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    Barueri, the reason Ze Roberto did not leave Brazil to be coach in EU. Fenerbahce and another club in EU tried to get him but he declined

    That's actually great. He's building from ground up [which Brazil should be doing, considering that European Federations invested heavily on youth program, most notably Italy and Russia, their youngsters are good as fu*k].

    With Fenerbahce's latest performance vs Vakifbank in the Champions league, I'll say that they can definitely regain that Turkish Regular season trophy. Gosh their first line of offense is soo good! Talking about Arina-Naz-Melissa-Meliha(a good float server)-and Ana Cristina(can be a service specialist along with Cansu).

    I feel sad not being able to see Russia play this year given their improved chances this time but I'm also aware that there are much bigger things at play here than my love for them. Russia not being able to participate in this year's VNL and WCH could drastically affect their world ranking. :( Just hope that this senseless war in Ukraine comes to an end real soon.

    completely agree with this. players don't deserve this (well except for those who support the man lol).

    Tbh World Championship without Russia is a big what the hell moment because they can definitely get a medal this time, both genders, and the quality of competition will just dip without them. Russia's players are on their peak season. Sadly, bald man's invasion happened.


    Goncharova, (Lazareva)

    Fedorovtseva/Voronkova (Parubets, (?) )

    Fetisova/Lazarenko (Brovkina/Koroleva)

    Podkopaeva / (?)

    Startseva (Matveeva)

    I think Fedorovtseva is the best serving girl in the world

    Goncharova can still slay

    Their passing line improved a lot (Fed has decent fd now, also Voronkova)

    hmpp~ we can't do anything but to just say.... what if..?

    Brasil has a lot of upcoming players: Darlan, Arthur Bento, Honorato, Felipe Roque, Samuel, Ramon (long haired setter), Carlos, Lukas Bergmann. the list foes on

    Well yeah i know it but i hope these youngsters should be utilized asap because Slovenia has Rok, Italy has Alessandro, Russia has Fedorovtseva USA has Plummer and they're already playing in senior.

    when will brazil do the same thing..? i mean based from what ive observed they just recycled the lineup from the last quad and added new faces (Carol G. who's now old/ana cristina, and i didn't see much change in men's). the thing is if you continue to send the same team again and again, your opponents already know how will they defend you.

    e.g. Olympic Games....

    To be honest, I'm kinda unsure about the future of Brazil volleyball. They do have youth programs but based from the current underage tournaments, they underperformed unlike the past batches. Lucas, Bruno, and the squad is getting older.

    meanwhile their contemporaries in Europe and America had great sets of new players[Russia/USA] .

    I read somewhere that Roberto Guimares (on women's) that he has a project that trains young girls and prepare them for the next generation.