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    It is reported that Lee Jaeyeong had met with AI Peppers twice thus far regarding signing with them

    AI Pepper confirmed with KBS news that they have indeed been in contact with Lee Jaeyeong and are considering signing her since Ha Hye Jin's injury from the WCHs

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    I hope the deals will happen. Want to see the kfans pissed off. How many truck protest will be sent this time? :whistle:

    She used to criticise players who missed the NT due to injuries (unlike now, those were genuinely serious injuries) openly to the media, but she said absolutely nothing this cycle. She even posted showing that she's she's supporting the NT recently.

    Not to be that type of fan, but if only KYK criticised the current "injured" players like the way she did to LJY before when she missed NT due to injuries - hard carrying PS. She has a huge influence on K-volleyball. The players really need some open criticism right now. The fans' way of supporting them like an idol is not even helping.

    It's funny how KVA makes a big deal regarding this news. They’re trying so hard to save the NT image. The number of articles about this. Not that their statements are making any difference. Her Romanian club coach was the one that brought up the topic to the media, and surely Coach Cesar also must have said good things about her. I wouldn’t be surprised if KVA released the statement to the media without actually asking Cesar just to avoid the so-called "negative public opinion".

    IMO Lee should stay in PAOK.

    TBH rather then going to Rapid București i would prefer her to stay in PAOK. But by now i think her transfer to Rapid is already confirm. If she stay in PAOK she can aim for the title and Greek cup win for the next season instead of starting from the bottom again in Rapid. But still respect her decision<3

    What an intense match for PAOK and AEK. Glad that PAOK had gained their 1st victory against AEK in an important match. If they continue playing like this and Coach Marco didn't make any ridiculous substitution in the upcoming matches, they may have chance to win. Let beat Panathinaikos next, PAOK💪🏻.

    If PAOK manage to advance to the final Lee Dayeong will probably face her next season coach’s team:what: