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    Also if I remember right Guidetti has said before that he considers that Egonu is a better player than Boskovic.

    Off topic but it triggers me a bit, all I’ve gathered in the interviews where he commented on the two players is that he has never seen a player like Paola before and that she sure has immense potential, but Tijana is a more complete player. unless he scribbled something like ‘Egonu is the best in the world’ in a press release after landing her transfer lol

    it might be too early to tell but pairing Hande with an experienced OH like Voronkova seems to have stabilised her, both reception wise and offensively. Even Simge looks bit less shaky than in WCH and VNL. or it might just be the ‘new season new me’ phase.

    For me it is more about the team’s level of play rather than her actual club level achievements

    . in theory Boskovic can but also shouldn’t carry the whole team all season long unless she wishes for an early retirement despise being (just) 25, because it is bound to to take a toll on her body if she’s to wear herself out every week to enter god mode every game. as volleyball fans don’t we all just wish for good team effort hence entertaining games, and career longevity for someone like her? can her swings alone make up for the non existent blocking, weak service, overall shaky reception, subpar OH offence and floor defence? just because she is capable and gets paid accordingly doesn’t mean she should take it upon herself to carry her sloppy teammates. who else in the team had the technique and consistency to bring the team to success the past club season? since we are on the 2022-23 thread, let’s keep our eyes peeled, it’s not pessimism but skepticism for me. thank god for Voronkova and Jack; and let’s see what Yasemin can bring to the table in terms of blocking. it’s been almost a year since Ferhat said Hande is a legend in the making, still waiting for that to happen. If winning against Vakif is still too much this year, how about an occasional victory over Fenerbahce?

    tugba and hande had to cover for derya on reception, and serving hande is always a good enough strategy in itself. subbing meliha in for derya for serve receive reduced the burden for hande and she attacked better. their overall transition game also improved. i’d say meliha still has a role to play in 2022, but someone new has to step up quickly. tugba really hasn’t convinced me, hande is shaky and inconsistent, and it could be just me but i am tired of the saliha experiment, both in ecza and on NT level. there should still be plenty of room for derya to grow and improve though, she is young and no one attacks better than her from 4.

    I don't think this is it. The clubs don't want to let the top players go because then there's no guarantee of the club's success (and by extension, the officials' promotions...). CVA probably doesn't mind if the top players go abroad, but individual clubs (Tianjin, jiangsu, etc) will not be happy.

    that’s possible too. in a broader sense, anyone in china showing interest in anything overseas is bound to spur public outcry in this day and age. if CVA indeed doesnt mind it, will players want to land themselves in controversy just by showing desire to leave for a ‘better’ club and league. so idk, in my opinion, the political landscape now is just not one that would encourage individuals to venture out.

    Imho China will never hire a foreign coach unless they fall to #10+ in the rankings or something (in a couple years maybe) and there are protests for it even within the CCP.

    This is because VB is not just a sport to China, it is a “spirit” and a strong source of national pride. If you read Chinese you can see that they have a term ”中国女排精神” which is basically Chinese women’s volleyball spirit, which is a rallying cry for them… Women’s VB is famously followed by President Xi, and in the all China games last year after the Olympics, during a photo op with the athletes, you could see Xi walking past a whole group of elite athletes and stopping in front of Zhu to say a few words. It is watched by the #1 in China.

    even when news got out that Zhu went abroad to get her surgery, there were grumbles as to why she got it overseas instead of China since Chinese medical facilities are just as good… The country is becoming more and more nationalistic (thanks to Xi) and sports, especially women’s VB, is a tool to extend that nationalism. They will NEVER choose a foreign coach unless there is an okay from the highest level. Because to political associations like CVA, the Chinese way is the best way… That’s why We’ll never see them improving their conditioning too… They are too insular and proud.

    very well said, and i intend to believe that it is due to the same reason that chinese players arent/wont be allowed to set foot in a foreign league (anytime soon). the officials were all for strengthening the level of CVL after the NT’s disastrous OG performance in order to pick up the pieces, and sending their best players away just doesn’t fit this narrative. and why wouldnt top players want to play in their beloved motherland and contribute to the rebuilding of their national pride? :cheesy: of course it’s pure guesswork, itd be interesting to see whether Zhu Ting will take Scandicci’s offer hahaha