - but the ballpoints are ordered in sets and you need three of them. Could be an issue in the heads.

    And going to Rivers so often when other hitters who were performing well could have scored as well, Timmermann annd Strubbe. Opponents were anticipating each of Rivers’ 50+ swings.

    Talking about all these dominant OHs from the past and their passing was mediocre at best.

    Putting them to the service pressure nowadays they would definitely shank here there and everywhere:lol:

    True. US in general does not train all basic skills at the junior level like European teams seem to do. Junior volleyball in America is for-profit business, not intended to groom for collegiate or national team success. They are not part of municipalities. US players who emerge as good all around players are best for US national team system. And there are an abundance of those players. So US will always be in conversation and winning among the best in the world! 🤩 🇺🇸 🏆

    Scandicci barely made mistakes today and looked a lot better than before. They didn't even need to overload Antropova with half of the sets!

    Vallefoglia only managed to get close in the second set, but they were clearly not good enough today. But I think this season they have looked more together than they did last year. Degradi is making steps and starting to look more stable by the week. I like watching Giovannini play, not the tallest or best hitter but very decent. Hopefully they will both play as a starter next year (as well) because I believe there's still more undeveloped talent in them! Aleksic was great (obvio) and also greatly used by Laura. Hopefully she'll get a setter next year who loves to set MB :heart: now enjoy that well-deserved holiday, girls!

    Does Degradi stay with Vallefoglia next season? I love seeing her intensity. You mention her looking more stable. Was she injured? This I didn’t see. She is a fireball!

    She said her goal is to play in the Olympics and that is her dream and she doesn’t see her playing after achieving that in an interview a few years ago.

    Carlini will play in LOVB in the U.S. next season, yes? She is still young enough to compete for next Olympics if she wants to hold on. But if coaching staff is the same next Games she would not be selected again.

    Markova was horrible, at least according to stats.

    Only 1/10 positive pass and 2 reception errors, as well as 2/8 in attack with 0 efficiency.
    -5WL overall in 2 sets

    Novara mess continues, someone in their managment is getting fired lol :lol:

    they might be getting new funding cuts some time soon if they don’t step up for this playoff

    But she is the next big thing, yes? Teams couldn’t wait to get her from Turkiye. Where does she go next season?