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    im sure sitenoise has more context (thanks japan for not letting us see games!)

    but she's always being pulled from matches... doesn't score at the levels she was with Nilufer.

    she got outplayed offensively by Kelsey last week.... =O

    Found some video clips to watch. SWP looks kinda lost on the floor. Same volleyball, but faster in Japan with crazy-good defense. Maybe faster than USA fast is not her style. This is perplexing. Drews is still hammering!

    1. Who from Dynamo got visas at the Czech embassy?
    2. - Issued to the players, the head coach, the team manager and one doctor. Our delegation for the match in the Czech Republic was in accordance with the rules of the CEV - up to 25 people. Our delegation for this game was supposed to be less than the allowed number - the players plus nine members of the coaching staff, as well as the team manager. Thus, the Czech Embassy violates the rules of the organizer of the tournament - the European Volleyball Confederation. In our long history of playing in the Champions League, this is the first such incident. I note that when Dukla came to Moscow, ten people arrived in their coaching staff, and no one had any problems with entering Russia.
    3. Ildar SADDINOV
    1. Is there any help from the European Volleyball Confederation on this issue?
    2. — We have applied to the European and International Volleyball Federations, there are direct contacts with the Secretary General of the Czech Volleyball Federation, the managers of the Czech club. So far the situation has not changed.

    what does it say?

    use Google translate.

    1. Internet media 28 January. Website "Match TV". Several coaches of the women's Dynamo Moscow were denied visas
    2. The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moscow refused to issue visas to several coaches of the Dynamo women's volleyball club for a trip to the away match of the Champions League against the Czech team Dukla, General Director of the Russian club Vladimir Zinichev told Match TV.
    3. The Champions League group stage match between Dukla and Dynamo Moscow is scheduled to take place on February 2 in Liberec, Czech Republic. Dynamo after four rounds takes the second place in group C, and Dukla is the last, fourth.

    I know, im not saying she's not.

    besides the point, I dont think she was considering stanford anyways. The three I know of were Texas, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

    Lost access to the Journal Star article, but it, as this one, quoted Hord as saying she had other trips planned. “Hord visited Texas before making the trip to Lincoln this past weekend. During her visit, she committed to the NU coaching staff and canceled all her plans for other trips.“. No doubt she had the attention of Texas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and more.

    Will Cook get the NCAA to okay Caffey’s 7th season? Motivation to do so just increased!

    I'm not sure she'd get accepted into Stanford. Gates degree at UCLA is widely respected... she'd have to have great grades at Penn State (plus test scores) to be considered.

    I dont think Stanford has a scholarship anyways... They're supposedly getting a Greek OH (im not 100% sure on that.... she posted it but stanford hasnt said anything)

    From the Nebraska newspaper. “Hord has also excelled in the classroom, earning a spot on the Academic All-Big Ten team each of the last three seasons.“ Doesn’t mean she would not or would have been accepted academically at Stanford. But it would appear Hord’s a good college student.